Restaurants on fire! FBI informants making world-wide news ! Revvvvvvveloootion! Gee, mom, I hope I dont get in trouble for this….

As my readers know, I was severely gang stalked once, because I have fun friends. And, family, of course


They had tried with the peaceful protesting, and it hasn’t been working
-Hafsa Islam

Oh, and also because gangs of police (in the third, and fourth precincts of Minneapolis, where Houston native George Floyd was murdered ) and security contractors in the USA operate outside the law, using brutal, secret, unconstitutional methods to force their murderous cults and religion down peoples throats.

And, these kinds of people hate foreigners too. But they ESPECIALLY reserve their poison for those of us who actually believe in our constitution, and its (arguably ) false promises of equality under the law. You can see my Constitutional scholar, and mentor, “Bath HOUSE BARRY, ” here, in this post., parking his limo in front of my house, as he dines in a burger with a #singlemom.


Slander, it seems, is a full time right wing Jewish -catholic endeavour.

Oh, and also, because I know some other folks, who were gang stalked in the USA, just after 911, because their skin is brown. And, some of THOSE people who are now FBI informants.


The penalty for that sort of behavior, as you can see with the recent military grade hacking of my blog, and the devices I use to access that blog, has been endless abuse directed at me and others like me, with zero recourse to “fight back.”

Eventually, we seek help elsewhere. Others riot, and burn stuff down. Such is the,state of affairs in countries like the USA who do not respect the rule of law, nor uphold all of their peoples rights.

And, the civilized world seems to agree that the American police state has become a problem.

So, the streets are on fire, (in a real death waltz ) now in what is an actual police state, by definition: the US police state.

police state
[pəˈlēs ˈstāt] 
a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

One restaurant owner, Ruhel Islam, whose store is at the epicenter of the riots over the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis commented in world-wide media about the impossibility of peace in the American police state, AS his store burned

“I am going to continuously promote peaceful ways and nonviolent movement,” he said. “But our younger generation is angry, and there’s reason to be angry.”

Also as fate and “coincidence ” would have it, it turns out that his daughter witnessed the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police:

Hafsa Islam, who delivers food part time for DoorDash, said she had stopped her car at a red light Monday as Floyd was arrested. She watched, horrified, from her car, she said. She learned only later that he had died.

“I understand why people did what they did,” she said of the demonstrators. “They had tried with the peaceful protesting, and it hasn’t been working.”

So, its worth following along in the gang stalking narrative, because,ROGS Analysis is spot on.

Ill have my revvvvvvolooooootion with extra spice, please! After all, I breathed that place into existence, my breath like a butterfly wing.

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Minnesota is a major gang stalking area, where shitty people, FBI Infragard agents, and political operatives who work in policing, security, academic positions, and social services and various levels of local and state government stalk outsiders, and do other really bad stuff too.

ROGS documented gang stalking in Minnesota many years before George Floyd was murdered. Use my search feature, KW: MN, Minnesota, Bucktooth Amy, etc.

And, ROGS documented how police gang stalk reporters (journalists ), and politicians in that area too.

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