Red collar crime: Organized gang stalking, mysterious bankster deaths, forensic investigator Frank S. Perri explore a hidden crime

A Shocking Number of Killers Murder Their Co-workers, according  to  forensic  accountant,  and  defense  attorney Frank S.Perri.

-Homicide is the third-most-prevalent cause of workplace death.
Rene Chun
October 2018 Issue of The Atlantic magazine online
Here’s an icebreaker for the next office party: The third leading cause of workplace death—behind “falls to a lower level” and “roadway collisions with other vehicles”—is homicide.
This sobering data point comes courtesy of the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics study on fatal occupational injuries. What’s behind all this shooting (the leading m.o. of workplace murderers, according to the study) and “stabbing, cutting, slashing, piercing” (the runner-up category)? News reports point to doomed love triangles and disgruntled co-workers. Another cause, however, has been largely overlooked: fraud. Imagine a boss who kills his assistant to keep a Ponzi scheme afloat, or a crooked accountant who poisons an especially thorough auditor. In the world of CFEs (certified fraud examiners), these offenses have their own, pulpy label: red-collar crime.
Frank S. Perri, a CFE and defense attorney who teaches forensic accounting at DePaul University, coined the term after working on a murder case in 2005, an embezzlement scam that ended with a salesman—Perri’s client—convicted of smashing his partner’s skull with a claw hammer……
-from The Atlantic, October 2018

Many gang stalking denialists have either an extremely limited grasp on how pervasive, intrusive, and frequently, political investigations have permeated society, or, like Mike McPhate, Laura Yan, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, Elizabeth Dietrich, David V. james, and Dr. Mike Wood, etc, they are only aware of the obvious scapegoats and KNOWN gang stalkers, Scientologists, while coddling the gang stalkers among their own academic cults, like Nikki Giovanni, who  was instrumental in  the  cry-bullying of the  Virginia  Tech mass shooter, oraward  winning academic Avital Ronell, who is on  record threatening  a gay student with interstate  stalking,  slander,  and  a  whisper  campaign.
So, its  easy  to miss  the links between  organized  gang  stalking,  and  reality, when, like  these mentioned  above, are an  integral part of  this practice.
Here is just  a  very, very short list  of  organized stalking cases  where individuals were  bullied  and  slandered at the  academuc level, directly  related to  colleges, and professors  who use  and  abuse  their  power,  as  well  as  wage hidden  campaigns of  slander  about  students that  eventually  involve complicit police:
1- Mathew Riehl, 
An  Asian-American  who  was stalked  across  state lines,  and  eventually murdered in  his own  home,  after  extensive  police  stalking.
2- Jared Loughner,
Who is perhaps the most  famous  case of academic  stalking,  where cry-bullies  actively  worked  to  frame  an individual  and  censor his speech  BEFORE he went  ballistic. His  “victim,”not  incohincidentally, is  the  darlung  of  gun  control,  Gabby  Giffords,  an AIPAC  darling  as  well.
3- The  Virginia Tech  shooting,  covered extensively as a documented academic  stalking  perpetrated by crybully  and Professor  Nikki  Giovanni,  and  many other  academics,as  they  bullied  and  harassed  a  student  with  a  learning  disability. And, this case was covered by Dr. Kenneth Westhues as an academic mobbing.
5 the  recent thwarted  academic mobbing of  a  student  in the case of Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein
6-pick  a mass  shooter-ANY mass  shooter-and  find your own links, to  thought polucing,  word .polucing, and  academic gang  stalking, which appear in  some  80% of  these  cases.
So~ their is  overwhelming and indisputable evidence  that political  interests are  involved in  the organized, systematic  assaults on individuals.
So~as  far as Dr.  Mike  Wood is concerned,  OGS is some kund  of  delusion-his  theory  is that those  who  report  OGS  are crazy, despite  overwhelming  evidence that academuc mobbing  is  a major feature  in  the  cases  above.
Here,  go over to  his blog where  he  actively  dispenses  conspiracy by perpetuating  the  “Q” B.S., while  denying  OGS, and  have  a  read  through this thread  here, and .note  how NOT deluysional  the  complaints  of  OGS  victims  are.
Then,  have  a look  at  the  “mysterious” deaths of  some  72 bankers by  strange  suicides,  repirted by the  MSM,  and here, from the New York Post.
Or,  what  Frank S. Perri might  call Red-collar  crimes.
Because, .like  gang  staljing,  where  ine  of the main  claims is that targets  will  be  driven  to  forced  suicide, red  collar  crime demonstrates the  truth  of it…..

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