Dear Caitlin Lam: why are you following ROGS blog? : gang stalking case study

The usual suspects: I think the cabal is forming up. I ask my one, special reader, for advice now. You know where to find me.

Ed. Note: this post you are reading references this post here

My “followers,” are listed in the screenshot below, all of whom have extremely non-descript blogs* featuring only photographs, sans commentary; and a,surprising number of my followers are also Captain Karens and their spawn. And, they never respond to Nice emails, asking simply “Hi, thanks for following. May I ask why you find my work interesting?”That pattern repeats in these cases.

UPDATE: the screenshot below no longer exists here, because WordPress deplatformed my blog after I contact chained a couple of psychobabbling fake TIs, and traced them here, in this post. Nearly 100% of all gang stalkers can be traced and 100% of them are  current and former police, military, and intelligence agents working with their scumbag recruits, and flying monkeys.

Gang stalkers are essentially a cult of power, based in narcissistic cults of personality.

Since I wrote this post yesterday, my avid “followers ” who “liked” my final analysis of gang stalking (which you can read here, coincidentally numbered just five*, which is significant when you follow the linked text, * have apparently ghosted; deleted their websites,or something.

You can try to access their blogs by using their name or their Gravatar, or adding the wordpress tag to their name, like this:

That is/was Caitlin Lams purported blog about food and photography, which my browser cannot “find ” right now because “the connection has been reset. ” I mailed all of them and asked very nicely

” hi。 why did you follow my blog?”

*sigh* None of them replied,which is why I posted this for my readers who also get”followed。”


I dont usually rat out or disrespect my followers unless I observe that they are intelligence agency types, or their associates and webs of flying monkeys, (who love to use photography blogs to establish a web presence, for “some reason”); or if they are clearly intel agents, such as these two verified Department of Defense associates, and other “dark web ” occultists like this United States Air Force affilliated actual spy; or, other malicious fake followers like this example, where Brad Eyre, of Lonetree Petroleum followed my blog just after I analyzed the manufactured terrorism event of Iraq war veteran Mathew Riehl, who was gang stalked, framed as mentally ill, and murdered as he tried to invoke his fourth amendment rights; and after he documented his stalking.

In that case, we saw a man hounded by speech police, and essentially murdered by police, in his own home, after “community policing ” aka “proactive policing ” and its Adolph Eichmann-like little helpers in colleges, and sherrifs departments said he used “bad words ” online.

While Matt Riehl never once threatened anyone (he did in fact say he would win an election against a corrupt sherrif in Wyoming, which is totally legal to do), or claimed to avow violence, he did speak out against Nazis, and the neocon Jewish-christian #fakerape NGOs, who hide religion behing false rape accusations, and, a few other things online in massive crisis PR operations.

Well, follow along on this story, because there are a few tantalizing details that may –or may not — tie my “followers ” together, such as the fact that there are many Caitlin Lam’s, but my money is on the one who works in a major crisis PR firm, and speaks several languages quite fluently.

But who has the time to chase down all those leads for free? So, this pist merely Dumcuments,a clear pattern: people who actually “folloowmy Blackeng, and who never respind to emails asking simply “Hi, you recently followed my blog. May I ask you why? ”


Because really, who needs to ask? The pattern repeats with these webs of gang stalkers, and their vague blogs, which I have documented repeatedly. In intelligence terms, its called “establishing a legend or simply a web presence.

Related Story: how uber-zionists manufacture terrorists as they stalk, frame, manipulate, and harass Muslims and others online, and off from security firms and FBI approved “deep cover ” the Pensacola Navy Base shooting.

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