What is #fakerape, and who promotes it? Ask the Minnesota Electronic Peeping Tims and Tinas! Or, a DVIC honeypit primer.

The US state of Minnesota is a frozen shithole, where state level gang stalking takes place, because there is no local ecinomy to speak of, and dark arts DVIC practitioners target outsiders with #fakerapes and a host of other tricks from their DVIC black books.
But also, hosts CIA connected Hmong and other Asian intrigues, as Asian-Americans utiluze the CIA playbook to stalk people from Asian countries.
And, where a Chinese billionaire was recently entrapped by what I like to call “the Minnesota SHOTGUN wedding,”aka a honeypit frame job, where state and NGOs pre-emptively wiretap people, and craft crisis PR narratives about domestic violence.

Related Story: Minnesotas famous horse-faced Gretchen Carlson type women literally target the ethnic crowd-and their men and boys with sexual blackmail, aka #MeToo and #fakerape, and say: To succeed, #MeToo must target America’s laws, not just a few powerful men

In this case, the college there was complicit in it-the University of Minnesota (which is on record practicing or tolerating organized gang stalking- Google Rena Vettleson and multi-stalking), and the Carlson School of Management has ties to this prudish, rabid cock-chopper, an aged “beauty queen,” Gretchen Carlson too.
Then, add flavor from a local restaurant frequented by these types, that functions as an Asian honeypot, in a state desperate for foreign dollars, and a local restaurant was the pre-staging of a #fakerape event. Extra points if you have read my posts about Ed, and his pals in Minnetonka, MN.
Indeed, that state, like many others, is wholly dependent on DVIC dollars, and rape factory products.
Here is the story:

World News
September 24, 2018 / 1:13 PM / 6 days ago
The night a Chinese billionaire was accused of rape in Minnesota
Koh Gui Qing, Lawrence Delevingne
MINNEAPOLIS/NEW YORK (Reuters) – With the Chinese billionaire Richard Liu at her Minneapolis area apartment, a 21-year-old University of Minnesota student sent a WeChat message to a friend in the middle of the night. She wrote that Liu had forced her to have sex with him.

The USA has an odd policy when it comes to law: they say one thing, and do another, and, while claiming that equality and fairness under the law is enshruned, the fact of the matter is that US law has turned fairness on its head in occulted fashion so that gray area DVIC policing, aka eastern block white slavery, can work its bordello magic.
And, part of that practice is to not name or publucize the names or faces of rape accusers.
So, ROGS will do that, for you, to help justice balance itself.
Here is the girl that some Chinese media alleges to be the rape accuser (who, like most #fakerape cases was drunk, and partying with a billionaire who is widely known to be married):
Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Mar 2018
Ooops! Sorry….that alleged woman is allegedly Gretchen Carlson, an allegedly bitter, prolapsed, dried up beauty queen from Minnesota, who~for some reason~hates bikinis-but loves empowering #fakerape type scenarios.
No- heres the alleged girl who cried alleged #fakerape(quite a beauty, ay?):
And here is the alleged girl at the alleged restaurant….note the painting hanging on the wall:
Look closely~this was hours or before the #fakerape allegation. What is she thinking about so seriously? Her future career as an ally of the Carlson Klan? The 9 billion dollar loss that Minnesota and its well-hidden secret society B.S. cost China?
The world will never know, thanks to Americas religious-conservative legal policy/media blackout about naming names of rape acccusers.
And here is the restaurant, which is quite popular with the Save the Wominz and Other White Whales crowd, many of whom participate in Minnesota inspured Empower Women NGOs, for whom #fakerape is a major ca$h cow:
Note the painting on the wall:
Well, anyways-use my search feature to find other posts about how the DVIC, and whisper campaigns, and this cow here, and these cows there are all related to a world wide entrapment scheme, courtesy .of the wire-tapping cunts .of Minnesota, aka “bordello politics, brought to you by the same tribe of white slavers from Oswiezcim, POLAND, and Americas DVIC industrial complex.”
Extra points for noticing that the KKatherine MacKinnon-Andrea Dworkin alliance is directly connected to US wiretapping foreign men, and, even US citizens, for EGREGIOUS amounts of time.
Meanwhile, in other places, women who are not bankster whores practice real, every day feminism, like this Argentinian goddess here.
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Minnesota is on record using Fusion Centers, and police departments for gang stalking reporters.

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