Online organized gang stalking and redirection and webterrogation and intimidation: when does the first amendment wake up again?

Many have claimed that, because corporations like WordPress, or Twitter are not free speech prone, or protected by the first amendment, and others in our Jewish-christian hegemonic social construct have claimed (I believe one of the Catholics or a Jew on the SCOTUS said as much-and only these two religions sit on the nations highest court) that the internet is a paid service; that we have no free speech right because it is “free.”
It would take a longer post to analyze all that, and other can do it better than I can, so I wil get t the point: look here at ROGS and note how many times I have claimed I am hacked AS I write posts, but also, note that I point fingers at who “they” are that do it.
Many might wonder how I know these things, and the short answer is that I spent over a decade in a specific locale, where I was constantly targeted AS a speaker-I was targeted for the things I said. And on specific occasions, worse things tat I will not describe also happened. Later on, I will write about hose things, but for now, I have been busy (busy busy busy!) fighting with a huge flying pig in high heels, that is hungry hungry hungry!
And of course, the irony is that I have dropped a few names here and there for those who will eventually target me further, rather than refute my claims, or engage my thesis. Because I am THAT right about what I say.
Now: webterrogation is this here, where Infrgard members sit at your internet switch, and Fusion Centers track you by cell phone pings, wherever you are, which I have written about elsewhere. Then, those so tracked are tracke purely because of their ideas, and the use of pure speech, as Genn Greenwald and The Intercept have valiantly noted in many articles going back to 2013.
I myself was trying to write about this in 2003-4, and then, became a constant moving targeted of then unknown assailants and operatives, which I can now, and have in the past named. And, these who targeted me were generally “progressives” from the neo-con job Hillary Clinton camp, and their flying monkeys-and i might note that this certain state where I wrote is FULL of flying monkeys.
But my first documentation of “webterrogation,” accompanied by internet delivery speed/byte rate slow downs, and then, the implantation of malwares and more goes back to 2001, which I also have documented elsewhere, particularly what are called “situation rooms” where live operators use software to experiment on speakers and reseachers.
Put another way, I was at “first amendment under attack Ground Zero,” for many many years. Unlike many, I am not easily blackmailed or slandered-and I have lost any use for simple human pride that says “watch what you say! They ave your dossiere’!”
Because I have seen this exact mechanism play out before. Hmmm. Where was that? Oh! I remember: Russia, between 1890-1917. In my case, more specifically, the Ukraine.
Many have asked: is there such a thing as genetic memory? Can one’s ancestors experience be transferred from one generation to the next-and can genes”remember” things? Well, my answer is probably “no,” but I can say with certainty that I grew up in an environment that was drowned in two of the worlds most notorious genocides: Holodmor, and the Holocaust, and my ancestors escaped from both.
And now, here I am ROGS, the crazy guy on the internet shouting into the Panopticon, which is listening every second-to me, personaly, because MY internet is NOT like YOUR internet, and this is what ROGS is about-live performance art, that is intended to demonstrate the “interactive” nature of our internet. contrary to the assertions we had in 2001-2013. You see: I have been on stage all that time, doing the longest internet filibuster EVER, and combined that with what I like to call “St. Andrew, dodging the slings and arrows of hidden and cowardly speech suppression mechanisms.”
Because I know history, and history is a decent guide that informs me thus: police states build slowly; “revolutions” are just one bankster challenging another bankster’s control of a flock of sheeple; and police states take years and years to go away, and their design is to directly destroy ideas and the people who have them; and that no matter what race, class or religion the saviours come to “protect and liberate,” only one group stays consistent-and protected-over time: those who choose to work in law enforcement and it’s associated web of ‘warrior class’ mercenaries. For them, there is only one flag, and the colors are Black and Blue and Yellow.
And NONE of those give a rats ass about free speech. In fact, the goal of most fascists and totalitarian’s is to situate themselves at the diatomic opposite end of free speech, and to snipe at speakers, most of who weigh around 130#s, or less.
So-what does webterrogation have to do with it? It is what online gang stalking IS: a single speaker, with the weight of the Panopticon crushing down on them. Like we see on Twitter, individual speakers are targeted by whole data sifting mechanisms, and the subversion of laws of privacy, as one corporate entity sells our data to another corporate entity that says “of COURSE we won’t use it for surveillance!” And then, via Fusion Centers, and hidden free speech aassassin bunkers hidden in the deepest recesses of the henhouse, the foxes plot our Democracy for us.
And because it is those who seek to suppress speech that are doing this to individuals-keep in mind that these are on both sides of the political aisle-and that they target individuals who are or who can be “influencers.”
Don’t take my word for it- ask Senator Rand Paul, who was assaulted by a Democrat yesterday in his own house, in a conservative state. For me- whoo has beeen shot by these peole, and shot a by these people, I am not surprised-it’s what they do. These are cowards at every level of their public union/terrorist scheme against YOUR right to have the SAME rights they will kill you for, and I have been writing about this since 1993.
This is what gang stalking IS. And I might add- I have no fear of the KKK, or altRight mobs, any more than I have for the DHS/FBI asset controlled Left, because I know they are bullies and brash, rude pigs. I expect that, and I avoid them. But now, we see that all the gibberish of Martin Luther King, and peaceful resistance is useless to those who upheld it’s virtue. AND, they are attacking speech and speakers in hidden black bag jobs that are appalling, every minute, every day, every hour.
This is what a corrupted state look like-an it was a win for every Left-wing that ever elected a Hitler (he was a socialist, and he was spurned by Jewish socialists who controlled the party); and Lenin’s bravado-cum Stalin; and Pinochet-these were and are all left wing politics in action. The left ONY stands for radical subversion of civil liberty, aided by deep state black operations, and enforced by public sector union thugs.
And no one seems to know how these mass shootings just “happen.” Again and again, we are called conspiracy theorists when we present EVIDENCE that there is indeed a hidden mechanism that targets individual speakers. Here- have a look at my posts about how the guys in the pretty Yellow shirts seem to be stalking SOME people, and not doing the real job of protecting OTHER people FROM THEM.
Which is why I write ROGS-it is my contribution to a civil society that does things in the open, so that these deep state black ops have no power. And, I write ive rounds into my hacked and subverted browser (four distinctly different scree freezes on thi spost alone.)
But it’s what needs to be done.

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