Art Buchwald covers the Orlov Prophecy/Conspiracy: looking back, looking forward

“When I proposed the plan in Moscow the Kremlin thought I was crazy. But they figured they had nothing to lose. Well, you can see the results for yourself. The seeds of doubt about America are being planted by their own people and we’ve been making more progress in wrecking the U.S. Constitution in the last few years than my predecessors have been able to do since the Revolution,”
– from Art Buchwalds column that trolled the FBIs illegal COINTELPRO program, as quoted by Daniel McCarty, in his 2008 CBS obituary entitled “Art Buchwald Couldn’t Make This Man Laugh Exclusive: Famed Columnist’s FBI File Shows J. Edgar Hoover Was No Fan”

So, as we see throughout ROGS, specific and named shitbags~most of them bound tightly like silkworms with the smothering threads of Jewish-christian mysticism, are working in hidden fashion all along the internet “backbone”; and such “mysticism” which is only useful once you unbind it, and name it by its proper names, we also see my mocking attempt to shine a light on the many questions that arise in organized stalking.

Related Stories: the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals advises police and intelligence agencies, as well as creates “cris PR narrative” and is on record describing how multiple agencies target dissidents, whistle blowers, activists and others with what ATAP calls “the colluding parallel investigation” aka, highly orchestrated, hidden operations by multiple agencies and community policing elements, aka organized gang stalking.

One glaring and obvious answer to the question ~who are the gang stalkers~ is that they are indisputably Americas secret police, working within, and far outside of the innappropriately named, due process free, selective enforcement oriented “community policing”scheme.
Others, not so obvious, are military operations like OSI informers, the Mossad, or NCIS, all of whom are wiretapping Americans IN America, every day; and the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units and Infragard are what the FBI uses as a secret, hidden police force, unnaccountable to no one, and notoriously “assisting” the FBI SAs and field agents in performing black bag jobs.
then, we see any of many organized religions ranging from the Cathtlioctocon to the Prothschildtant expressing their fanaticism through word policing and Fusion Centers, as well as the slimy tentacles of the always bald headed Kiketopus in this case here, eating women and children for their own good, if course.
But scattered amongst the charred remains of post-post modern journalism, where sectarian, Israelification of ALL media, crisis PR, and partisan, welfare cheese journalists like Marcy Wheeler and Mike McPhate, and Laura whatever her name is have replaced investigative journalism, we also see truly amazing journalism from non-sectarians who are, at their center, human beings before anything, the likes of Trevor Aaronson, Glenn Greenwald, and others that are worthy of a Gary Webb Award for Excellence in journalism.
In fact, I invite the journalists above to write about Irgunized gang stalking and its non-Jewish variant, Organized gang stalking, and to call it exactly that, because once we weed out the obvious noise and chatter, we see that OGS is all too real.
In that light, ROGS is announcing the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in non-partisan journalism.
Here is what it looks like:
lone wolf journalism
If you would like to apply for this reward, which carries with it a $1000 stipend, and a trophy with two .22 caliber bullets highlighted, dangling on silk threads above a gold plated pig trough with the bottom chewed out, please write to the ROGS blog, and show me examples of your published work, that uses the term Organized gang stalking, and portrays it in the true-light that I have described herein, using the descriptors I have provided.
This work must have been published in major media, and it must trace the links between Fusion Centers as the nexus of corruption that collates and verifies the nexus between FVEY political policing, and how NSA data is used to target individuals in the USA, using any number of the community .policing cockroaches I have documented herein.
Extra points will be added by the judges for works that document Jewish-christian gang stalking, such as that practiced by AIPAC, RAND corporation, or the various Jewish Federations and so-called progressive NGOs across America.
Scientologists, however, are well documented gang stalkers, and Muslims are mych too covered in the press, so this award specifically requires a Jewish-christian element.
Lastly, because others have come before me, and endured bad touch from agents and agencies, here is a quote from Art Buchwalds obituary via CBS, and archived by Whosarat, which was a website that ratted out informants, and was soundly harassed, and driven offline around 2006, as police unions and other unchecked abusers of internet declared the site a “threat to officers safety.”
RIP, Gary Webb, and Art Buchwald too (the entire article can be found here):

