What is "webscrubbing" and "webwashing" in context to gang stalking? Don't ask Devin Kelley….

So- the crazy atheist on the internet went bonkers, and shot up a church in Texas. The number thirteen was involved, the suspect was pedofied in the narrative, and gray area policing, aka “high policing” was involved. Better get your ROGS BINGO card ready.
Well- in all fairness, he didn’t just “go” bonkers, as it appears that he was ALWAYS a bit “crazy.” And, maybe you are feeling crazy now, too, because unrelated details are adding up. Like the fact that his case started in a miltary “tribunal” where he pled guilty to a charge, and never faced the facts, or a jury.

Related Story: Texas police and sheriffs perpetrated a media hoax where they lied about fentanyl laced fliers, and, of course, the number 13 (an occult symbol used by sects of Jews,christians, and Masonic society types, as well as federal agencies) was prominently featured in the hoax, too.

Or coincidences-like the fact that his problems began when he, untrained in the fine arts of “teenage parenting in a birthing-for-profit state” that derives federal funds from the gendered narratives that affect teen birth rates. And, he failed on multile levels to uphold gendered, religious stereotypes. He had mysery internet experiences and more.
Yah- have a look at the ROGS BINGO card-if you are seeing coincidences in these cases, that’s called “apophenia,” so be careful you don’t go nutz! STOP READING NOW! WORDS ONLINE ARE DANGEROUS!
Or, read this link right here and discover something about “narcissistic abuse” which is a tactic of mind control and influence operations practiced online, or read this here about the difference between apophenia and epiphanies-the difference between your own personal paranoid assumptions or nuttiness, and possibly, connecting dots using forensic psychology and linguistics as relates to “what is organized gang stalking.”
But remember: you have an important story to tell-and some want you to shut up. And, they use online harassment as a tool to manipulate or control you-the internet is really an intelligence agency wet dream come true.
Or, using Congress as little more than a rubber stamp for a start chamber sooper seekrit court, with bills like SESTA, the Save Equality and Sex Traps Act that guarantees America that all the children born here in the future WILL live in a totalitarian theocracy whose Constitution was shredded before they were born.
Cuz’ werdz spoken BY citizens AS citizens are bad; like reading is bad, and especially-interacting with the many paid shills, disinformation disseminators, and trolls online is apparently not-because trauma based mind control, aka “soft force influence operations” and the bullying of online speakers are at the root of the MIC/DVIC control of the “American” narrative.
Here- look: the US alone spends BILLIONS on crisis PR to contain, entrap, monitor, and harass online speakers; AND the Pentagon runs a troll farm that some estimates say make up 40% of online trolling. (Wanna have fun with the internet? Google “Russian troll farm,” or “CIA troll farm” and see how poorly Google answers your search-and sends you to links about “Russian troll farm” instead).
Yup- Democracy died, and woke up in Russia in 1962, with augmented Orwell and Newspeak. You see, not even a year ago, one could easily find an answer to the question-but the answer has been “webscrubbed” and “webwashed”-the answers have been waterboarded at the switches!
Then, after words were gagged and bound, the speakers sufficiently muted-then the words get “webterrogated!”

What doth it sayeth, Jebulon? Why Jethro, I thinketh therefore I sayeth “I can’t read the damnded thing!-even with my Panoptical glasses. Mother always said “the Speaker of words is a threat too Democracy! And Der MuterLand “

So, yeah- look, Mom! I found a bad guy online-He’s using words! And WORDS MAKE ME THINK!!! Owwwwwwwwwwch!!!! WOrdS make me think about Democracy, and DemOcracy makes me think about liberty, and liberty makes me….OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

And so then-how does the USAF and other wings of our dominionist military deal with “crazy people” who use words online?
They gang stalk them.
And you don’t have to take my word for it-ask any of those weaponized Gavin Longs, and Aaron Alexis’, and many others (well- probably DON’T ask them, their dead now). But in morality enforcement and conformity campaigns waged on individuality from within hierarchical groups, gang stalking is the DE FACTO method of enforcement, and when “the war comes home” things don’t turn out so well.
Or, put another way-gang stalking is a totally useless way of dealing with the mentally ill, and the  psychopaths, and the sociopaths (like this guy probably was-as we see in his case every indicator of sociopathy as a reaction to his lived experiences) but a very effective way to cause conflict that has an end goal the eradication of the second amendment. Again, don’t “shoot me”-I’m just a lil’ ol’ messenger! HEre is my message: ask the Rotary Club how conflicted they are about gun control-and the use of the “guns and arrows” on their logo.
So-what has “webwashing” have to do with anything, right? Well, more and more, and in nearly EVERY case of an active shooter, we see their hard drives disappearing, an their web pages being deleted after the event-which DENIES “we the peeple” the ability to get acces to them, and run them through the ROGS BINGO card.
Here- again, don’t believe me, let’s ask “the news-” and as you read this story, get your OGS BINGO card ready:

Kelley was a US Air Force veteran and former Bible studies teacher but his Facebook page, which has been deleted by the FBI, reveals he had a worrying fascination with weaponry. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5052163/Up-27-shot-Texas-church-gunman-opens-fire.html

I mean- you have better things to do with your time I am sure- like ogling the mess of Rose McGowan’s fake silencing with real spies-while mass shooters are being created by crisis factories all across America-and then, getting web-scrubbed.
Sure- there’s better words for what this is-lie parallel constructions of reality,” or “trans-national dry cleaning of a narrative,” and so on. But I like to call it webscrubbing, because that’s what it is: like a kid getting his ears plugged by a doting mother in Keith Alexander’s infamous analogy of bath tubs(or a certain and specific Rotarian), some think they know what’s best for Democracy and the bottom line.
And I think all of them are full of chicken shit-because after all-what’s left after the foxes devour the hen feathers?

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