James McLynas for Pinellas County, FL Sherrif, 2020: pedofying and pedofication in the gang stalking dialectic

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It is established fact that 100% of all gang stalking cases involve police, retired police, and their associated scum in the “community policing” schema.

It is also established fact that 100% of psychobabbling, gibberish spewing idiots lije Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, David V. James, and Mike Wood, who claim “electronic mind control and sattelite zapping” are also police affiliated “community assets,” in the online dialectic of organized gang stalking.

This is how politics, and dialectics intersect in the modern “internet redirection era,”as documented by Richard Griesinger Esq., formerly of that county.

Griesingers case is a 100% ROGS Bingo.

Community policing is itself just a misnomer, a cover word for “localized police corruption.” And, James McLynas, who was pedofied by cops, slandered and smeared in the worst imaginable ways, but who orevailed in a custody fight against his wife, a cop fucking prostitute, is running for sherrif of Pinellas County FL, for 2024, if any gang stalking targets want to help make a difference.

Among the text messages that James McLynas discovered was
this one, sent from Martin’s phone to Laura McLynas on May 16: “Delete
this text. I made some calls. Nothing will go anywhere. He can make all
the complaints he wants. File all the motions he wants. From this point
forward he will be ignored and nothing will go anywhere.”

months earlier, James McLynas had filed a criminal mischief complaint
with the Clearwater Police Department, alleging that Laura McLynas had
spray-painted a slur on a boat stored outside his home. No one was

He said Martin’s messages “make it clear” that
the deputy got in touch with “anyone he could to allow Laura McLynas to
get away with any crime she felt like committing against me.”

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