As you might have guessed, gang stalking is political, and for sme, the rules get tossed out the window (guess who?)

Everything is Illuminated-by flash bulbs underneath my life.
As you read through ROGS here, keep in mind my many thesis points-but also, keep in mind that for legal reasons, I simply cannot yet disclose certain information at my disposal-but that could be politically valuable to those who can “read between the lines” of what I am writing. Especially focus on the aspects that involve

  1. internationalist organizations that operate “black ops” on American soil
  2. internationalist funding that attacks local economies while lining its pockets
  3. NGO’s that drive their entire America-wrecking platform from international finance
  4. blackmail and slander based in databases
  5. politicians that I helped elect
  6. socialist organization and sex workers rights and the dual meaning of “exploiting women” by votes and more
  7. the complicity of politicized police and intelligence agencies

So- I recently was hacked, and this just after I got a letter from someone who I will call “KimW” who appears in many online narratives of OGS in various incarnations. A diligent researcher will find two political candidates by this name, from opposite sides of the political spectrum. One is a huge drag queen, and the other is a Mennonite. Whether that Kim W is the Kim W who sent me the email is a question of time- I would have to go back nto that hacked account, and do some basic header information and so on, which I will not do. Instead, I will tell you another story about my personal stalkers, which I have documented elsewhere.
I have documented that my personal stalking is highly charged with politics; that it involves a swing state; that it involves a major corporation that houses a black ops political wing; that constant hacking is a feature (today alone, I was hacked three times-here is one of them), blackmail attempts by persons in state and local governments, and that there are other features of it that include racial and class biases. And many other “personal is political” features that I will leave to the reader to speculate on.
Now- for those who are deep readers, I will name a name-but NOT EXACTLY: Rus’ L. Simons. Does that ring a bell? I certainly hope it doesn’t, but for those who get it, note that he is a multi-millionaire; and that as recently as last August or so, I was followed, on a remote beach, and my sixth sense kicked in.
I turned around and  directly behind me was a person I had never met before (this is actually a frequent occurrence). That person, had a camera, much as this one did, and was fumbling with it. Let me know if you start seeing patterns….
So- the guy behind me: I did what most astute observers do- I sized the person up in under 17 seconds. Here is the person:
6′ tall, African, dressed in typical Euro-styled African clothing; holding a Canon Rebel EOS, obviously having a hard time with it; average to medium slim build, approximately 165#, well groomed, nice shoes. See what I did there? In case you haven’t guessed-they WEREN’T Eddie Bauer loafers. And, he wasn’t a usual stalker, either.
So-I engaged in conversation, and within less than three minutes, this rather innocent fellow and I connected a dot: “What a coincidence!” “Oh Gosh!” It was almost as if he knew i could read minds! He could barely wait to connect the dot for me-
In under three minutes, I had cajoled the salient detail from the conversation-lookatthat! Yup, I had gone to college with his sister. In under three minutes, I had sized him, and seized the data that told me what I needed to know. I deciphered that this “coincidence” was as so many before it so statistically unlikely that it could never happen twice in the same millenium. And I did all that without a dollar in my pocket, or even a room full of ‘puters.
The deep reader will remember Mark in Chicago, the ass-happy marine looking for a wife-with the out of state Ohio telephone number (patterns…). And like every other coward who seeks to upper hand me and turn me into their purposes-I simply cannot be flipped or used for free data, because YOUR version of MHCHAOS is so…….cowardly; and twice when you enter like a skulking weasel (Hi Millenium Hotel, Chicago, 2013! Soooo obvious.)
