ROGS Predictive analysis takes on prosecutorial prevarication, pre -emptive of predicate in the gang stalking dialectic: the thirteens, previsited.


speak or act in an evasive way.
“he seemed to prevaricate when journalists asked pointed questions”
be evasive · be noncommittal · be vague · be ambiguous · evade/dodge the issue · beat around the bush · hedge · hedge one’s bets · fudge the issue · fence · parry questions · vacillate · shilly-shally · cavil · waver · quibble · temporize · hesitate · stall (for time) · shuffle around · hum and haw · pussyfoot around · waffle · sit on the fence · duck the issue/question · flannel · palter · tergiversate

As the horrific modern due process free DVIC and its domestic profiteers that derive financial rewards from the fraudulent and ambiguous War on Terror,and agencies like DHS and FBI veer into the territory of mission creep,speech policing, and Stalin era punitive psychology, I have stated repeatedly, that ROGS is online, and offline performance art, with an emphasis on demonstrative political speech, with the goal of producing results that verify and validate the veracity of ROGS Predictive analyses.

Because its a necessary and important step towards transparency in government, and the publics right to know; but also in the interests of public safety, as we see online psychological operations derived from theaters of war waged on non -consenting targets of actual, and literal “mind control ” operations that are literally implicated in case after case of mass shooters, crazed incel “movement ” car crashers, and butter knife wielders across America, and the west in general.

So, let me once again demonstrate my commitment to outing, and then, extirpating the cockroaches behind the internet switched networks :

Dear President Trump:

I want to help you build a bridge from Russia, into Alaska, so the Russians can work their way south, and maybe even get into Seattle, where they have their way with all of our poor,nubile, helpless and innocent Virgin Marys, and chainsaw wielding women who adulate the number thirteen, and, who eat waaaay too many sand-witches, likely because Edward Bernays is rolling around in hell in a pigskin lined coffin, unable to save them with the light of Liberties Torch.


Then, with expediency, I want to help you to enlist “the Chinese*”who are forever grateful for our help in Viet Nam, to investigate Joe “Cop -a -feel ” Biden, the Vicar of VAWA, for the possibility that it was he who ran the Ukraines most notorious child sex rings, with the aid and assistance of (nebulously Jewish ) Ukrainian “Holodmor billionaires”, while sunning his pasty white ass on the banks of the Black Sea, as his son Hunter hunted…..well, you get the idea.

Anyways: Mr. President, what can I do more? I ask not what my country can do for me( like the noble freedom protecting FBI did for so many civil rights leaders), but rather, sir, I ask what my country can do to restore due process, and civil liberty, and wrest our constitution from that hands of DVIC Vampires and FBI fed Svengalis?

Sir, if it is a fact that democracy is over in America -then how can I too fully exploit that fact, and get pig-fat in the process like the rest of the hogs?

But especially, sir, how can we predict, and then validate the fact that all of our communications are indeed entrapped, ensnared, and pre-vetted as soon as we hit send on an email? I have a few ideas. You know where to reach me.

Please advise!

Signed –

Sven, a nice man from the friendly, Dr. Tomo Shibata lovin’ Sveden

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