Intergenerational targeted individuals, SWAT Teams, and Florida cop killer Franklin Reed the third: when state patrol and SWAT Teams gang stalk targets, and stalk individuals on our Highways.

They dont call them Highwaymen for nothing…
(this is a post in progress )

The most recent cop killing in Florida, USA, resembles police initiated organized gang stalking by definition.

But first, some facts, from MSM :

The evidence: A SWAT team killed the shooters relative shortly before this gang stalking began, which ended with the shooter, killing a cop who was, just there, on the scene, as other cops were coincidentally, just “driving by”(like the murder of the Minnesota Crossroads stabber Dahir Adan, who was being stalked by a cop, who owns a gun range, Mall killer, and Asian American Mathew Riehl, or the bizarre death of Iraq War veterans Ian Long, and ,
A 21-year-old pregnant woman was killed during a Sunday morning shootout amid a SWAT raid at Florida home

Exhibit A: a pregnant woman is gunned down, and the “narrative ” blames everyone except the SWAT Team that fired the bullets into her stomach . …

Family of pregnant 21 year old girl stunned, as murdered

Alteria Woods, a pregnant, expectant mother, was murdered by police during a,DVIC related SWAT

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