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Analyzing crisis PR “spin” in the gang stalking dialectic: Gabriel Wortman, the Portapique Nova Scotia mass homicide/spree killing, and influence operations involving gender biased, and unproven claims of domestic violence

ROGS asks: Since the baseline null hypotheses of those who are attempting to make a link between domestic violence and mass shootings is that these are in fact linked in a cause and effect manner, a series of new questions arises.

* Why do western narratives gender domestic violence as “male only” while absolving women of equal responsibility in this one way street of a narrative; and even in cases like the horrific murders of six children by Democratic party socialite Jennifer Hart, and her wife, who fled three states, over a period of nearly a decade after they repeatedly abused their adopted ca$h kids children; and the murders of children generally by their “mothers”-why is womens capacity for attrocity and basic human responsibility routinely overlooked in the west?

* Are these cases a reaction formation, a type of revolutionary act of directly engaging a false, gendered narrative of violence? In case after case of mass shooters, we see contact at many levels with DVIC kangaroo courts, and due process free policing long before they go ballistic. Use my search feature , KW: Scottsdale shooting, Matt Riehl, Scott Bierele, Andy Ostrowski, Duncan Socrates Lemp, Ahmaud Arbery

* Is there a “mean girls” component to these events, where the well known, and well documented factor of womens institutional violence, known as “third party punishment” and stalking “by proxy” which precipitates this reaction formation? Use my search feature and search the names above, and the keywords Thousand Oaks, speech polucing, ritual defamation.

Is there also a link between official source crisis PR and narrative control via policing and media pundits, combined with a less descript real world proxy stalking mechanism, such as that visible in the case below and if so is it an indicator of gang stalking?

Hypotheses: In cases where domestic violence is said to be linked to mass shootings the official narratives frequently quote people who had been involved in the suspects life, which in and of itself is not unusual.

But what is extremely unusual is that these crisis PR pundits, and “bystanders,” and interviewees are extremely close to the DVIC narrative, as we saw in the case of Scott Bierele, the hot yoga shooter, and in the case of Ian Long, the Ten Thousand Oaks shooter, narrative agents from media reports were put in the record having bullied, or harassed the shooters in the past.

Why do the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) narrators nearly ALWAYS appear in the official narratives of gang stalking? Because its a multi-billion dollar industry, and a social engineering effort, where police departments, and domestic violence NGOs gain revenue.

In advertising terms, this is called “product placement,” and these totally preventable events are called “publicity opportunities.”

In the following example, look for the appearance of a woman who is retired military, who “lived next door,” to the shooter (a common refrain written and spoken online is that ‘the gang stalkers will move in next door’).

Then, note another woman in that story, Linda MacDonald, founder of a cuckoo organization that equates white womens loss of privilege with “non-state torture” and who is spouting classic disinformation and psychobabble about “torture,” and, whose grammar, usage and syntax nearly identical to those who I have described as “psychobabbling fruitcakes,” like Dr. Tomo Shitbata, whose every single effort to “help TIs ” always includes gibberish about sattelite brain beams, and UFO like experiences, and other garbage.

Then, we have a chance to once again validate ROGS Analysis, by gendering gang stalkers as female in cases where the gendered narrative of domestic violence is allegedly linked to mass shootings and other mayhem, rather than linked to how these DVIC gangs are gang stalking men who have been accused, but never convicted if domestic violence.

This is what high policing is, and men like Gabriel Wortman are who get targeted in these operations, because without any doubt, this is a classic Hegelian conflict: the evil wealthy white man versus his parasitic live-in common law “wife” who is also a single mother.

First, lets look at the spin, which appeared amazingly early in the media narraties:

Neighbour reported N.S. mass killer’s domestic violence, weapons to police

The Canadian Press

Published Tuesday, May 12, 2020 7:13PM ADT

Last Updated Tuesday, May 12, 2020 7:19PM ADT

N.S. rampage

fire-destroyed property registered to Gabriel Wortman at 200 Portapique
Beach Road is seen in Portapique, N.S. on Friday, May 8, 2020. THE


A former neighbour of the gunman behind last month’s mass shooting in
Nova Scotia says she reported his domestic violence and cache of
firearms to the RCMP years ago and ended up leaving the community
herself due to fears of his violence.

Brenda Forbes said that in the summer of 2013, she told police about reports that Gabriel Wortman had held down and beaten his common law
spouse behind one of the properties he owned in Portapique, a coastal
community west of Truro.

Domestic violence is being examined as a key aspect of the mass shooting, as police have said the rampage began on the night of April 18 after the gunman argued with his common law spouse and restrained and beat her before she managed to escape into the woods.

  • Then, read the ROGS posts, listed below for deeper context to the Nova Scotia killings. From what I can tell, Wortman appears to have targeted those who targeted him, sadly taking out a few innocent bystanders aling the way.

    But predictably, according to ROGS Analysis, retired police were literally EVERYWHERE you look in this story, ranging from the woman mentioned above, to three of his own relatives who are former RCMP.

    And so far, ROGS Analysis is batting nearly 1000% in these cases, unlike police departments and national police agencies like the RCMP which peddle ACTUAL CONSPIRACY THEORIES, such as this here, where we see them grasping at all the wrong straws, rather than shine a lught in the high polucing tactic of organized gang stalking by DVIC sponsored NGOs, and their psychobabblers.
    RCMP profilers and an RCMP forensic psychologist have been deployed “in an effort to better understand the gunman, why he committed these horrible crimes and to determine if there were any predictable factors that may assist in preventing future similar tragedies.”

    Note to the RCMP: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, right? Well, the science indicates that Hamish Browns stalking advice(KW: Hamisch/Hamish) combined with gender-biased gang stalking ala Nikki Craft by womens empowerment advocates, and their DVIC NGOs and their assets in proactive policing is garbage, and precipitates mass shootings quicker than a cold front meeting your hot air.

    Maybe, go bark up that tree for awhile, and see what kind of birds fly out.

    My money is on a few Ravens, crows, and some dual national cockroaches too. And maybe, an umbrella or two, too.

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