Aaaah, the Karens strike again: my foreign friends might enjoy this

So, FVEYs spying is so ubiquitous that one can observe their networks in action as they target individuals online and off, using counter -intellugence methods, like creating honeypots, and watching what bees attack.

The following screenshot is instructive on that point, as I recently outed these fake blogs who were stalking me via my “follow ” feature.

One of the ways that western spy agencies and their NGOs target people via influence operations is as we see in the examples above, which are purportedly “photography” and “cooking ” blogs but are actually something else, which I will explain to you in person (I discussed this in some of my posts from the last few weeks ).

So for now, the Karen’s, using various proxy servers, cloaked hops, “electronuc implants, ” device mirroring, and Amazon cloud technology routed through the City of Brea, CAs networks, (specifically in the 52xx.xx.xx range) have upped their game, and it appears they found my manager.

See you soon, Karen.

And, maybe those asshats from Virginia Beach too.

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