Dear Foreign government,[REDACTED]

Hi, foreign government unspecified, you know who I am.

Im that guy who left America because my country no longer is a democracy. And, the west in general is a religious, tribal-sectarian cesspool.

Yeah, that ONE guy. The one who once believed in civil liberty, due process, freedom of speech, and all that other crap we are taught about “freedom.”

Yeah, that guy. Yup, its all crap. Look at how religious fanatics control everything that we say online, and how they gang stalk us offline.

Hey, I need your help to mock these people, and also, to hunt them down, even in your country. I can help you, and your nation, to hunt these people down, because they are active in your country too. And, after we find them, you can do what comes naturally after that. You know where to reach me.

Look, America “land of the free”is a full blown secret police state now with a 24/7 wiretap of all of our communications systems, and a huge octopus with its tentacles wrapped around every conversation online. So, my country no longer has lost any moral basis to say that your country is somehow devoid of morality.

So, anyways, yeah, I need a country to serve, with honor. My own is totally broken.




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