OSI informers and Air Force and gang stalking: it's a real operation

OSI informers and gang stalking and USAF

UPDATE: This post gets almost as many hits per day as the post about CIA/FBI/etc recruitment of Mormons. Apparently, those who stalk “We the People,” are very interested when they get outed as “real.” How nice it feels to track, trap and trace the people who are doing that to “We the People.” Ahhh. Mm–Mmmm good.
The third/fourth most popular posts here are about equal as per the feminist gang stalkers for Domestic Violence Industrial Complex dollars, and the internet “study” by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and the farce that is Fusion Center subversion of all of our privacy/due process at the switch.
To any civil attorney or criminal defense lawyer, psychologist, or other researcher of Organized Gang Stalking looking in, this is verifiable prima facie evidence that speech is targeted at the site of the speaker, and thereafter.

Targeted individuals and those who seek to debunk “perps” often and frequently claim that one online group, OSInformers, is a disinformation outfit composed of perps who stalk targeted individuals. Also, the claim is that these perps are very well funded, and that mass shooters are often connected to them, or that this is a psychological operation.
And, those who claim this would be right, and the claim has scientific merit, because, in fact, the United States Air Force has a program full of informants called-unsurprisingly- OSI Informant Program. Of the many hits that are generated by this search term below, there are slickly produced video’s, and thousands of comments, but especially, and nefariously, are the Talkshoe podcasts where targeted individuals are mocked, derided, and humiliated. And all of this, because the various U.S. military services are in fact, spying on Americans.
From the ACLU, a case in the courts exposes civilians to un-warranted, non-incidental surveillance-what other programs might they be running off-shore?
Google Search: OSI informers-About 101,000 results

OSI and gang stalking
Air Force Informant Program
AFOSI’s Cornerstone is to vigorously solve crime; protect secrets; warn of threats; exploit intelligence opportunities; operate in cyber.[5] AFOSI investigates a wide variety of serious offenses – espionage, terrorism, crimes against property, violence against people, larceny, computer hacking, acquisition fraud, drug use and distribution, financial misdeeds, military desertion, corruption of the contracting process, and any other illegal activity that undermines the mission of the U.S. Air Force or the Department of Defense.
In December 2013, The Colorado Springs Gazette[10] reported that the OSI was operating a Confidential Informant Program at the Air Force Academy which recruited cadets to gather information about other rule breakers and criminals. The program left the recruits to take responsibility for both the initial incident that got them into trouble and any subsequent rule-breaking behavior resulting from the directions of OSI agents. One of the cadets who participated said “…it was effective. We got 15 convictions of drugs, two convictions of sexual assault. We were making a difference. It was motivating, especially with the sexual assaults. You could see the victims have a sense of peace.”[11]
In response, The Air Force Academy Superintendent will now have oversight of the program at the Academy. Though she will be aware of the operations, the Office of Special Investigations will still have command and control of the program.[12]

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  1. I thank God that I’m not alone in this. I hate that anyone else is going thru this too. But I’m so glad I’m not alone. Now my family can know it too. And maybe my son will see he’s not crazy either and will quit trying to kill himself. Thank you for bringing this to the light. EVERYONE here in my town is talking about it. We R an Air Force community. It’s everywhere here.

    1. Hi Wende-
      Take active measures, and photograph/film/document till the cows come home.
      If yu are a civlian, you have special rights that even the USAF members don’t have-it’s called “due process under the US Constitution.”
      While we are indeed thankful for the “protections” that our military affords us, we are also mindful that they are frequently out of line with mission creep.
      So, document it, and build evidence.

    2. Also- keep in mind that many OGS cases start because the military is ACTIVELY monitoring our internet/cell phones, which is against the law, and Posse Comitatus, etc.
      Have a look around ROGS-cases like the NNSA section 702 and “Dreyer” and “Gil” and “Kantor” and more give us a clue how the military mission bleeds over into civilian lives; and how the military “wiretap” of cmmunications has affected civilian lives.

  2. A more psychological definition of gaslighting is “an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information to, the victim – having the gradual effect of making them anxious, confused, and less able to trust their own memory and perception.
    In 2015 shortly after getting on Facebook i traveled to Chicago and was in a hospital their i was diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar? None of this is a coincident Taylor swift?

    1. Well~as we see artificial intellugence, combined with bad actors at the internet can produce horrific results.
      And, its not unlikely that conniving bilionaires like Swift hire people vto target their most obsessed fans with bizarre marketing.
      So, yeah, maybe.
      BTW: I like your definition of gas lighting. Where did you get it?
      Marjeters do it all the time; and so do deep state and government black budget operations.
      All programs that target “terrorists” and any other pet cause of big budget crisis PR literally targets and horrifically manipulates and bullies the target.
      DV, altRight, suspected pedophiles, and many more alleged bad bguys get targeted in different ways, all of it off the books, and each community buys in to different social engineering schemes at the internet switch.
      Thats why InfraGard is an oyt dated and KKK like social control/gate keeping mechanism~their word policing is stuck in the 1950s.
      But other bad actors and behaviors are described elsewhere on my blog here. Search this blig for posts about William Atchison~ he was virtually lynched by these illucit~quasi legal online bullies.

    2. BTW: In Jewish christian societies, Bi~polar is the sicially engineered label that is applied to people stuck in binary thinking, and false religions.
      Goid/evil, boy/girl, Shepherds/sheeple.
      Most diagnoses of bipolar is really a flawed, biased system of social control mechanics, extrapolating its twisted ideoligy onto individuals who see bthe light.
      But chemucal imbalances can be real, and can be manipulated by bad actors. Gang stalkers~i.e. cops, NGOs, social workers, church groups, etc~ all target and bully those who laugh at their 3500 year old slavery and murder schemes, aka, organized society in the west.
      So, skip the big pharma dope, and puck up the books!

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