Eric Ciaramella, Ukraine whistleblower /whistle-leaker snuggles back into the CIA, as impeachment hearings begin

Whistle-leaking is like, a real thing in the domestic CIA operations manual, and it falls on the same side of political dirty tricks as, #fakerape, and #honeypot stings, as we saw in the case of the Chinese billionaire, framed in the honeypot state of Minnesota.

CIA operative, registered Democrat, professional dirt-digger, and Feely Joe Biden aide Eric Ciaramella is said to be the leaker in the Ukraine call scandal.

From Trending Politics:

On Wednesday afternoon, the identity of the infamous whistleblower who is responsible for the beginning of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump was revealed to be registered Democrat Eric Ciaramella who has close ties to former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and corrupt former CIA Chief John Brennan.

Not only does Ciaramella have an extreme political bias against President Trump but he also helped start the Russian collusion investigation into President Trump back in 2016.

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