Gang stalking, feminism, female initiated violence, and gang stalking case studies: how the Domestic Violence Industry-and DHS-ICE skirts due process, and creates crime.

Picture Marilyn Monroes dress blowing upwards over a sewer grate.
Then, picture bankster funded CIA types invading her home, while she self medicates, passes out, and then, gets deadly suppositories crammed in her ass, just inside the delicately flowered portal to her sleeping room.
Yup. more, or less, this is where gang stalking in the modern era began.
Then, the president dead after that, killed by the most amazing .22 caliber bullet ever.
Killed by a guy, who was raised by a single mother in a fractured family; then he with a foreign bride, second language skills, foreign connections, and second tier MSM visibility.
Oh, yeah-and that guy, like J.D. Salinger, had extensive contact with Eastern bloc social workers during his childhood-that seems important.
Then, that guy killed, after allegedly killing the president, and killed by a compromised asset- a Jewish gangster and pimp, nonetheless, and still no one points the finger at international banksters.
Yup. OGS is exactly THAT WEIRD.
And, the immunity that trilion dollar capitalists enjoy in America is also THAT WEIRD.
Move along now….nothing to see here, folks.

Related Stories: Marcy Wheeler, aka,, just joined a long list of political leftist journalists who burn sources, as other media releases the ICE manual, which reveals that DHS-ICE follows no laws, or has any discernible respect for due process. Extra points for those who notice that Chapter 13 of the manual covers ICE tactics of internet subversion.
ICE .pdf hereice-undercover-operations

But maybe more weird is how a certain type of so called feminists are involved, working in occulted positions along the internet backbone, and in crisis PR, and in universities, health “care,”and government, alongside Infragard agents, and hackers/criminals/open source disruption agents to subvert free speech, and even stalk, harass and murder people as the FBI and the DHS look on and in many proven cases (Black Panthers for instance), actively collaborates and then runs CYA in these homicides.
Yeah, thats really weird too.
So, for the avid researcher of organized gang staljing, have a look at the following links, and the names of actual gang stalkers who are enabled by police to sta harass and murder people.
Stalin and Marcus Wolfe had NOTHING on these people-because late era banksterism had not yet utilized full capture cell phone, internet, and Google search history yet.
Naming names: Jewish and christian women who are involved in OGS.
Here are actual women, and other enablers, from the DVIC itself, bickering about which of them is more of a “cyberpath” than the other, as they derive income from DVIC ca$h cows.
And, again, extra .points for noting that nearly the first commenter on the blig, neverending1 is a hacker, and open source systems disruption agent:
Gang stalker link farm:
Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?
Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?

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