The DisneyGang of cyberstalkers© in the headlines: man sues Disney, names his cyberstalkers in the complaint

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Everywhere you look in gang stalking cases, you will find a high percentage of female stalkers, and amongst their victims, you will find men who seek equality. In this case below, a man who took “paternity leave.”

In this case, 33% of the little corporate gang of cyber stalkers named in the complaint are female, and another extension of the phenomenon of “the Karens, ”those ubiquitous, nearly unprosecutable white women* who are behind many hidden crimes, and other nefarious conduct that endangers mens lives and livelihoods.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

“[Steven] Van Soeren alleges several upper-level employees, including his supervisor Brian McConnell and coworker Connor Paglia, referenced personal matters that he had either only discussed at home with his wife
or viewed on his internet browser.

“By way of example, Plaintiff was expecting a child but had not
disclosed that information to anyone at the Company” states the
complaint, which was filed in New York federal court. “Yet, Mr.
McConnell, in an unrelated conversation, blurted out to Plaintiff, ‘maybe you shouldn’t have a kid.’ Likewise, Mr. Paglia sent Plaintiff an unsolicited video of children developing in utero. The same sentiments were harbored by Jennifer Kaufmann, Associate Director of UX &
Design, who asked if Plaintiff had a good reason for having a child. Mr.
McConnell also stated, within hearing distance of Plaintiff, ‘I don’t know why he [Plaintiff] decided to have a kid. At 30 my wife and I thought about it but decided that we’d wait until 40.'”

Part of this phenomenon can be directly attributed to white female privilege, which is well documented everywhere in academia except among white female academics, but less examined is female violence, and its peculuar and cowardly forms, not least of which, and as we see in this case, is predatory voyeurism, and secret manipulation of a targeted person.

From Quora:

White female privilege is the presumption of high morality and innocence, through association of being white and a woman. This is an important privilege white women have over white men in society. Men, as most people know, are often presumed guilty until proven innocent.

So, ROGS Analysis** predicts high percentages of white females, and other females in these gangs of stalkers, and you should presume to look at women and womens roles in these cases too, not as secondary, or subsidiary, but as leaders and higher level initiators, planners and organizers of these gangs of stalkers.

Other ROGS posts about these women:

An urban gardener gets pedofied by Karens,who were later prosecuted

The Karens are prevalent in high percentages in the eBayGang© of gang stalkers, as are police investigators (ROGS Analysis predicts this combination ) and are among the first to enter guilty pleas.

ROGS uncovered many Karens, and a few Kikos who are gang stalkers in his personal case, some of them literally sleeping with current and retired FBI agents

Then, theres the bank robbing lesbian bombers of M 19, and the Kamelias of the womens KKK too.

*many Karens are also sometimes from other racial categories but are essentially the same privileged class of persons most frequently derived from Jewish -christian traditions and cultural values that claim to seek equality but stop short of it at every turn, as we see in the domestic violence narratives that claim falsely that violence is started by males, despite decades of peer reviewed research contradicting that fallacy, as we see that the higher percentage of domestic violence incidents are initiated by females; and that domestic violence is alsohigher in LGBTQ relationships.

We can ask the questions “Why then, are most people convinced that men initiate violence?” or “why arent women prosecuted equally?”

The answer to the first question is simply that “mystery money”from various groups and indivuduals (world wide church and state operations, and individuals like George Soros, or even Israeli and Saudi billionaires ) finances US and western governments propaganda operations as well as non -governmental organizations (NGOs) who create and repeat false messages.

The second answer is that historically, females of the human herd are not held to account for many reasons, ranging from negative social perceptions of leaders who punish women equally, to more simple answers, like the fact that punishing the “breeding stock” of a herd or species can induce miscarriages, or cause female infertility, and even, make them less fun to play with.

But these questions are always a dead end in Jewish-christian societies, because the very baseline of those societies is the stratification of categories of boys and girls, with assigned roles ordained by their version(s) of a mystical god, rather than equality as an actual goals, because, hey, someone has to lead thine sheeple, right? And it might as well be “them,” whoever “they ” are, right?

** ROGS Analysis is unique amongst all of the current research, because it was ROGS that first separated “gang stalking denialists ” from “gang stalking victims” by uncovering womens roles as gangs of stalkers. This has changed the way that journalists, psychologists, attorneys and prosecutors view these cases too.

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