Patterns and schizophrenia: delusions or ‘coincidences?’ It’s not apophenia when ‘the magic number’ pops out of the rabbit hole- gang stalking case study

Cults of cockroaches: read the link, and connect it to this New York Times piece about “The Cockroach cult of eBay” and then, get back to me….

How precise is ROGS Analysis?

I PREDICTED the use of insects in cases of “police and police affiliated gangs of stalkers ” many years before that NYT “pseudo -journalistic ” story.

Remember: ROGS is on record as the loudest, most obnoxious and satiristic dissent anywhere about “police investigative privileged gang stalking.”

And now, even the NYT (whose owner Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, a zionazi, recently stepped down after my work has been widely circulated and analyzed by better and actual journalists ) has engaged with my journalism.

Food for thought, gang stalkers (who are ALWAYS police, FBI, DHS, Mi5, DHS, Et alphabet agency affilliated)

I am painting targets on all of you.

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