FBI as political police, DVIC dollars, and the ever morphing definition of terrorism.

The  ROGS  blog  is  calling  for  Congress to  officially  change  the  name  of  the  Federal  Bureau of  Investigation  to  something  more  appropriate: Americas  Political  Police and  Domestic  Dog, Pony  and  Clown  Show.
I  know that the acronym APPDDPCS might  seem  a bit  cumbersome  at  first  glance,  but, like  the  17 years of  the  War  On Terror where  very  few  actual  terrorists  were  caught, and none of  whom  fit the definitions of actual terrorists that was outlined at the height of the WOT hysteria by the government here in this US Department of State description of WMDs, and crazed jihadis.
So,  because 911 was really  this  same political policing  entity throwing  shit  into  a  huge makework fan,  and  then chasing  its  own  leads,  in the  ever changing,  ever morphing  definition  of  terror and  terrorism*, the  absurdity  of a  total  surveillance  state  and  its  premiere political  faction monitoring body should have  an  equally  absurd  name- APPDDPCS- you  will get  used  to it.
And,  how  absurd and  bizarre is  this terrorist manufacturing agency today?
The  FBI  is  now  hand  in  hand  with  the DVIC, and  the  DHS/DHHS, and there  pals in South Africa and Tel Aviv, monitoring  pure  speech (which most  rational  people note,  contains context,  humor, double  entendre, and more) and  now,  custody  disputes  and  child  support hearings! Ah, humorless lesbians-and the terror manufacturers that love them!
Please refer to the ROGS thesis that asks this important question here.
Or here: (hard link because today, the ROGS blog has a bad case of FVEY monitoring and Jscript jiggles) https://researchorganizedgangstalking.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/gang-stalking-in-amherst-ma-and-community-awareness-fliers-1993-and-police-disinformation-hen-house-foxes-big-sloppy-trough-dvic-joe-bidens-legacy
This is ADLification and its cohort White slavery cash cow and the bolshevik DVIC in action, and get out the ROGS BINGO card in these cases, especially when pure speech is involved, and these alphabet agencies target individuals like professor Pino with electronic harrassment like warrantless wiretaps on his phones, computers, and Facebook, or electronic implants on his laptop.
GO GET  EM  GIRLS! J.Edgar  Hoover would  be  proud (and probably very jealous), the  way  you  fat cunts  wear those heels! Lookin good girls-never mind the butch haircuts and that Quantico drawl! The good ladies at the APPDDPCS are on the case of the Fox That Ate the Henhouse!
Kent State professor Julio Pino investigated for allegedly lewd comments smeared with claims of ISIS ties, and using bad words that indict the APPDDPCS and its cozy relationship with the ADL and similar sectarian, racist groups.
From Fox News:
KENT-Federal charges have been filed against a Kent State University professor, who has been under investigation as a supporter of ISIS.
Julio Pino, 57, an Associated Professor of History at Kent State University, became the focus of an FBI investigation in January 2016.
Federal authorities questioned any association he might have with the Islamic State and whether he used his position on campus to influence students to become sympathetic with the terrorist organization.
The U-S Attorney’s Office in Cleveland confirms that Pino was charged for making a false statement to the FBI.
Related Story
Kent State professor investigated for ISIS ties accused of making lewd comments
The charge was announced by U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman and FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony.
According to the criminal information filed in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, between May 2015 and January 2016, Pino posted numerous images and made statements on social media with a friend in St. Louis regarding a child custody issue….
….follow the link-connect the dots to the DVIC and flying pigs in high heels, crapping from mid air upon the poor, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised!
In the  1940-50s, there were  literary  and  artistic movements  called  surrealism,  and the  theater  of the absurd,  and  so  on, and  all  of  them  centered around  bizarre  cultural  and  societal  practices.
So,  when we hear the  words bizarre,  surreal,  absurd,  and  especially  “Kafkaesque” these  also  describe  organized  gang  stalking, and .how agents in the alphabet agencies are allowed to harass, monitor, stalj, defame, frame, and even murder people in America today.
Because thats  how  bizarre  it  is that  the  APPDDPCS is  now  monitoring  simple  custody  hearings in  the  neocon  asshole of  the  universe,  Ohio,  and  then, linking people to ISIS
But that  IS what  the  FBI  is  doing, as  they  and  their  enablers in  high  heels monitor people  for  decades.
Flying pigs in  garters and  heels crapping on free speech, association, privacy rights and more, targeting writers, speakers, and professors~its really  not  so  bizarre when  you  compare  it  to  the  case  above.
Or, when you notice that ISIS is itself an Israeli Mossad-western IC creation, according to long term critic and former Mossad chief Ephraim ha Levy

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