Like those little Polish dwarfs on Lyndale wanting to know what I’d read that day in 2011 (yup- a story about “Hispanic looking men, and a murdered guy in Texas”), yah-your OpSec is just primitive. But a little background, and then some fast facts: Sava is from Gabon, Africa, and was currently staying in California (city undisclosed at this time, so that you, the profiler and the avid ROGS reader can guess which city it is. Hint: I mentioned it less than five days ago.) He was named after his father, who was a United Nations special forces security officer, and intelligence station master to this day. And, his lovely, giggling sister is doing well ( I was her guardian angel for awhile).
I knew his sister from an internationalist college, in a class room with an identifiable former Asian NGO affiliated professor, where United Nations policy made up a great deal of the classes. So too does counter-terrorism recruitment of naive students. And of course, lots of other sooper seekrit stuff.
Why, dear reader, do I take the time to mention this, now? Because it can/will/ and should add context to the whole story thus far-it is the mortar that holds certain of my thesis points together-and to the occasional reader, or the reader who just joined in-this is the keystone to the whole story.
And especially to those who today or in the future might wonder “WTF is wrong with journalism and all that fake news, and commentary by a cuckolded bunch of bobble heads,” or to the altRight reader who asks “why do they always let the WRONG immigrants in,” or the idealistic left reader who says ” we live in a police state!”-keep in mind that you are both wrong: we live in a pay-as-you-go surveillance state run by international finance- a mercenary bankster nation devoid of Demos and full of hoi polloi and rabble for who political education is whatever you call that crap and pap in our public schools-as if our kids deserve only Stalin’s hand me down textbooks, and monster truck shows all-day-long.
Well, read ROGS as if my head is pounded down into my shoulders like a stake post, and doesn’t flinch much when farce flies in the face of facts. Or bullets either. I even have a few readers who wish MY story was THEIR story-because I  have lead in my pencil, and other places in my body (Hi New York-just sayin’;-no reason to crap your wheel chair over it.)
So, you are wondering “why does yoga matter anyways?” And “what about YOGA PANTS?!” right?
And why do dog lovers appear in and out of my story as easily as black yoga pants hide fart stains, right? Well- the answer is this: facts and solid unflinching journalism is a different thing than bobble-headed BS, and solid reporting is what holds a country together, when some would tear us asunder. Good stories are the glue that hold us together, and bad stories are what will tear us apart. And, domestically, those that would tar and feather me will eventually know I am right-some of them do already, and hopefully are tossing themselves in the tarpits over that crap they played on me with TI “They’re zappin’ me in the legs!”Tracy two years ago.
Mostly, though, I was trying to work the word “glue” next to “yoga pants” to see if that sh!t flies, and now I see it doesn’t. But I’m still standing here, barefoot and armed with only my keyboard, and no heels. Or even my GPS.
As I mentioned- I was an early casualty of the DVIC war on journalists, and a constant target of recruitment schemes or harassment by complete morons, failing that-in fact, I was likely the first domestic journalism casualty because I got sniped out of the water as quick as I could break a major story about actual, possible terrorism, versus the manufactured kind we see today. I had great sources then which are now all but stamped into the soil- I was stuck between political forces and petty local police power-and squeezed nearly to death over it.
You dear reader-respected reader, might understand what I am saying-you see, some of us have actually stood in the face of real gunfire, not in front of green screens with a prompter, or squadrons of butties at our back; and all that, right here in the domestic culture wars-and when we saw them as total BS, we stood up, and said something, no matter how scarred, or defamed, maligned and hunted we became before or after that-we did what we were taught to do by Woodward, and Bernstein- and we lost our pants. There are no Pullitzer’s for guys who write about gang stalking; and only the tyranny of the angry illiterates, and the ever-pregnant daughters of once great men after that.
Here- let me show you a picture from that era-it’s amazing I still have any after those decades of black bag jobs and break-ins. Here- look at this:

[one man in a sea of men refuses to salute, despite being surrounded with thugs and brownshirts]

