Duckduck go is NOT “anonymous”and leaks IP addresses to end ervers

Duckduckgo bills itself in various ways as an anonymous product that does not keep or store users searches.

Bit let me show you how NOT anonymous any user is.

The following data,registered in my security logs, after a user, likely affilliated with the Tampa Bay Times story “Targeted”clicked a link to that story.

The story is about how,a couple of journalists won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting about targeted individuals, and targeted individual programs run by ultra-right wing county sheriffs in Pasco County Florida, that targeted children, which you can read yourself here.

Of course, that series came only AFTER I offered the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism,

Heres the data on that user:

7/10/2021 7:11:46 AM (8 hours 57 mins ago)
IP: 2607:fb90:6a9a:635:6120:a3b7:1475:5fef
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/77.0.3865.92 Mobile DuckDuckGo/5 Safari/537.36
There is no privacy online, no matter how many CEOs and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs tell US that there is. They are all lying, and in fact, 99% of all software like VPNs, anonymizing web browsers, hidden drug/porn/guns/rum running sites,are merely what is called “honeynets/honeypots/watering holes”and so on, and ALL of them are run by current and former intelligence agency spies.

And, that IPV6 address that came to my site here translates to this, using website translators like

Query IPV6 to IPV4
Result (IPv4)


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