Remember, ROGS told you first what Emily Nussbaum noted a day later: the gang stalking of Rose McGowan

Last night a group was talking about Farrow’s expose & someone pointed out the obvious: if Rose McGowan had told the story of the Mossad spies earlier, everyone would have simply assumed she was nuts.

While most victims of extreme stalking are male, as we saw with Trayvon Martin in Florida, and literally millions of others; and most targets of hidden violence are also male if our prison system and associated corruption in policing is any indicator, as well as the fact that nearly all “crime” and violence is gendered male-the Damsel in Distress is certainly a powerful enough narrative that even the MSM has finally shown a ding in it’s armor on this topic of counter-intelligence stalking and the accompanying cultic/ethno/tribal/religious undertones of it (they all do it, and overlook each others activity).
And, I found this out about the Emily Nussbaum New Yorker note because I read today.
I occasionally check in with FGS because that site is a rare beacon of disciplined  analyses that answers the question “what is organized gang stalking,” without excessive commentary or nuts information. Unlike ROGS here- FGS focuses strictly and exclusively on what can be proven with empirical evidence, based in news reports and experience as a former security contractor. And, FGS author is perhaps one of the few sites that some in the MSM have actively sought to discredit pre-emptively. Deep state indeed.
So, the “delusional” label does not apply in these cases, and yes, BEFORE the story broke, McGowwan would be called crazy, and now, well, I am grateful that others are now making these connections. See what happens when you get the journalists on the case?
I think it’s time to knock those shiny heels down to flats, because a democracy isn’t a Machiavellian NSA/DHS/FBI et ass blackmail scheme where databases are routinely moled by political careerist hacks, with no penalty.
On that note, because we live in a world where the “good guys and the god guys” are doing some plainly evil things online and off, and doing it for stretches of time that are themselves obscene, and that, without challenge in a proper legal forum-and because the Buddha laughs in the face of those who would blackmail and manipulate others “in darkness”, we must adopt “encryption” in our speaking habits in “our” democracy, if James Comey’s latest is to be taken at face value.
And remember-this is the guy who demands that all your Iphones and internet connections have a swinging back door, and that this never gets a day in court-and who bent over backwards for a decade trying to keep cases that challenge such scheme’s out of court, or the public’s view.
Here- have a peek at a short play I wrote in that era-a play about John Ashcrofts gallbladder.
James Comey to the rescue, Act1, Scene 1:
page one gal bladder
page two gall bladder
page three gall bladder
Yah- I know, I’m not much of aa playwright, but had faith in the guy then too.  You see, in the next scenes, he was running in, sliding on the waxy hospital floor like John Travolta in Grease, and pleading that Democracy!, and Constitution!, and….yeah, that’s all out the window now.
He seemed so honest, and now look- a mere code talking blackmailer like the rest of the traitors. I mean-is it worth it, selling people so cheaply-and to what moral end? Not to mention that the only industry left in this country is 1) liquidating the actual economy 2) manufacturing terrorism and frame jobs, and then, secret rule by Samas, internet sabotage, NSA citizen data capture-and unidentified cell tower spoofer’s in the nation’s capitol?  I give up.
Let me demonstrate how “truth” becomes encrypted in lawless states where blackmail and subterfuge take the place of courts of law and oversight “by the people”when certain of the powerful employ double standards, and nudge us into the hole of a two tiered society. And especially, note how there is the slightest wind of “implied threat” in the simple-how the simple is complex, especially in light that the “deep state” is actively trying to destroy a president( whether you like him or not is irrelevant to the destructive factor of a hidden power controlling our nation/s).
From Mashable, James Comey has gone rogue buddha!:

Comey ‘grammed again on Saturday, this time sharing a pic of sunrise over the Long Island Sound. “To paraphrase the Buddha,” he wrote, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun; the moon; and the truth. ‬”
The quote is likely in reference to this whole debacle with Flynn, Comey, Trump, and the FBI. Trump admitted on Saturday via Twitter that he knew Flynn lied to the FBI and Vice President Mike Pence on his contacts with Russia.

While I have some respect for anyone who quotes koan’s, I also note that when one serves one too many masters, eventually he is no longer a man, but a tool of bad theater; in this case a puppet (you can write that on my apothecary jar). So-
Take this!一朝風月 And This! 寧可永刧受沈淪、不從諸聖求解脱
And for those who think truth is an absolute? Keep in mind that counter-intelligence agents “cut their victims throats with Occam’s razor-” which is no small threat by any standard. To which those of us who are engaged in peaceful non-violent resistance to this absurd state of affairs where foreign cell phone spoofing towers are left alone as citizens are stalked and harassed; or foreign spies are left alone for a decade (Hi Seattle!); and especially when those are left alone while citizens who dabble in counter-narrative are harassed by these son’s of Baal and Bolshevism-
故三界唯心 !
Truth indeed.
You see, the days of official gas lighting that comes along with speaking up about this world wide “phenomenon” carries social penalties for now- but these days are numbered. I will count them by the threes. One of America’s premier “deep state” collusionist’s taunts a sitting president, as if we are living in bizzaro world devoid of respect for elected authority, and adherent only to the whims of power itself. Deep state indeed. Was it a coup, or just the first of the Jasmine revolutions?
While my case dates from 2004 (thirteen years ago, last December), I have been writing about is since 2009, but because I was being blackmailed by people who cited a DHS contractor, with a circus of local pork nibbling at my endeavors, I was stymied and otherwise crippled in my own narrative. And so I sought out others, and look! The New Yorker MSM has noted that McGowan would have been gas lighted had she spoken up as well-and one can only wonder what blackmail went along with that.
First they came for the poets, and I said nothing, because I can’t even take a decent picture of a sunrise…..

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