Special Agent Larry "Clint" Wooten, county sherriff's and top LEO's ask: so-what should we do with 'that one bad apple' who gang stalks people to suicide

Once again, the excellent blog medawarscornflakes has produced a story about organized gang stalking, where a group of individuals were describes as a gang, stalked like a gang, treated like a gang, indicted as a gang, implicated in a coonspiracy-but later found factually innocent of all charges.
The story involves a whistle blower who is a Special Agent of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), SA Wooten. The whistle blower cites the Whistle Blowers protections statutes within the official documentation.
Here is one take on “that one guy,” from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Public Enemy No. 1 for rural Utah sheriffs just happens to be a fellow peace officer: Dan Love, the Bureau of Land Management’s special agent in charge.

Elected law enforcement officers from Nephi to Blanding call him an arrogant and dishonest bully who has little regard for local authority and dodges accountability, derailing a collaborative approach to police work on the state’s federal lands.

Love reportedly just laughed when Garfield County Sheriff James “Danny” Perkins relayed ranchers’ complaints about federal officers

Medawars describes incredibly uprofessional conduct, deliberate attempts at hiding evidence including shredding documents, and a sadistic practice of harassing people until they commit suicide, aka “death by gang stalking.” The Special Agent went on record describing a “kill list”of targeted individuals who a particularly sadistic and unprofessional agent claimed he had stalked to death.
The story has political implications, and if you use the ROGS BINGO card, you will strike gang stalker gold. You might remember that Medawars brought my attention to a case of gang stalking in Texas that involves retired FBI agents, and agents from several other federal agencies, that I covered it here.
As we see time and time again, real estate is at the center of much gang stalking, as are document shredding, retired LEO’s and the LEIU members who participate in this illegal practice. And, once again here is an actual piece of evidence that gang stalking is an actual practice of federal agents working  within many agencies.
But let’s have Medawars tell it:

Dec. 18th, 2017

Kill Books and Organised Stalking: a Spin-Off from the Bundy Case

This article is not about the Bundy case itself: it is about something else, not unrelated, of course, which is pointed up by some of the evidence which has emerged from independent investigations of the Bundy case. There are other respected bloggers who have specialised on this subject and Medawar doesn’t intend to duplicate their hard work or get into pointless arguments: readers can go to them directly.
That being said, anyone remotely interested in the Bundy case should view or read the source material referred to immediately below.
This is a link to a (slightly shakey, but bear with it) YouTube video of Washington State Representative Matt Shea reading from a document of “17-18” pages, which is based on an e-mail sent by Special Agent Larry Wooten to Andrew D. Goldsmith, Associate Deputy Attorney General.
In it, (at roughly time index 13:00 onwards) Mr Shea recounts Special Agent Wooten’s claims that Former Special Agent in Charge Dan Love had  a “Kill Book”: a sort of trophy, containing details of cases where Love proudly claimed to have caused three people in Utah to commit suicide.
Here is a link to Mr Shea’s source material, the communication from Special Agent Wooten.  (It’s a .pdf document). Medawar recommends that readers not only carefully read, but download this. (In this form the document is 16 pages, starting with page 2.) In the first paragraph on page 8 (according to the document’s own numbering, page 7 as far as a .pdf reader is concerned), the “Kill Book” is mentioned.
Medawar would like readers to note that this document is not uncritical of Cliven Bundy and cannot fairly be represented as political propaganda in his cause, or an endorsement of his actions, which Special Agent Wooten believes probably broke several laws and risked an armed engagement which might well have cost innocent lives. It is implicit in Wooten’s view, that Mr Bundy stubbornly acted in a way which actually completely played into the hands of SAC Dan Love and others shown by the document to be highly prejudiced, biased and unprofessional. Special Agent Wooten also implies that, given the grotesque and at times almost unbelievable bias and misconduct within the BLM’s Office of Law Enforcement and Security, that had Mr Bundy recognised the Federal Government and legal system and used them properly, he would have been in a very strong position, because his opponents had mishandled and concealed evidence at every turn -and apparently continue to do so.

What actually matters most here:

The three people in Utah whom SAC Dan Love boasted of having driven to suicide, using (or misusing) his powers and position and the indulgent tolerance of his superiors for misconduct on his part. We know little about them, other than that Dan Love boasted of having caused their deaths in the course of his “work”. There’s no evidence for any of them being a confrontation artist who might be said to have engineered his own doom. They were US citizens, who for one reason or another came to the attention of Dan Love and the BLM, and they are dead.
It is apparent from the context that Dan Love hounded these people in precisely the way that the “targeted individual” community has long claimed that gang-stalkers or “organised stalkers” do. In doing this, from within a Federal Law Enforcement agency, Dan Love must have engaged in a conspiracy with his colleagues, both supervisors and subordinates, to deny these individuals their constitutional, civil and other rights. This is a Federal Felony: “Denial of Rights” under USC 18 Section 241. See also the single-most read article on this blog.
There should be a prompt and thorough criminal Federal investigation into Dan Love and his colleagues for at least three counts of this felony.

