Everton Brown Update: Was neighbor Gail Watts, quoted in the Baltimore Sun the same Gail Watts from the Department of Corrections??

Nearly 100% of gang stalking is perpetrated by state actors, current, and former military, police, prosecutors, their associates and family members, etc., and so its important to trace the webs of relations that appear in these accounts. And a woman named “Gail Watts”was quoted saying that Everton Brown had a “problem with women.

In this post, I will demonstrate the rationale of “contact chaining”to forensically analyze some of the names and possible situations surrounding Everton Browns life. This below is purely speculative, and solely to demonstrate the thinking behind contact chaining, starting with ROGS Analysis of organized gang stalking.

A reminder about the ROGS Thesis: nearly “100% of gang stalking is perpetrated by state actors, current, and former military, police, prosecutors, their associates and family members.”

Let me know if you start seeing patterns in the gang stalking dialectic, and ask “Who are the people in Mr. Brown’s neighborhood, in his neighborhood, in his…. 😫”

Yet a few names stand out because these names ALSO appear in government records, and many of them appear to have political aspirations too, as we saw with Sagar Ghimire, murdered by Mr. Brown. So, that is a pattern to examine.

One of those names is Gail Watts, and I ask my readers to do some research into her connections, but also to examine how Mr. Brown’s claims replicate a “community watch” and “real estate related gang stalking” event, and that, punctuated with racial overtones, seemingly straight out of the ADL/KKK, or especially, the Women’s Auxilliary of the KKK, and their infamous “poison squads”; or any other gang stalking groups training manual.

Also keep in mind the fact that America’s first mass shooting, ” The Walk of Death,”where Howard Unruh shot his noisy neighbors after someone removed the gate to his fence, which he had deliberately installed the very day he went on his rampage. While many news pundits often repeat false claims that the first mass shooting was “in the 1960’s,”

Also keep in mind August Wilson’s play “Fences” to understand the narrative being pushed by coopted black narrators and NGOs.

Investigators of all types, ranging from investigative journalists, to others in polucing or forensic roles all use this method, which is properly called contact chaining.

In the case of mass shooters and other plainly bizarre events, like the “incel” car crashers, and so on, we see that “someone/s or something is turning their worlds upside down,” and that the facts do not withstand scientific scrutiny, or add up logically in these cases.

Then, we see the “nnarrativein the media run as fact, when in fact, it AVOIDS facts.

Heres a fact: one of the people named in the press after Everton Browns rampage was named “Gail Watts,”and I think that in order to “prove”gang stalking in that case, her narrative requires investigation.

There are two “Gail Watts”who reside/have resided in Baltimore. Here they are from Spokeo.

They both have resided in the area of Wodlawn, MD., namely in Owings Mills, which is 7 km from Woodlawn.

Then, a Gail Watts appears as a Director of some kind at the city of Baltimore, and the profile is vague, no photo attached.

All of the above are just preliminary hunches, not evidence of any kind. But fascinating thing happens though, when I utilize the coded speech of gang stalkers (12,13,7,777, etc.) and the search language “gail watts 777”– the eighth hit on the first page is a story about Gail Watts, being promoted to head the Department of Corrections…..

Watts is currently serving as acting director pending the retirement of director Deborah Richardson, county officials said.

The Gail Watts in that article published in 2017, has her as a thirty year Army veteran, and her age then at 52. So today, her age would be 56 or 57, which matches the age of the,Gail Watts who has lived within 7 km of Everton Browns former home.

Now, I will leave this post for now, and use it as an example for later. But for those who seek to unmask gang stalkers, note that we have one “possible link to the comment in the media, from a Gail Watts. This may or may not be that one, but for now she “fits the profile”of a gang stalker as stated in the ROGS Analysis.

Yet for those who seek help and guidance about “how to fight gang stalking,” this is how you can do it.

I will continue to investigate that case, and note that what I say above is not an accusation, or intended to libel any party mentioned above. This post is solely for victims of state sponsored gang stalking to understand how to analyze their situation, or the situation of others.

And, as all the professionals and state agencies like to point out, “gang stalking complaints are mental delusions,”its impossible for sane people to be libeled with a fake thing anyways, lol

Lastly, note that Gabriel Wortman, the Portapique, Nova Scotia shoting and burning rampage targeted a corrections system worker too.

Loose Threads and Pure Speculations: because I have experience with Prince Hall Feemasons (black Masons), Rotary Club stalkers and others, I can state that this has the hallmarks of a Freemasonry associated stalking. And there might be a possible link between the prison gang the Black Guerilla Family and Mr. Brown.


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