Wherein I Welcome Ethiopian Supreme justice Muhajer Seman Surafel to the ROGS blog.

Hi, thanks for following my blog*.

May I ask you, why are you interested in organized gang stalking?

Its quite interesting to me to find a constitutional law scholar, or federal level judge interested in such a topic.

Also, you might be interested to know that I watched my government and its many agencies relentlessly harass, marginalize, and abuse people from your region of the world, including Ethiopia.

But I didnt merely “watch” these activities, post 9-11, I tried to assist those persons who were being persecuted.

Best of luck to you.


Controversy: Social rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


You might also be interested to know that I found one of your countries fellow travellers along the way, and collected his poem for my collection.

You might also like to know that this poem was tossed around in various “warrantless break is ” to my residences over te years by “mysterious people and their various gangs of local police, informants, and NGO affilliates.”

And, I have kept this poem throughout a couple decades of US agency sponsored gang stalking, despite many odds; and I treasure the story of this crippled poet, a humble intellect, and mathemetician by trade, which goes something like this:

“I was forced to be a soldier in the war between the Ethiopians and the Oromo. The Ethiopians captured/enslaved me, and forced me to work in their army.

Because I am lame, I was forced to be a cook. I waited until the soldiers left camp, and then, I escaped the conscription of the Ethiopians.

I fled into the desert, and I did not stop running for three days. Then, I was being stalked by lions and hyenas, and I was forced to climb a tree.

I was afraid I would die that way. I dont know why, but they did not climb the tree. And after three days, they left.

And then I left.

And then I was captured by the Oromo….”

And so on. Only hyenas are as ugly and cowardly as gang stalkers. Maybe its because their sex organs are an evolutionary mess. Female hyenas actually have a strange penis, with which they dominate other females.

Well, anyways, a poem from America, back to you, and this poem, naive as it is, has many fingerprints on it, having been shuffled into and out of many boxes in my storage units and homes over the years by fanatics and cowards who seek invisible threads of “terror ” everywhere but in their own actions:

If ony Beraki had mentioned a homeland for atheists….pagans….the non-religious….

Oh, right! There it is “my home is anywhere…I live here and there…”

* the word following has a distinct meaning in the OGS dialectic, and particularly in psychometric assessments of organized gang stalking

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