Lost and Found: the connnection between practicing pure speech online, and gang stalking-case study.

Lost and Found: A note to Journalists who might be peeking in here, to help me get the word out about how strange and perverse the unaccountable the surveillance state has become, aka “organized gang stalking.” Here, have a look at this post, and ten, this below.

Dear Readers: I would like to ask the person that stole my GPS last night to give it back. You will find little useful information on it, since I rarely used it once I discovered that it was “phoning home” to Chicago on  a regular basis; and that when it would start, a certain and specific location in Chicago would pop up as the “start screen” on the map, every time. It wasn’t “updating” and it wasn’t “calirating from a “known location” either. This was just AFTER after all those breakin’s to my car last year, March-December.
The thieves stole it after I got lost last night, and first, I used a totally bullshit direction finder/and ten finally used my GPS, which is based in cartography, science, and mathematics. Here, have a look at the totally bullshit direction finder. This stupid thing ALWAYS POINTS EAST!:

Bad directions
Saint Jezebel the Horn Blower looked the other way last night as someone robbed me  of my GPS. Then, they cracked my dash camera-but didn’t take it- and left this odd “driver” on the camera “driverxx.rec” Cracking dash camera’s is one of the “odd things” that gang stalkers do when citizens arm themselves with camera’s-Journalists: can you make connections between my thesis that some go nuts, or go ballistic when these things happen repeatedly, over time-spanning decades? This is what gang stalking IS, and why I practice the world’s second oldest profession: writing about how cops are always profiteering off of narratives of saving children and hookers, which is actually the world’s oldest profession, as hookers for the most part, are just being themselves. Here- have a look at “Mountain Gorilla tug-of-war” where we see purported alpha male gorilla’s waging havoc and destruction over the baby apes of others, sometimes splitting the babies to pieces. Then, have a look at “Secret Monkey Practices Exposed!” where we see that yeah, probably alpha male gorillas really DO eat other apes.

So- they deliberately missed a $400 hand crafted Mexican silver BOLO tie-they left the tie on the drivers seat among my papers and receipts, and then, stole the GPS and LEFT THE CORD BEHIND (junkies and regular thieves take the cord, knowing that having the cord adds value at the pawn shop or the fence) .
And, they also cribbed my cars insurance identification certificate-which reminds me of a police report that someone else made when thieves stole their purse, took an Iphone, but left behind a passport, and all kinds of credit cards and ID about two years ago.
But how to prove it all before  judge? Or get those Catholics and Jews that have infested the SCOTUS to allow a “win for we the people” in a pervasive surveillance state of affairs, where we are stripped of privacy-but far worse, we are then put under constant surgical strikes of our “pure speech,”in order that these EXACT and PERVESE religious sects and cults can be outed from their hidey holes in cyber-space (in America, these cultists are called “Infragard” and they manipulate ALL the switches)?
Simple math: Iphone, street value +/-300. Passport, and entire set of ID? Street value +/- 2500. The “thieves” took the phone, and dumped the real goodies a few blocks away. LOL (not).
What kind of Morons do s/th like that? Never mind. You can guess what kind of person steals a $25 dollar ($50 pawn shop) GPS and leaves behind a BOLO.
blurred robbery.jpg
Photo of the scene of the crime, blurred to protect the identities of the coffee stains on my seat covers.

Here’s the $400 BOLO tie they DIDN’T take as they took a GPS worth about 25 bucks on the street (and search this blog for BOLO to see how this thing of their works.) And for the researcher- I have never belonged to any gang-but I know the proper names of this one. And, gang stalking is properly called “counter-intelligence stalking” where agents and agencies co-opt our rights of freedom of association by casting a constant and ever widening net of our relations and relationships-all without warrants, or due process, for years.
I want the journalists to note that I got this Bolo tie from a former high ranking military man who is now a jeweler; and who fled a banana republic in the late 1970’s at the height of the CIA’s drug war (which we know today as “The ForeRunner and Mother of All Self Sustaining Black Ca$h Operations). These constant break-ins and other bizarre activity that I document here at ROGS has been ongoing-basically since 2003-early 2004, after I wrote a story that beat both the agencies AND the main stream news to the fact that most “turreriss plots” are agency creations, nearly from whole cloth, as a way to co-opt our civil rights and “frame” a narrative. And later, when stories that I “scooped” ended up in MSM after disappearing from my phones (2014-15), I had had enough, which is why I write ROGS. My ability to create a marketable story is undermined by these people “whoever they are” who are using our populace as unpaid HUMINT who areexploited at will. Also worth noting is that the guy I got the tie from is one person away from the highest hidden and quite valuable military assets in that country-see how this works? The only way anyone could know that I knew him is if they had a constant wiretap on my phone, and chronic, years long surveillance of my associations.

