Susie Zhao murder Part One: Convicted Sex Offender Charged in Susie Zhao’s Death. Detective Lt. Christopher Hild might want to take note

Susie Zhao, poker player, murdered, Jeffrey Bernard Morris charged, latest news update

Jeffrey Bernard Morris, a convicted sex offender, has been charged in the gruesome death of professional poker player Susie Zhao.

The details of her death, obtained during a joint investigation by the
FBI and the White Lake Township police department, were shared by WXYZ on August 11.

Police have previously said that there is no evidence that Zhao, who was a professional poker player known as “Susie Q,” was killed in connection with poker or gambling. Detectives are still looking for a motive, the New York Post reported.

As most of my readers know, ROGS, the blog you are now reading, seldom puts forth any actual conspiracy theory, dealing largely with the various right to left spectrum of police /military /intelligence “gangs in policing ” instead.

But in the case of Susie Zhao, aka Susie Q, professional poker player, I will go on record espousing a new, and unique theory about her murder:

Based upon evidence in my possession, some of which is outlined herecat this blog, I think Susie Q. was affilliated with Asian FBI, local Los Angeles police gangs, and that her death was possibly preceded by “organized gang stalking.”

And, I have evidence that this is the case, thats neither theory, or conspiracy, its just part of the facts of her life in Los Angeles, and as an Asian American with ties to gambling, and a media profile in that area.

But here is where I will overstep –for the first time ever into a “theory ” that has no hard evidence other than my word for it: I think Susie Zhao also had possible ties to the Israeli mafia and its assets in LA and beyond (one of many variants of Israeli based mafias that vary from Jewish to Muslim and Russian to Armenian, etc. ) that might have ended badly for her, based in alliances with others who I personally associated with.

Let me explain:

I was introduced to Susie Zhao at a strange period of my life, where an actual “gang of police affilliated stalkers” was following me around Los Angeles, CA. Use my search feature to see posts about that.

Keywords: Los Angeles, gangs of police, San Gabriel, Temple City, lost my GPS, Asian FBI, Trevor Aaronson, Lost and Found, Mossad, etc.

Well, anyways, in those days, out of the blue (literally, because ALL gang stalking IS factions of police and other agencies doing it, in coordination with other elements if “communitarian policing” ranging from drug addicts and snitches, to the NGOs I have outlined elsewhere, aka “blue ” for its police-intel leadership) I would meet strange people, and have strange, unasked for encounters which defied description, and that could only have happened if I was being tracked across the city (Los Angeles uses Fusion Centers and license plate tracking via Automated License Plate Readers-ALPRs – to do that ) by state -federal level data point collection, or at times “something else”like GPS etc.

You can fill in the blanks for yourself about what or who else was following me if you like, but psychobabbling loons, crackpots, and oddly, lots of forensic cold case investigators and gang stalking denialists usually “suggest ” that idunno, maybe reptilians, UFOs, satellites or mind reading locusts might be the culprits.

For instance, operatives from within the “save the single mothers and other sex traders and child sellers and buyers” organizations (CASA, UN boilerplate orgs., like various DV orgs, etc. ) would pop up at a coffee shop in Hollywood, and then, a day later across town in San Gabriel Valley too.

A coincidence, of course.

Of course!

The EXACT same, named individuals, some of whom I photographed, popping up, some of whom have nebulous entries in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), others just mouthpieces for the DVIC, and its related industries working like trained organ grinding monkeys for food stamps, cash cards, and other state benefit programs.


Yup. OGS is really that organized, by those people, whoever, “they” are in the various multi-billion dollar intel agencies and NGOs that have replaced industry, agriculture, and other actual work with communitarian* product placements in the USA; these NGOs and their tactics quite well documented by author and UMass Amherst documentarian Nikki Raapana of the Anti Communitarian League and many others.

Then there was this “hive ” of Asian police, retired police, and their webs of relatives and associates ( two of whom worked in the LA County Coroners office, and one of whom later became an FBI agent ) who I traced using simple SOCMINT in their online dialogues to one single location in Temple City, CA, too.

I mean, there are many features of that particular police gang that I could describe, but I think that the evidence above is plenty enough, and you can judge it for yourself. But without a doubt, it was a K4 police gang at that time, based on the plentiful evidence that I present all over this blog.

So, with that in mind, I note that more evidence points to Susie Zhao as caught up in one of the many thousands of police gang related homicides that occur every year due to how the FBI, and DHS are utilizing “high policing” to target people, and whole networks of people, based solely upon he said she said scenarios, and “intelligence ” gained from illegal wiretaps via the Fusion Centers. This really is how these due process free spy centers,are being used.

Well, for the avid researcher of OGS, and others,who might be seeking leads into Susie Zhaos murder, start with the cannabis industry and its proponents.

Yup. Follow the leads with that Bronshtein. Like the Bronfman klan before alcohol was legal, that guys family is preparing thecway for a marijuana empire.

And, follow that lead all the way to Charleston, S.C., and Atlanta, GA.

Yup. Its all connected.

Wanna know how? Ask me about J.J., the ex con,  and the solar paneled weed farm just north of the Sierra Madres sometime.

Poor Susie. Its all true, what they say about her online. She was beautiful, with a smile that could light up a roomful, or an entire tv audience.

And, like all classic heroines, she had that inner turmoil, churning just beneath her designer clothes, and her lively smile, that nervous manner that many Chinese women have when they have outlived the expected age of marriage, with no hero on her horizon, and bills to pay too.

I only met her one time, in 2017, and she was looking to invest money in a legitimate, stable project. I had that project in a large silver briefcase. The deal did not cut, because this happened, and then this too.

Sadly, we didn’t cut any contracts, because I was being gang stalked by the exact people I describe in this blog, and you know what?

They introduced me to her.

More on that later, in part two of this report.

If you, or anyone else has any leads in the murder of Susie Zhao, please contact Detective Lt. Christopher Hild with the White Lake Township Police Department at 248-698-4404 ext. 2381.

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