State and institution level provocations and organized gang stalking.[draft]

Most accounts of organized gang stalking and civil conspiracy f deprivation of rights cases are difficulat, because they lack standing, they lack facts, and they lack documentation of state level cllusion with institutions and private parties to obstruct civil liberty. And, often, the cannot name proper names because they simply do not know how deep the internet rabbit hole goes.
The DVIC as a make-work project 101: What is pre-crime assessment and how does it create to first amendment protected pure speech? It is “community policing” on acid.
Well, that wasn’t my case, as we shall see- and while you are here, please take a copy of the ACLU, EFF, NACDL’s guide to government hacking, so that you can understand the bottomless nature of our current governments corruption and depravity. Then, take a look at the set ’em up and knock ’em down collusion between private DHS contractors and DHS forfeiture rackets and then the “webterrogation” that takes place as institutions ranging from individuaals who cause controversy or incitement online, working from behind pseudonym’s and cloaked in NGO’s and college IT administrators, and local police agents in the DHS-web of relations targets online speakers.
As some awoke to the weaponized internet that targeted American citizen’s, I had been long aware that my internet connection is shared in real time across time and space-and even across international boundaries.  Or, 2004.
But most others woke up to this sad and all too real fact in 2013, when Edward Snowden came forward to attempt to preserve our Democracy. And look how that turned out? Many state and federal judges have still not heard of him, because they are buried so deep in blackmail and partisan policy that they deliberately avoid reality, taking orders from their handlers instead.  Maybe this is one case of that, I don’t know.
So, in order for citizens to gain any type of legal standing to challenge the Panoptical state of affairs that is modern mind control induced by our government upon an entire generation via the NSA.
But how to understand the data-theft loop where the NSA collects all our stuff, and Fusion Centers seecyively monitor political targets and local LEO’s are all hush hush about who gets harassed online and off- or how these outsource the intel to nation states and advertisers and psychological operations run from within British and CIA  and FiveEyes front companies- and what even Facebook acknowledged yesterday as a mind control operation, there must be another way other than protest, petitions, or suing in federal court.
I was personally aware of this need in 1998, when this happened, and became increasingly more aware of personal and targeted surveillance after that. I can and have named persons and groups and institutions that have monitored me, or otherwise and often quite nefariously, tried to influence me in crippling ways.
But what I DIDN’T do, was to take my  eye off the prize: my legal standing to challenge the lockup on narrative, and much more; because my right is YOUR RIGHT TOO.
And so, I have consciously kep evidence of this targeting, and maintained a timeline, and also, simply kept busy informing others. And then, of course, watched as the animals collectivize against due process, and subvert it in new ways. S, ROGS here is a ere template, but a first ever among gang stalking blogs online, whose direct intent is to provoke YOU.
After all, you have discovered that i cannot be provoked, but instead, spit into your Panopticon, and occasionally throw used toilet paper at your flying monkeys.
Online harassers ask “Online bullying?” An example from 2011 with actual damages

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