Russian journalist Irina Slavina self-immolation protest: “all together 12 people stormed in” security and intelligence gence teams, the number 12 in gang stalking cases

Like any no knock police raiding party anywhere, Irina Slavina had “all together 12 people stormed in at 6 AM looking for “brochures, leaflets and accounts” ”

Activists: stop pointing at Russia and China, claiming that these countries are somehow worse than the democracy free US. Use my search feature to see that the,US and its,secret police,are in fact worse than yours, KW: reporters notes, blackmail, Gavin de Becker, broken mirrors

My heart goes out to activists who believe in democracy, but democracy is not a reality in the west, or specifically in America.

Stop kidding yourselves because America is a police state by definition of that term (and if your country blocks Wikipedia, for good reason, try this link to the definition of a police state. )

I mean, Edward Snowden lives in Russia for good reason, chief of which is that democratic processes have disappeared in America; in his case, “whistle blower protections. ” were non -existant when he discovered his own government spying on its citizens without warrants.

As for Irina Slavina, I cannot imagine what would cause someone with a child to raise to set themselves on fire, because the fight, through the word, is the most noble fight of all, and it makes all those secret police sadists and cowards with guns and bombs, and nefarious corporate sponsorship and cloak and dagger NGOs look foolish.

Unless of course, she was being blackmailed. That happens a lot in gang stalking cases, as does the “twelve person teams,” which even the US secret police use for political control.

Irina Slavina, RIP.

2.10.2020 “I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death” wrote journalist Irina Slavina,47, on her Facebook page. Today she committed self-immolation in front of the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nizhny Novgorod in protest against persecutions she has been through for last years. A man, passing by, has tried to save her from fire, but in vain.

Slavina has been persecuted for years for her publications concerning corruption, and defending ecology in city of Nizhny Novgorod. Her protest followed the day after the four hours search in her apartment, conducted with numerous breaches of law by the investigators and police, in presence of witnesses, all together 12 people stormed in at 6 AM looking for “brochures, leaflets and accounts” from the Open Russia opposition group, which is financed by Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The search was the last one in a long chain of acts of persecution which lasted for years, in attempts to prevent Slavina from journalistic investigations.

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