Trigger warning: Russian journalist Irina Slavina sets herself on fire outside Russian secret service building

Research organized gang stalking, the blog you are now reading, received an unusual amount of new hits from Russia in the last several weeks.

Then, this, from The Russian Reader blog:

Click the link below at your own risk.  There, you will see a woman journalist set herself on fire and burn to death in front of Russian Federation CCTV cameras, directly in front of FSB offices.

Yesterday, Slavina’s home was searched as part of the Open Russia case. According to the journalist, all of her electronic devices confiscated.

“Today, at 6:00 a.m., 12 people entered my apartment using a blowtorch and a crowbar: Russian Investigative Committee officers, police, SWAT
officers, [official] witnesses. My husband opened the door. I, being
naked, got dressed under the supervision of a woman I didn’t know. A search was carried out. We were not allowed to call a lawyer. They were looking for pamphlets, leaflets, Open Russia accounts, perhaps an icon with the face of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. I don’t have any of these things.

But they took what they found—all the flash drives, my laptop, my
daughter’s laptop, the computer, phones (not only mine, but also my
husband’s) a bunch of notebooks that I had scribbled on during press conferences. I was left without the means of production. I’m completely okay. But May [a dog?] suffered a lot. They didn’t let him go outside
until 10:30.”

Passersby and Interior Ministry tried to extinguish Slavina. According to eyewitnesses, the flame blazed up very quickly and they were unable to save [her].

Her friends and associates noted that she had been persecuted in various bizarre ways by the FSB, Russias secret police who can be directly compared to the USAs FBI, the secret police function, and the modern day tactic of endless persecution of dissidents called “organized gang stalking. ”

So, in this story, we see that while many will wrongly claim that her suicide is the result of bullying enabled by a communist system, nothing could be further from the truth, as western democracy is itself a delusion, in the era of the total surveillance police state,  and that many western dissidents are dying in similar strange suicides, as we continue to see with black Ferguson MO activists, and  most recently one mens rights advocate murdering human rights advocate Marc Angelucci, and then killing himself.

So, yeah, ROGS blog gets spikes in readership from localities where homicides and suicides occur shortly thereafter like the case of a murdered Los Angeles security guard who was shot in the back five times by cowardly cops.

Just before the murder of Andres Guardado, my blog got highly specific search language directed here via the term “gang stalking in Koreatown ” just a couple weeks before Guardado was murdered by gang members who work within the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department .

And likewise, in the case of Andy Ostrowski in Pennsylvania, and during the George Floyd protests, ROGS saw locality specific spikes in search language directed here too.

So, RIP Irina, you fought a good fight, but sadly, put your hopes into the illusion of democracy. The truth is that my democracy died long ago in the west, replaced by Oligarchy, and FBI secret policing. But your idealism -if in fact you had dreams of democracy – were unfounded. The USA is a police state by definition.

police state
[pəˈlēs ˈstāt]


  1. a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

You, the reader there, can search my blog for posts where my own homes were broken into, and my reporters notes and other things were targeted by “mystery ” people and US agencies and agents for decades. Or posts about cops and gang stalkers trying to run me off the roads in the “democratic USA. ”

Use KW: reporters notes, Lynne Stewart, secret police, Gavin de Becker, run my car off the road, gang stalking case study

Related Story:  The FBI actively disrupted the American election process in 2016. Regardless of your personal politics, its an indisputable, and accepted fact that this agency meddled in an election asserting its place as exactly what defines an actual police state: it secretly supervised demo cracies most “sacred ” moment.

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