2 thoughts on “Special Agent Larry "Clint" Wooten, county sherriff's and top LEO's ask: so-what should we do with 'that one bad apple' who gang stalks people to suicide

  1. This is Sarah Degeyter in Texas. I have a situation at hand that I need immediate help with. I have hard evidence, as in hidden cameras in my shower and all over the RV that I bought just one week ago. The day after I bought the RV, I was bullied by the Montgomery County Sherrifs Dept. to vacate my RV because I did not have a contract with the landlord. The landlord accused me of stealing electricity and called cops on me. However, 7 hours before this incidents, I had phoned the landlord and introduced myself as new owner of the RV and asked if I needed to pay him anything. The landlord told me “No, nothing is due till The first”
    So, when he showed up later and excused me of stealing electricity and abruptly ordered me to leave the property ( which I agreed to and started my truck and left running while I gathered up my dogs) he called police anyway. Cops showed up and talked to me like total garbage, the main one delivering this skit was Deputy Jones of Montgomery County Sheriffs . He was incredibly rude and was spitting next to me. He interrogated me and I one pint I truly thought they were going to arrest me. During this time, I was texting my older brother frantically in Fort Worth. ( I have these texts to show record of the incident and traumatized and panicked emotion I was feeling)
    Deputy Jones told me that I needed to leave immediately and not come back till the next day by 6pm to remove my RV from the property, if I came back before that I could be arrested. Then he suggested that I thank the landlord for not impounding my RV then.
    In complete shock I got in my truck and left, and went to a gas station and cried my eyes out. What I didn’t realize at that time was that particular skit was not just to bully me, it was to get me out of the RV so that they could have free rein to install hidden cameras in my RV.
    I found the cameras 2 days later with an expensive RF signal detector that has a heat lamp to locate tiny lenses. There are cameras all over my RV. The first one that I found is inside the turn knob of the skylight above my shower, and many are inside the screws in the doorway to my bathroom, etc.
    I have had so many hard clues of the voyeurism for sometimes now, but no way to prove it until now.
    I have not left my RV since finding the cameras and I have not attempted to remove them, as to preserve them to be intact. I know if I leave, they will simply come inside my RV and remove the cameras.
    They are making many efforts to get me to walk out of my RV, such as 2 nights ago the air whole RV started filling up with a thick fertilizer type chemical where it made it hard to breathe. I ran and opened my door, but just stood there trying to get fresh air. Someone was standing on the other side of my front door (it was dark and I could not see the person) but big flashes of red laser light started flashing at me. I had a large mirror that I was holding outward to shield this red laser light. (I have using been using mirrors to shield attacks of laser for a year now, so I knew to have it handy).
    I need an attorney ASAP. I need someone to come in my RV and properly document these cameras as evidence that can be used. I have searched and searched for an attorney online for days. I’ve called the Texas State Bar Referral, which gave me the names of 2 attorneys. The first attorney I called didn’t provide much as I talked to a paralegal that I gave detailed info to, but never heard back. The 2nd attorney number was one that I kept calling, but the call would never go through. They do this a lot, end my calls, etc.
    Apparently, they were interfering with me connecting to this attorney for a good reason. The number belongs to Assistant County Attorney Daniel Plake. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to get through to his office. I’m not sure if this message will actually get through to you.
    Please contact me ASAP, I need your advice on what to do. I’ve been in my RV for days now and have not left. I have affairs that are not being handled as a result, but I can’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers. Eventually, they are gonna find a way to force me out… so time is of the essence that I find the right person who is qualified to come to my RV and validate the cameras and document correctly as evidence for a case.
    Please contact me immediately through any of these means:
    Text my iPhone 409-656-7431
    Email me at
    [email protected]
    Or text my backup cell phone 682-249-9704
    My RV is currently at a rented spot at the expensive RV park called Park on the Lake in Willis, Texas. The address is 12351 FM830 Willis, Texas 77318
    I have begged my family for help, but my brother and mom are not helping. I have reasons to believe that my mothers is in the know of my hardcore almost 4 year now run of my gang stalking, and may have helped by contributing information etc.
    I have no one else I can contact. Every relationship/ friendships I enjoyed prior to my stalking have all vanished.
    Praying to hear back from you soon with some words of advice.
    Sarah Degeyter

    1. Hi, Sarah.
      Well, yeah, everything you describe is what these corrupt pigs do.
      But unless you have a witness, a friend help you through this, it will be hard.
      My best advice is this: if you have the resources, call an out of county private investigator, and send him the facts you sent me. Try to meet him at your trailer.
      And, why wait for two lawyers to call back? Call a dozen. If you have resources, one will take your case.
      And, then, after you have witnesses, call the sheriff, the local pigs, and report a break in, record that call (if recording is legal in Texas ) and keep your Iphone camera rolling at all times.
      Then, you have a record of reaching out, and right here online you have left evidence of your case.
      But you live in Denton Cty, right? The newspapers routinely document police corruption and OGS related weirdness there.
      So, align yourself with local reporters, and simply tell your story. And, leave out the part about electronic laser pointers /gun sights being aimed at you, because the online police disinformation about this tactic is extensive.
      Why dont you just leave? I mean -you have resources to do just that.

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