I feel better illustrating that with a picture, and I hope you do too. Now, go save a gay puppy from an altRight hacker-or save some children that the pedophiles are tossing out the windows of the broken policing scheme, or tossing into Windows 10. But only after setting our Constitution on fire, and then wiping your own ass with it.
Oh- I suppose you might wonder about Sava? Yeah- we didn’t get along very good. You see, he is a young idealistic man who loves his country, and his continent-and rightly he should, as few have been more exploited and broken; few have been more destroyed by colonial powers; and few have the recent scars to prove that they deserve to be seen as fighters who want IN to what Democracy can bring.
And, few more men understand rape than men who are raped to death in the Congo, which was Joseph Heller’s own Catch 22. And few women should, maybe, get what they ask of others, more often, so that the words that slither off of their tongues fall backwards and gag them. Here- have a look at one of the causes of rape in prisons, and in the Congo: women like Emma Brockes “Meh, men being raped isn’t a big deal,” she says.
Somebody please slap that bitch. Goose/Gander and all that equality-slap her with that, willya?. And probably, slap Anderson Cooper, the queen of the green screen too.
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But way back when-in 2011, the same paper covered the topic differently, and called such brutality “The hidden brutality of war,” and so on. Here- see how badly our moral conscience has devolved into a free -for all, of feminist jurisprudence and theory with women and a police state on one side, and “men” on the other:

The rape of men: the darkest secret of war

Sexual violence is one of the most horrific weapons of war, an instrument of terror used against women. Yet huge numbers of men are also victims. In this harrowing report, Will Storr travels to Uganda to meet traumatised survivors, and reveals how male rape is endemic in many of the world’s conflicts

To me, it’s amazing to see hat’s become of the noble profession of policing- but these are the women that the police state sticks up for-because they pay those bitches billz. And I would venture that this-like so much of the cuckoldry we see today, and the constant war drum-I would guess that girl porn has lots of dead men in it, because women’sndeviance is “different” and lots of other men stepping up to prove what hero’s they are-and what better men than guys who wear high heels.
Imagine if we robbed THAT bank, eh girls?

Riva: Oh, I am so hungry! Hungry hungry hungr…Tanya: Shut yer trap, little sister. This is serious talk here-loose lips sink ships![her improvised shoulder strap suddenly slips, and her vintage wall-hanger goes rataratrarat! [Nathan moans from beyond the grave OooohOoooh. You broke my fingernail! But on the bright side, Harvey Weinstein is going to jail, and I got a Woody now thanks to all that dirty talk!]
But the was that one detail which I couldn’t get past with Sava, the African kid with the Yugoslavian name; the son of the UN security chief-that little thingy about race. You see, I had never had a racist bone in my body until I met the DVIC policing schemes and all of it’s moral slide rules, and dialectic word-twisting behind the scenes-all the internet sabotage and redirection into their pet causes; and all the UN financed Psyops right here at home-and saw how atrocious those people are in these matters.
And I had no idea they were also waging war on us, right here in America-but I knew SOMETHING was wrong. WHo ya gonna call? Those guys in high heels?
Well, I, for some of THEM, was easy to label.  I was a journalist whose asshole was sewed shut-no room for facts to be inserted like a hand in the bottom of a puppet (Don’t Be a Puppet!-is one of the comments that is  ‘hidden in darkness’-those phrases that the researcher of OGS and CVE online will learn to recognize. )
And them, far less experienced than myself in those matters-I especially love how the nebulous ‘the Jews’, for whom each black face in a crowd is “color” and the white females to whom black men were “leverage,” against other men once (and even that has changed)-and now we see these same kneeling in burqa’s for bucks.Hard to cry for that.
But more than anything, I like splits and wounds from years gone by, and the bullet scars on my body, and remember that I got those by standing up for a brother who was down-and he coincidentally fit a racial category. I would do it for anyone; but there simply isn’t a lot of money to be had by those who exploit racial difference-there’s no power when men stand up against such amoral unethical basis; or who use our police as paid speech assassins.
Yeah-it was this sticking point: he felt that “after what Africa has been through, they have a right to be racist. And, Jews are still white, no matter what.” Yup. I got heated about that. Not because he was wrong necessarily, but that two wrongs…well, you get it right? And Yoga pants, and glue…so much meaning gets lost when we racialize things, or otherwise work for those who don’t work for us, using paradigms that only work to divide us.
I got the feeling he, like many before him, was trying to recruit me to one or another cause. But I simply don’t work with people who come at me backwards, no matter how many millions are possible through treachery-I neither read, nor sign invisible ink documents.
Like I have said over and over-you enter in though the straight gate, or not at all.

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