But I’m done with church-of all places to meet a bunch of junkie punks, or Whittler’s-the scumbag thieves were hiding on the WEST side, as I parked my car. Oh well. Maybe I shouldn’t have left my WINDOW OPEN.
Or, maybe I am glad I did, if you get my drift.
And, to the journalists looking in-and that one special journalist who has covered this lately, and whho recomends calling  police and filing reports: it is self defeating to do so because if you  note that the end goal of chronic harassment BY these people is that you 1) willingly forego and relinquish the right to “be left alone”, and then, privacy rights 2) rely on THEM to solve crimes that THEY perpetrate 3) one more “make work project” at the 911 call center. so-in a court room, one of the things that frequently cmes up is “did you willingly reinquish this right or that part of due process?”
And the right answer then can only be ” I never willingly, or under free will, and withut coercion or threat of other harm, relinquished those rights,” which makes for a different set of facts, or interpretations of facts, and actions, under the law, both civil and criminal.
Net loss to civil society? 1st amendment, 4th, 5th, etc; and privacy rights  not yet enumerated– but also, that the “snitch culture”  of totalitarian regime’s is forced upon you, overlaying you own morality, free will,  and the right of due process.

When I was a kid, there was always a comparison between “which word is worse” nigger, or honkey-and those of us who grew up this way find a great displeasure in watching others discover the “language policing” that SOME members of our society (and dual members of another society simultaneously) use to split up black’s and whites. And any careful observer will note that the “Prison Rules” have overtaken our society in this regard, and are rigidly enforced by police, who even when they try to medate the dialectic-to try to do the right thing- are met with pedestalized white female privilege, mediated by dual citizens-few of whom grew up this way either.
Growing up multi-cultural but without the “cultural cache'” that has today, we never knew which was better-and none of us knew that “honkies” meant Bohemians, and Slovaks, much less Slavs. And, I grew up in an era where the snitch culture was forming  up to the post-Orwellian proportions of Hegelian Diaectical materialism, and Fabian social imperatives that  we see today. This is what has leveraged our democracy away from us-these criminal syndicates in government, and then, the competing racial/ethnic/tribal wars that are stirred up between them.
SO, for instance, we see that J. Edgar Hoover is probably rolling in his pink chiffon lined coffin, slathering at the new possibilities of totalitarian political/social/and dialectical control that the web and the Panopticon has made possible (if you read through ROGS, you will note that I write it with full knowledge that what I write-look at, see, view, compile, edit, or otherwise “do” is under a certain, and demonstrable influence, and as yet litigated coercion and duress beyond my control. It’s like writing from within a small box on smeone’s desk, that they occasionally flick a booger into, or a well chewed chicken bone.

(Just kidding! We know that those who have chewed through the bottom of the slop trough eat bones whole.)
Here is one example of that, and here is another (and keep in mind I have been using computers, writing various languages and using thousands of programs for well over two decades- I know what  computer should and shouldn’t do; how it should or shouldn’t act; and I certainly now a bit about when a computer is p*wnd and targeted.
So, I write under duress, but also, as the reader/researcher/journalist will note- I write as if I am poking a stick into the eye of the Panoptical monster itself, hoping that in so doing, judges, lawyers, civil litigators and criminal defenders alike will be able to make a case for our future, and possibly, return access to due process and the courts to “the people.” I have no illusion- I KNOW how the internet “works” in the modern surveillance state, and now, others do to.
And I know that “talking to the internet” is virtually the same as making a 911 call; and I can  demonstrate that. Stripped of the reasonable expectation to privacy-even over Tor-we see that indeed, this IS egregious; but then the thousands of programs that run in hidden capacities at the switches; the intercessions of hidden operators and operations (especially in the case of the UN) the goal of the neo-dark ages and it’s cyber savants has pre-emptively destroyed our Constitution, and this, NEVER LITIGATED ANYWHERE.
The Constitution is not about individual rights versus the collective so much as it is about due process first and foremost, and that, for every and any who are forced to exercise that right under the constant threat scenario of the threat matrix, is demonstrably threateded, and so, speech to an extremity is what is called for, rather than be coerced, threatened, and put into constant hidden boxes like so many “cattle cars” of cyber data.
Even moreso, I am certain that rights both enumerated and not enumerated presume privacy, and “the right to be left alone,” even in  “wartime” which we see clearly is in fact a war on “us” both domestic and international (in the case of the transhumanist Transatlantic Crime Initiative of the UN operating online, and off to influence, manipulate, monitor, and control access to speech, and then, policing pure speech with hidden mechanisms that have yet to see light in a court room)but on the deeper human level- the right to be free from the state manipulating our thoughts, words and then, actions of “pure speech.”
So, for me, it starts with the black and white thinking of these late model speech police-which is itself a provable mental illness.

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