Update: one day after I wrote about www.lanelwilson.com, used in a nation -state level hack against my blog, “they” scrubbed the internet archive at Archive.com

Well, dont think that gang stalkers dont sleep –I certainly did, and then, woke up to the fact that a USA affilliated DHS /FBI /military troll unspecified who had waged a nation state attack on my blog from Texas had “webscrubbed ” information that indicts them as an illegal hacker.

“whoever “they ” are”

And, I urge US agencies to investigate this hack, which I briefly outlined here.

Here is a screenshot, one of many that I saved beforehand, of that blog/site www.lanelwilson.com. Its nice to have a name or two to start with as we pursue cyber criminals. But also, go over there yourself, and test the ROGS Analysis of organized gang stalking, and also, test my thesis statements about “webscrubbing,” too,because DHS affilliated private contractors in Texas and elsewhere (this blog also recieved three hits from Kuwait, where may NSA /CIA /DoD private contractors run spy operations ) are indeed causing many manufactured terror events, and these hacks are just a small people part of what they are doing online, to harass their targets and victims, most of whom are civilian non-combatants.


I have many more screen caps, and event logs for those who wish to pursue, and prosecute this cyber criminal, who used the website www.lanelwilson.com to impersonate a web certificate (a felony) and to stage a social engineering attacks on my blog (multiple felonies ) as well as email correspondence too .

You can contact me at this address, ciscorouter (dot )[email protected] (dot)com and, other addies that you know already if you would like to pursue these dtate -affiliated hackers. But I wont hold my breath, because the US -FVEYs -Israeli spy contractors almost always get a free pass from the FBI /DHS, because these work together to do exactly this. Its called “plausible deniability. ”.

But yeah, anyhoo, lets lock this POS up for good. Five to Twenty years, according to the statutes. I have server logs, and other non-US governments documenting these attacks, with web sessions, hashes and fingerprints.

And, to my attacker: sleep well knowing that we will soon know where you live. You will soon be uncomfortable there. No amount of adrenaline rushes will compensate you for that feeling of dying alongside a dry riverbed, wrists slashed by “mysterious” helpers, as the US FBI looks the other way.

And your poor husband /wife! What a sad tragedy!

Your nieces, nephews-oh those innocents, caught in YOUR crossfire!

Or, your childs bus crashing, for example.

Or, simply getting knifed in your throat, in that “homeless shelter” in Malibu, for example.

Lanel: what an easily traceable, Texas hick name, to begin with. Extra points to anyone who knows that:

And, what about this operator Deanne Zakaos Ewing (who got caught sucking dicks in Texas ditches) who put out a fake death certificate, but is alive and well in Romania? We shall soon see.

Yup: organized gang stalking is really weird.

Look at President Obamas limo in front of my houseas my web searces redirected me to crank sites like Deb Matheny, and that fat lesbian www.neverending1.wordpress.com

Yeah, weird.

Yup. Organized gang stalking is really weird.

Then, have a look at a world wide revolution, which started at an FBI informants restaurant for proof, if you doubt me, your narrator.

Because I founded that place, sopeople could come together. And, I did it with “a pinch of kosher salt, ” too, which is now one of the most widely quoted of my slogans. It appears in thousands of cooking shows, and cookbooks now, though.I always skimp on salt in my own cooking, lol.

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