Women in secret societies: academic gang stalking, gay mafia, scummy old cunts* like Avitall Ronell (or Nikki Giovanni) in higher learning.

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ROGS blog is, primarily, a butt naked display of free speech in action, augmented by the actions of gang stalkers who come from many hidden cults and sects in policing, academia, and other institution level abuses of power-and especially a fuck you to the mainstream press, which is little more than Edward Bernays~Nazi styled propaganda.

*Related: the word cunt is making a cuntback, as gay comediennes and other feckless cunts criticize the Trump women. is it time to mention that the rubber-penis-prone Darling of left wing t.v., Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar-or that Cecil Rhodes the great diamond broker, and slaughterer of South Africans was a militant white supremacist?

As such~this naked display of words, written online, is my own special way of saying “kiss my ass, you filthy pigs/kikensteins/Cathliojewctopussies/Panopicalhydraneocons and your butt boys and dildo faced prickcesses in the Gay Mafia too.”

Related Story: How American police and SWAT teams are taking it up the ass as cuckolded bitches of the global gay pedophile rings, and consistently worked with the gay mafia, and the press corps to frame Omar Mateen as a “gay nightclub shooter,” after Mateen was gang stalked for YEARS by G4S, the FBI, and its many tentacles of CVE “community policing.”
Google excercise: search terms “Omar mateen gay”

I hope I am being clear: I am asking those in secular law enforcement to get off of your pork fat asses, toss the high heels, and prosecute gang stalkers criminally, NOT civilly, because of the amount of felony level criminal hacking, and other activity involved in it is staggering, and you know this, but go along with it anyways.
AND: maybe take a look at academic gang stalking as a precipitator of social harms, and how the “Gay Mafia” treats its own, in the case of (yet another)well known lesbian professor harassing a student, much like we saw with the Virginia Tech shooter, and Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein, and so, so many other gang stalkings that started with word policing, in colleges(Mathew Riehl, Stephen Paddock, Jared Loughner, and SO MANY OTHER mass shooters were stalked and slandered and framed by college professors and hordes of fascist-leftists many years before there shooter events).
In the case below, note that it fills half of the ROGS BINGO card in the first five paragraphs, and extra points for noting that the gay community is filled with stalkers~ and even dear Dr. Lorraine Sheridan can testify to that, according to her beloved folliwing with te queers.
Then, ask why law enforcement agents and agencies protect these partucularlt noxioys Jewish gang stalkers, and especially, note that this nasty dyke has threatened her target with using her inter-connected web of relations in various academic institutions, secret societies, and polucing elements-and that the internet is involved.
And, at this juncture, I encourage the FBI to take note of these I describe above, and take action accordingly.
I mean: prosecuting gang stalkers might force you to get off your creamy CVE dollar filled fat asses, and actually work to make a case (unlike all of your manufactured terror), bur I promise it will pay off in the en (no, this is not a butt bjoke, about how high heeled policing is taking it up the ass.
The case of the dueling Jewish queers,academics, and the Gay Mafia eating themselves alive like cannibals (the jokes write themselves in these cases, Agent Starling):

Gay Graduate Student Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against His Aging Lesbian NYU Professor

By Shane Croucher On 8/17/18 at 10:32 AM
Nimrod Reitman secured his doctorate from NYU under professor Avital Ronell whom he accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and stalking.

…after the investigation, Ronell and her colleagues at other universities “launched a widespread disinformation campaign against Reitman, falsely accused him of, among other things, having waged a ‘malicious campaign’ against Ronell and having a ‘malicious intent,’ thereby further ruining his hopes for any future career in academia.”

A gay graduate student has filed a lawsuit against his lesbian former professor, accusing her of sexual assault and controlling his life while she was his doctoral adviser, then ruining his career. He also accused his university of gender bias against him in its investigation of his allegations.
Nimrod Reitman, 34, accused professor Avital Ronell, a German and comparative literature lecturer at New York University, of “shocking misconduct” in his complaint, which was filed at the New York State Supreme Court on Thursday.
“The personal and professional price of filing a complaint against a prominent professor is heavy, but I would like to encourage other students in my position to speak up if they feel safe to do so and know that harassment is never okay, and is a result of an abuse of power,” Reitman said in a statement sent to Newsweek.

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