The VIPER spy unit of “Fucksister Georgia ” spied on city council members. What is, “organized gang stalking” and police surveillance of political figures? Yup. You guessed it: One big, bad pig, and his gang of coyotes with a “pole camera. ”

Axed Georgia police chief claims he was fired because he’s white

See if you can spot the signs of organized gang stalking in the following *slice* of the news article above:

“In October 2019, city leaders said members of the police department’s VIPER Squad followed, monitored and photographed council members Akins-Wells and Antoine, who are Black.

“My heart is hurting so bad right now and I feel so violated! I found
out just now by our new chief and our city attorney that for three years Chief Hobbs had someone following me around, had cameras placed on a pole to watch my house, had my trash stolen so that they could go
through it,” [LaTresa ]Akins-Wells said in a Facebook post last October”


Use the “fentanyl free” ROGS Bingo card (link at the top of this blog ) if you need help analyzing police stalking (stalking BY the police ) and its signs and signifiers.

– A local “top -cop,” taking orders from unkown mystery money players targets some city council members.

Double douchebag lower tier spy, Police Chief Dwayne “Douchebag ”Hobbs, below, couldnt spy his way out of a brown paper bag full of receipts for bad weaves and gin*

– mystery photographers taking pictures of “targets ”

– “electronic harassment that includes Fusion Center involved wireless camera surveillance

– Gang stalkers obsessions with.our personal garbage, placed on “our ” curb for collection.

I mean, go over to that story, just to watch how police gang stalking works, and how racialized it is.

Who wants that the fired cop also trained in Israel, or receives support from the racist Anti Defamation League of spies?

My miney is in Bitcoin, if you care to place a bet.

(gee, I hope I dont get FBI/Infragard gang stalked for online gambling now…. )

* ROGS adores stereotypes and ethnic profiling almost as much as this bad cops targets love R. Kelly.

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