The murder of Ahmaud Arbery: ROGS seeks financial backing to hunt down gang stalkers

I once offered a reward for anyone who could capture and prosecute the dirty cops, retired cops, and their “community policing assets” who use gang stalking as an illegal way to harass and stalk people, sometimes murdering them.

Cases of gang stalkers,who could be captured and prosecuted, those that qualify for such a reward, are very similar to that of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers, and George Floyds murderers (ROGS, the author of this blog personally knew, or was closely affilliated with others who knew the gang of Minneapolis police who became George Floyds murderers. You can glimpse that here where I describe police and security gangs in Minneapolis, MN, where Floyd was murdered after being gang stalked, and, possibly framed by police associates with a fake twenty dollar bill)and the many cases similar to the gang stalking of Rick Krlich in Ohio, or Brian Clark in Virginia.

My reward for the capture of OGS perpetrators went something like this:

Reward for the Capture and Prosecution of Organized Gang Stalkers.

This blog has demonstrated a set of facts, speculations, and hypotheses that can be tested and re-tested across disciplines, and across cultural dialectics that posits that OGS is community policing at its worst, and as such, I have provided many starting points for any victim of OGS to begin to answer the questions “who pays for gang stalking,” “what is gang stalking,” “who are gang stalkers,”and “where did any one persons gang stalking begin?”

I hope that you, a victim of OGS can begin to document your personal harassment, and possibly begin a lawsuit.

Because there are so many possible perpetrators, and because they generally work together-the church people get a tip from the block captain, who got it from the police, while an Infragard member uses a persons internet switch to subvert due process, and so on-this reward is offered and will be paid ONLY in cases where state or state sanctioned actors comprise the majority (60-100% of those involved) who are proven to be the stalkers, and NOT in cases where ALL or MOST of the actors are church people, ladies in the Bingo hall, the guy at the fishing hole, someone at the Masonic Temple, random strangers, or others.

And, for incentive, this author is offering a $5,000 reward for the successful documentation, investigation, and full prosecution with a conviction of organized gang stalkers, and offers an extra $1000 for proof of actual electronic harassment, and an extra $1000 for proof of the exact point where the stalking began and WHO, specifically introduced the term “gang stalking” into the discussion,

And so, because,we see that gang stalkers,are in fact, corrupt police, and their community assets and political affiliates, we see how hard it is to prosecute them.

So, ROGS is now seeking financial backing to create an investigative body specifically targeting gang stalkers. You can write to me at my contact page.

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