(R)evisiting the gang stalking of Andy Ostrowski in Pennsylvania: I ask YOU the ROGS reader to analyze my many OGS thesis-and I dare you to invalidate it!

sSo~no one wants to even mumble the words GOLEM! Or “KKKikenstein” out loud anymore….its so dangerous, even as these same maraud through our yards, and issue death threats, and bomb threats directly from Israel,while blaming whitey, or shitting the anti-shemitismsisms on airplanes, and these get a slap on the wrist(while others get framed, and then, get their hands chopped off by Israeli squad 3200, working with people like this in “porn deluges,”to kill the left, and create a Mayer Lansky Republic.
Because, yeah, democracy died when mini-Dworkins like this shitbag Julia Frankston below showed up on the scene to schmear dedicated civil rights activists like Andy Ostrowski.
What gross, misanthropic, cuckolding religiocratic and ugly bitches these are, straight out of Catherine MacKinnons steel nails and broomsticks laden designer dildo drawer.
This little piece of fetid, rotten pork below stinks, worse than Ruth Bader Ginsburghs prolapsed, bastard-birthing cunt-soured jockstrap.
here-let me paint a target..on the face of a gay mafia, horse-face lesbian linebacker affiliated bully- and, extra points if you connect her to Fusion Center spying:

Julia M. Frankston-Morris, Esquire
Disciplinary Counsel
Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 5800
P.O. Box 62675
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2675
[email protected]

I bet her entire family made a fortune by pirating copies of Banwa Stweisand sinGing about the quasi-real Shoa, while her uncles all ran around like chickens with henhouses falling on their heads, whining: the ACLU PROTECTS NAZI S!

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