ROGS Predictive Analysis and proof of organized gang stalking: the ATAP “colluding parallel investigation ” model and its connection to mass shooters

Fortunately, ROGS has studied journalism since the fifth grade, when I was treated to the CIA styled, and ADL sponsored curriculum called the “Gifted and Talented Program*”, where ROGS got special classes in how to do Watergate reportage, and, at the ripe old age of 11, I got to learn the deep meaning of the name “Tricky Dick,” which, to my later horror, I learned that it has nothing to do with CIA and private contractor sponsored donkey dick shows in Mexico.
So, with that background, I Sallied Forth into post-Constitutional America, not knowing how post-free press my country was, where I wrote a few stories in a lil ’ ol ’college newspaper, and was soundly gang stalked out of college, where I had actual CIA affiliated professors, and other professors like this, and this, and around the world thereafter.
The upside is that I got to read Jack Kerouacs incredibly vain, self referencing OSS era work in a country that is theoretically “not free, ” whereupon I discovered that Freedom is Where You Find It© (I claim copyright and trademark on that phrase ).
And, I finally learned to censor my own work, so that armies of paid spies, and American Alphabet Agents and Agencies, local Paul Blarts, Fusion Centers, and pigs in high heels can stay busy; and maybe even, learn to read!
The one thing I got out of it all was this: as it turns out, Kerouac slept in his mothers basement when he wasnt On the Road.
Oh, yeah: and I learned to predict that this new form of NSA wiretap -to -FBI -to Fusion Center -to local police -to Paul Blart and his klan is a top down make work project, designed to never see a challenge in court. But also, if the clever defense attorney, sociologist, psychologist, or personal injury attorney uses the ROGS Predictive Analysis, you can predict that this “high policing ” aka secret policing contributes to mass shootings in the cases of the extreme outliers, but also, possibly, to a case in front of you today.
Here, look at how the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has termed gang stalking as the “colluding parallel investigation, ” in official literature; and how closely related these are to private contractors who use company acronyms that are startlingly close to the military jargon for psychological operations.
Then, read this story that I wrote about the BOLO alert and others like it that are used to target, andtrack individuals -but ESPECIALLY NOTE that long before Stephen Paddock shot up a crowd of country music fans in Las Vegas in 2017, I described how the LVPD uses hackers, and under cover cops and YELLOW TEE SHIRT security contractors to stalk individuals.
Overall, the fact that I wrote about being stalked by a five person team of cops and contractors in Vegas, months before Paddock went ballistic is pretty interesting – but far less interesting that later, as the LVPD went into coverup mode, the main stream news reported that a five person team that included YELLOW TEE SHIRT private contractors…..well, you can define your own definition of “proof ” or even “fact ”
But you cannot deny that high heeled policing is some seriously dirty shit.
And, even to gang stalking denialists and oter scummy sectarian cowards, it provides a hard piece of evidence that organized gang stalking is very real. Almost as real as the denialist delusions of Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, David V.James, and Christine Sarteschi.
Here, below,I reprint my entire, self referencing report about BOLOs, and the five man teams that were later, also implicated in the Stepen Paddock mass homicide, in September of that year, seven months,AFTER I documented those five person teams, and their attendant hacker.
(in case you forgot the aserisk above…. *…..Google gang stalking and Gifted and Talented, where you will find extensive connections to gang stalking victimization…..then, read this story about a delucate, frail,. inttellectual girl, Sol Pais, an honor student who was stalked online and off by likely security contracttors, until she was isolated, while being tracked from a Fusion Center, and committed suicide, as cops circled like a cowardly pack of coyotes nearby ):
Organized gang stalking and monitoring and BOLO
March 23, 2017
“Organized gang stalking and monitoring and BOLO”
Many people who claim they are targeted individuals say that they are tracked wherever they go. In law enforcement and security industries, there is something called a BOLO alert, and BOLO stands for “Be On The Look Out” for someone.
Modern technology in use and practice today has enabled this exact form of targeting of individual, and all LEO’s use these technologies in real time to track and monitor people across cities, states, and state lines, but also, you will see in the writings of targeted individuals that there is a subtle and pervasive attempt to create hopelessness in the target, as the claims sometimes state that ” they can track you wherever you go,”and “it will never stop,” and so on.
