The Beatrice Six, America's largest DNA exoneration, and how mind control and "auto-suggestion" work in practice

So, as you have seen throughout this blog, there are two competing narratives, aka “two sides of a story.” And gang stalkers HATE that.
And that goes for ANY story, anywhere, BUT because we are entrapped in a culture undergoing the constant conflict that is inherent in the Hegelian Dialectic, and literally surrounded at all times by the government-corporate blur where law meets technology; and ranging from constant NSA wiretaps on our phones and computers, to assaults on our attempts at privacy, or that exploits us on more levels than can be counted here- we see without hesitation that the individual is under attack in public, and in private.
But in situations where state sponsored gang staling is involved, the “authorities” demand and enforce a lockup on narrative-even the psychologists agree that those who have been subjected to this illegal, warrantless para-judicial re-punishment or harassment shouldn’t even be ‘allowed’ to discuss it online. Never mind the fact that some 50-80% of all online OGS dialogues ARE government agents, or private contractors, or even obese social workers and retired cops having a slow day and using the internet access to stalk and harass victims, as we see in the cases of OSI Informers and Talkshoe podcasts; and even in the case of Eleanor White.
So, as Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept has noted, there literally is “No place To Hide” from these psychopaths and their desert slaver/baby bomber/pre-emptive/eugenic/ killer religions- and only those who derive income from the DVIC/MIC/PIC, and hidden away in military bunkers and corporate internet trolling boiler rooms, squad cars,or  Fusion Centers have any modicum of protection, or privacy, which is antithetical to everything that the Bill of Rights guarantees our citizens.And, by definition, is what a police state IS.
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Further, we see that in the Jewish-christian collusion of endless war waged all across the globe that Israel has become the home of some of the most vile modern leaders ever to lead a people, as those who are in power keep their people under constant bombardment of propaganda, and actual terror in the longest military occupation in modern history. The constant streaming of terror comes from within Israeli media, and ideology, and while many complain of “militarization” of the American police, the proper word is “Israelification,” because of the training that police receive in Israel on privately funded junkets paid for by “mystery money” donors.
But then add the fact that between American media and it’s AIPAC basis, combined with the deliberate “influence operations” and then, social media monitoring and more, we see that these types have truly infiltrated the communication channels in ways that even Hitler failed to accomplish, going so much further into mind control than Edward Bernays ever imagined (you might recall that Bernay’s books and ‘teachings’ guided the Nazi propaganda machine).
So, rationalists, skeptics, secular humanists, atheists; Buddhists, Jains and Hindu; Muslim and Sufi; animist, Onanist and Odinist alike literally cannot escape the Jewish-christian terror factories anywhere, because they have surrounded the entire communication channels, they track, monitor, and access us in our homes and private spaces; and their religious terror, proselytization, trance formation and it’s accompanying wars leak into everything, everywhere, and often with deliberate force and coercive control.
And all of that is pretty bad already, living under such tribal-religious occupation, but when we add to this fact how weaponized and poisoned media is, with the programs and privacy raping weapons that I have outlined herein, enhanced by offline activities of these same people, using tactics of social control ranging from OGS to false arrests and slander’s in gray area databases; investigations/harassment campaigns that go on for decades- even then, it is hard to make a case that “mind control” in the legal sense is a factor in any one thing or another.
Which is why this same society ALSO uses OGS, and then, specific, localized, targeted, and coercive “enhanced interrogation” via these same channels and more, as we see in many posts I have written here at ROGS, and in the work of others who have described similar things.
But nowhere is this element of  coercive control more evident in the cases where false confessions via “suggestion” are enticed, coerced or otherwise created from whole cloth in vulnerable defendants or suspects.
This is why I use the case of the Beatrice Six as a flagship of my many thesis-because ALL of the elements above were present for them THEN, and the situation for such defendants is only worse TODAY. So the question that must be asked is “if this is what “they” did then, what are “they” doing now?”
And, I believe that I have answered that question herein: “they” are creating pre-crime, and crime, and then policing that crime in the biggest make-work project in history. And, we have an example of how this worked “then” via the story of the Beatrice six, and so, with this in mind, a keen reader would being to look for these cases “now,” as they are being created.
So-for one simple example of how this would work, look below, and instead of a Burdette Searcy framing, then locking away, then “suggesting” narratives to vulnerable people over time- look at the internet as having replaced Searcy FIRST, before a Burdette Searcy even gets his hands on these people. But especially, we have Google, which is armed with “auto-suggestions” and Palantir software, which can-and does- by ITSELF create a narrative.
And also- and this is admittedly a sidenote- recall from the story that these “authorities” used their  car headlights to flag each other down on the road, and exchange information un-officially, and off the record as they plotted and then framed these ‘suspects.’
For the criminal defense lawyer, or the civil litigator of future cases, note that such documented “brighting” as it is called in the OGS dialectic carries with it today, GPS locations that can be co-ordinated, and more, on multipe electronic devices, which can be subpoenaed in discovery.Again- from Rachel Aviv, Remembering the Murder that You Didn’t Commit

“He was often called to the jail to help defendants in emotional distress, and he took pride in the county’s willingness to rely on psychological advice. “If you relax, memory is more likely to occur,” he would tell them. “It may occur in dreams. It may occur in bits and pieces.”
He described the mind as a physical space, like a basement, where memories are stored and retrieved. In 1890, in “The Principles of Psychology,” William James wrote, “We make search in our memory for a forgotten idea, just as we rummage our house for a lost object.” But James’s image of memories as discrete packets, deposited in a physical space, is obsolete. If memory is like a house, it is one that is constantly under construction. As the cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Loftus put it, “Memory is born anew every day.” We piece together fragments of recollection, shaped by beliefs and impressions, and unwittingly embellish and invent our own pasts.”

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