The Night We Failed Christina: the un-naming of a man, and ritualistic slander of Kevin James Loibl, who murdered “The Voice” singer Christina Grimmie

The loss of a child, a sister, a loved one is tragic to any and all involved. But religion toned ritual slander after the fact of a loss doesnt help anyone.

What does help, however, is brining causal factors into the light.

It doesn’t matter what his name is, and it will not be written in this essay. He is not allowed to be a Jim anymore, nor a Lyleor a David or a Gregory. He is as replaceable as the photograph in a picture frame. Really, any monster can stand where he stood, be practically mirror-like in his repulsiveness. He is just another of cruelty’s limbs. They are all the same.

It doesn’t matter what his name is. How many syllables. Which letters of the alphabet were ruthlessly hooked into speech. He does not earn the right to exist apart from Christina, because he is the reason why, after four years and an eternity to come, she still has not returned home. He is the reason why she never will.

And someone who wishes to play God with a thing as fragile and vivid as a person’s life, someone who reckons with all of its kaleidoscopic complexities—its trodden past, its winding journeys towards (something like) a finish line, its daunting dead-end streets, its emerald meadows of success, the many futures it could have costumed and became—someone who can witness the grandiosity of a thing like a life, and assign himself the dire privilege of bringing it to an end, wherever rested its final footprints, then he is no longer owed the dignity of being a person.

It doesn’t matter what his name is. He may only be identified through the memory of the life that he decided didn’t get to be a life any further. Without Christina, he is nobody, forever.

ROGS has pointed to a disturbing trend in mass shooting cases, and other bizarre homicides: the ritual un-naming of the men involved as perpetrators.

Beyond the simple fact that many who advocate this practice are by default occluding insight into the motives of these men, and social factors that contribute to our insight into these cases are further complicated as media,unflinchingly follows police.narrative laden dogma, they are also practicing a “belief” that has religious and cultic symbolic meaning. And, all of that defies critical thinking and is a traceable assault on reason.

Here from NPR, we glimpse the manufactured “controversy”of reporters “using the names of mass shooters” which is simply doing what reporters are trained to do, and report facts, as simple as the names of people.

This is a spinoff campaign of organizations that trace directly to ultra-conservative organizations and neocon think tanks, racist groups like the ADL who are deeply involved in ongoing and actual “psychological operations online” as,I have repeatedly documented in examples like Moonshot CVE, which classifies atheists and atheist speech as “extremist.”

Heres another example from “” which is an example of “exigent religion” and cultic practice expressed through media campaigns that are short on evidence, and long on hiding the investigative ball:

Don’t sensationalize the names of the shooters in briefings – or in reporting about active attack events.

It is journalistically routine to name the killer. It’s public record and
it is important to use their names and likenesses to apprehend them and
bring them to justice. However, once they are captured, it’s really no
longer a part of the story, other than to create a call to action for a
like-minded killer to take their plans and thoughts and make them into

Sociologists and criminologists should study the criminal – but let’s not glorify the attacker by giving them valuable airtime. Don’t share their
manifestos, their letters, their Facebook posts. Be above the
sensationalism. Tell the real stories – the stories of the victims, the
heroes and the communities who come together to help the families heal.

So, follow the link above, and note one authors quest to un-name a man, who the evidence indicates:

1- according to multiple sources, including his father, he exhibited well known signs being gang stalked, i.e. he kept his windows covered in tinfoil, and “had an aversion to light” and loud noises.

2- he was bullied in his workplace prior to the shooting, acvording to coworkers and according to the final police report

3- according to reports from friends,and family, he was a lifelong victim of a physically and psychologically abusive, alcoholic Catholic mother who overdosed on aspirin as he told her ‘go ahead,’

4- later, the pattern of abusive and violent females in his life was replicated as he was assaulted by his fathers abusive girlfriend, and police were called to his residence after an incident where she had attempted to strike him, and he closed his bedroom door on her wrist, yet the media (TMZ and others) attempted to frame that event as “he had a record of violence.”

5- he was an atheist, and his alleged “only friend” had claimed he,was on the verge of an epiphanie, possibly surrounded by christian types

6- most tellingly, he is alleged to have destroyed or removed his computer hard drive, without evidence that he was actually the person who did so

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