Seana Sperling, web writers, ADLification, and gang stalking.

What is organized gang stalking?
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Lets start by demonstrating what gang stalking IS NOT:
Ms. Sperling~ I have seen the things written about you online, going back as far as 2008, where~apparently~ you were gang stalked in Seattle, WA.
And, while what you write about here and here in the piece accompanying the video above is, for the most part, solid, well sourced, and fact oriented work, the case you describe here in the video above IS NOT ORGANIZED GANG STALKING, and here is why:
1-only one person stalked and harassed the victim. And, while city/state/federal employees are most frequently cited as being gang stalkers, who utilize connections with corrupt law enforcement and milutary, and poltiical figures to gang stalk people, there is no evidence of this here~especially considering that a judge found the stalker and harasser guilty, unlike the cases of Bob Deis,or Rick and Lucinda Krlich, who were staljed by police and firemans mobs; and this ongoing obscenity of Kai the Hitchhiker who has sat in jail in New Jersey for 4.5 yearsongoing obscenity of Kai the Hitchhiker who has sat in jail in New Jersey for 4.5 years after he encountered a rapist fron the gay mafia, that rapisr, allied with the typical gang stalkers in that local community, aka Rotary club members, local prosecutors, and dirty cops. And, the cases of Jeff Pataky, or Andy Ostrowski, and many more provide ample evidence of these cases of our totally corrupted police forces around the country.
2- while the case you highlighted in the video is creepy, its nothing like what happened to NYPD whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft (and I will leave you to wonder why a movie was made about Frank Serpico, but likely, Schoolcraft will never get a Hollywood heroes welcome : hint-tribal-religious-sectarian racists run Hollywood, AND New York), or the case of Julia Davis, the DHS whistle blower, because, provably in both cases, multiple agencies ranging from CIA to DHS to local police and community stalking mobs were involved.

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