Atheists and gang stalking: yes, they do it too.

While it is clear that organized gang stalking is largely the practice of Jewwish-cchristian cults and sects all across the west, and, that fringe religions like Scientology are well documented as practicing gang stalking, more and more we see atheists acting badly, adopting gang stalking as a tool of power, or retaliation, or political might.
So, as a secular person myself, I must acknowledge this and also, recuse myself prmpiv of any charge that I am biased against religions.
Here is search language from the other day:

stop atheist hate groups gang stalking
mormans killing babtist
gang stalking mormons

Without a doubt, Americais in the midst of sectarian strife, and gang stalking is how it plays out.
I have so far mentioned the gay mafia, lesbian linebackers, and other secular individuals and groups that gang stalk, and later, I will post about especially pernicious and harmful atheists aroundthe US who are little better thsn religious nutjobs.
For now, yeah, atheists,DO gang stalj, and, I will provide evidence later.

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