Message found in crack of Jesus' butt-as Pharisee's sniff through ROGS to read about Tanya and the girls.

News that you just can’t make up:

300-year-old note found inside butt of Jesus statue


Restorers of an 18th-century statue of Jesus Christ in Spain have found a handwritten note hidden up his bum.
The message, written carefully in calligraphy and dating back to 1777, had been stuffed up the Messiah’s backside by a priest, preserving it like a time capsule.
It contains key information about the period and details on popular pastimes, the economic situation, political and religious matters, famous people and other topics.
The document is signed by Joaquin Minguez, priest of the cathedral of Burgo de Osma at the time, and was recently unearthed by workers of the restoration company Da Vinci Restauro.
Today, the wooden statue is kept at the church of Santa Agueda in the village of Sotillo de la Ribera in the northern Spanish province of Burgos.

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The statue is kept at the church of Santa Agueda.CEN/Da Vinci Restauro

The document, carefully handwritten on both sides of two pages, was found when restorers removed a piece of fabric used to cover Christ’s behind, which exposed a small gap[follow te links to read more]


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