All of that is true, as we know today that Homeland Security has massive databases, and dossiers’ on every American. And, the CIA financed the Palantir database system as well as Google, and both of these track people in real time.
Other programs tat are in use every minute, every hour on every American includes cell phone surveillance, and social media monitoring. Wile many say “well, I have noting to worry about, and noting to hide,” I would like to point you to this story here, about how the Nazi Third Reich used IBM pre-computers to track individuals, and used punch cards to round up those who became its victims.
I would also like to state tat at this time, I am currently seeking documents and street camera video footage from a large western city known for gambling, wherein I was “gang stalked” most likely because a BOLO had been issued. As with most scientific claims, there must be scientific evidence, and video footage is pretty good evidence. As noted elsewhere, I have been compiling a lot of actual, falsifiable and often court room worthy evidence that in fact, organized gang stalking is a real thing.
To the researcher, I ask that you simply note that similar things have happened elsewhere, under different names and historical periods, but in my case, do your own research, and test mine against whatever other evidence you wish. I am sure that my claim- that I was followed multiple times, across a city, and security guards and police volunteers positioned themselves directly at my back, on video, in multiple places over a three day period, at odd times, last August. These volunteers wear distinctive yellow shirts, and use bicycles up and down the main boulevard, and are easily identifiable on camera.
I also had security guards, the guys in yellow shirts, and a large, friendly Hispanic man named “Leo” and a crew of what appeared to be four undercover cops/citizen volunteers outside my hotel room door, and a hacker along with them in a hoodie. While many claims of targeted individuals are easily testable, few do test the claims, because most are thougt to be mentally ill. In my case, I have studied the things I say above and I was only aware of these types of stalkings, because I have studied it for periods of years, going back to 2003, and now know ow to document it. Your methods may differ, but mine are designed to old up in court, and in sociological research studies as well.
But perhaps most importantly, is that the researcher be aware that there is a vast network of agents and agencies who seek to discredit those who claim that this is a ‘real’ thing versus a mental illness, and multiple agencies work together to minimize te view that what they are doing is anything but legal, or Constitutional. In my case, you can decide for yourself.
UPDATE 12/15/2017:
Security gangs are becoming a feature in America because see-something-say-something, combined with an unnaccountable justice system has encouraged rampant criminality in policing and security industry. This is also what “brownshirts” were in the time of Hitler.
Nearly all mass shootings, and their activity is widely documented across multiple sources as creating crime, or creating or participating in a criminal climate. Indeed, many mass shooters or others implicated in “fake manufactured terrorism” are themselves former security team members: Google Omar Mateen, Devin Kelley, Dahir Adan, just to name a few who were security guards.
Here is one description of security gangs from Maryland, from a Wiki source that documents the activity of “fake cops” and security gangs-what better place to hide state level crime than in “security?” How original….:
“Security Gangs”
Some commercial facilities such as shopping centers or office campuses may be unable or unwilling to afford the level of security available through legitimate private security services. Some such may be approached by organizations offering their services to “help clean up the place”. These organizations are, effectively, unlicensed security officers and also often operate as private investigators with no permits. Or, they may possess permits or licenses which do not apply to this sort of work. For example, Bounty Hunters are in fact law-enforcement and may have special permits… which do not apply to any duties outside of seeking bail jumpers. Yet neither the property managers nor the people “apprehended” (usually beaten, intimidated, or frightened away, instead) by these individuals or groups are quite cognizant of the fact that these persons have no legitimate special authority nor license in these places and situations.
If you use my search feature, and the phrase “yellow shirts” you will find that “yellow shirts” are implicated in the Las Vegas shooting, and you will find that I described the operations method of such a security gang above, long before that shooting occurred. I specifically said “two yellow shirts and two undercovers and one guy named Leo.”
Las Vegas Shooter Narrative is Constantly Changing
This is a five person team, and you will note that an exactly similar squad of 2yellow/2 UC/1other was mentioned “outside the shooters door” in the constantly morphing narrative of the Stephen Paddock shooting, were we saw: 1) a constantly changing narrative 2) a sketchy story told by a security guard 3) this guard disappearing into another country within days of the shooting 3) the narrative morphed and changed dramatically.
But get out the ROGS BINGO card in these cases, because security gangs are a real feature of modern policing-they are the dirty work rats trying to chew their way up the mast. And, the Paul Blart’s who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse in Las Vegas.

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