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Unfinished draft post: these links below are gang dtalker gold!
The avid ROGS reader will note that I, personally, brought attention to the encroachment on a major US database, the CJIS, as Obama ordained Democrats, and a few Syrians, and a race troll from OHIO breached clearances and allowed access to clearance areas, whereupon my relative was slandered, and smeared by the incestuous Minnesota Democratic party machine, aka, the DFL.
That database resides in Pasadena, CA, home of some of the most scurrilous gang stalking political rats you will ever meet.
here, have a look at what gang stalking looks like in Minnesota here, here and here.
then, have a look at Californias massive, federal dollar funded gang stalking operation here, here, here and here.
is gang stalking real? i think reasonable, rational people can decide for themselves.
gang stalking denialists, however, will probably call you crazy, or delusional, following the advice of these type of people here, and here-most of whom sleep with dogs.
related story: Former British intelligence agent, and dof lover,

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