Buchwald’s file dates back to June 18, 1956, when an unnamed FBI informant told agents the writer had received a visa to visit the Soviet Union while working for the New York Herald Tribune.
The informant, whose name was redacted from the FBI files, had been interviewed by Buchwald two years earlier and apparently held a grudge against the columnist for making him, in his words, “look like a fool.” The informant described Buchwald to agents as a “screwball.”
The bureau launched an investigation into the Soviet Union trip and found that Buchwald, who was traveling with a contingent of Air Force officials visiting an air show, had committed no acts of disloyalty and no further action was taken.
Buchwald reappeared on the bureau’s radar in 1961 when, in a satirical column, he claimed to have uncovered the “Orlov Plan.” Buchwald often created fictitious characters, and in this column said Soviet agent Serge Orlov revealed a plan to cripple the United States by using right-wing anti-communist groups to sow seeds of distrust in the nation.
“When I proposed the plan in Moscow the Kremlin thought I was crazy. But they figured they had nothing to lose. Well, you can see the results for yourself. The seeds of doubt about America are being planted by their own people and we’ve been making more progress in wrecking the U.S. Constitution in the last few years than my predecessors have been able to do since the Revolution,” Buchwald quoted “Orlov” as saying.
Read Key Documents From Buchwald’s FBI File
Not all readers got the Cold War-era satire. Some sent letters to the FBI inquiring about the Orlov “plot.” John Lindsay, a New York congressman who would later become the city’s mayor and run for president, sarcastically praised Buchwald for the “reportorial know-how plus the good sense and good humor to uncover the Orlov Plan. He even beat J. Edgar Hoover.”
Hoover, spurred by readers’ letters, renewed his interest in Buchwald. There is a handwritten note from the agency director in the margin of a clipping of the Orlov column: “Let me have summary on Art Buchwald.”
The following year, after moving from Paris to Washington, Buchwald visited FBI headquarters and met with Cartha DeLoach, a high-ranking official who rose to deputy director by the end of his 28-year career in 1970. During the visit, DeLoach criticized Buchwald for a column that suggested one-fifth of the 8,500 registered communists in America actually were undercover FBI agents.
According to a memo prepared for DeLoach, “Buchwald apologized for having written in the vein he did but noted that he meant no harm and was sorry that it was misinterpreted.”
In December 1964, Buchwald turned his pen directly on Hoover, joking that then-President Lyndon Johnson couldn’t fire the FBI director – because the lawman didn’t actually exist.
“What happened was that in 1925 the Reader’s Digest was printing an article on the newly formed Federal Bureau of Investigation and as they do with many pieces they signed it with a nom de plume,” the column read. “They got the word Hoover from the vacuum cleaner – to give the idea of a clean-up. Edgar was the name of one of the publisher’s nephews, and J. stood for jail.”
The column attracted much attention, with citizens ranging from Nebraska housewives to Indiana high school students writing to the director seeking the truth, according to correspondence in the bureau’s files. In many cases, they received notes personally signed by Hoover, often with enclosures like “Communism and The Knowledge to Combat It!”
The column did not endear Buchwald to Hoover. In June 1965, an unnamed ABC News correspondent called DeLoach to inform him that Buchwald would be at his house one evening for a monthly poker game, in which the humorist had won money in 17 out of the last 18 sessions. The goal of the call was to set up a prank to throw Buchwald off his game. Hoover was to place a call to Buchwald during the evening informing him that agents had been ordered to pick him up following the article questioning the director’s existence.
The crowd of would-be card sharks, which was to include key U.S. diplomat Llewellyn Thompson and officials from the White House and U.S. Information Agency, optimistically dubbed the game “Buchwald Will Lose Tonight.”
Hoover’s response: “I most certainly would have nothing to do with such a motley crew.”
Besides tracking poker games, agents also filled out their Buchwald files by perusing the April 1965 issue of Playboy magazine. The columnist told Playboy, “You’re allowed to make fun of the FBI because they have such a good sense of humor.” The FBI agent who read the interview was careful to note the rest of magazine was “typical trash,” according to internal memos


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