Apply for the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Journalism: $1000 USD

ROGS is sponsoring an award for MSM writers who cover OGS, and the award carries a $1000 USD stipend.
The award itself is a gold plated pigs trough, with a huge hole chewed in the bottom of the trough, and pigs (from the multi -alphabet soup agencies and their related community policing assets) chewing at the shit underneath the trough.
Then, to complete the award, there are two .22 caliber bullets dangling above the trough, hanging by delicate silk threads, in honor of Gary Webb, a journalist who won a Pullitzer for linking the crack cocaine epidemic to the CIA, and later is alleged to have killed himself as a direct result of CIA styled gang stalking. And, of course, he did this by shooting himself in the head. Twice.
Like the magic bullets that took out the Kennedys, and Malcolm X, and Martin L. King, we see that there is, in fact, and practice, a mysterious coincidental link at all times to policing, FBI /CIA /NGO /Bankster funded social engineering and domestic chaos, and the CIA created term “conspiracy theory ”

Related Story: The often repeated claim that targeted individuals are, “delusional,” has zero merit in most cases, and in its least form is merely a lawyer or psychologist encountering a victim who exhibits what is called “Level X thinking, ” by counter surveillance professionals.
But it takes an incredible amount of time to trace the relationships involved in “police stalking” of targeted individuals.  Here is one example of an actual spy following ROGS (the author of this blog ) online, and off. And here is another example where I traced an actual “fed ” directly to a hive of police, and police affilliated persons who I discovered online, and encountered offline too during a period of intensive and political gang stalking.

But especially, note that Non Governmetnal Organizations(NGOs ), ranging from right wing religious fundamentalists, to faux- left wing “save the poverty stricken Jews and blacks and wimmins ” organizations have essentially banded together to protect the hundreds of billions of dollars illegal drug industry by cooperating in “saving the wimmins and childrens” industries, after real jobs disappeared in America.
But here at ROGS, I dont engage with theories, or conspiracies, other than to state that the majority of those dialogues are dispensed across the internet by CIA/Intelligence agency/non governmental organization crisis public relations firms and the affiliated misinformation and disinformation propagandists as I have demonstrated, like this shitbag, Dr. Tomo Shitbata (whose masters thesis was juried by the daughter of the man that created the secret FISA court, none other than Professor Catherine McKinnon, the godmother of white female privilege ), or this one, from “Targeted Justice, ”a fake whistle blower”from the NSA named Karen Stewart, who no major media has taken seriously, ever.
You can apply directly to the ROGS blog here, and include your name, your bio, your portfolio links and other data, your email, phone number, and physical address of your publisher, with a link to any piece you have written for major media that documents organized gang stalking.

Here a few pages where I discuss my award, here, and here.
Then, take a look at the liars and frauds who have written about it or been quoted in the MSM, ranging from one of the darlings of the gay community, Drs. Lorraine Sheridan, or Christine Sarteschi, or Liz Dietrich (all of these are pedigreed gender lesbian theologians, and work in and around the Prison Industrial Complex ), or even Dr. Mike Wood, whose irresponsible work can be seen here.
Then, have a look at the now widely discredited Journalist Mike McPhate, who notoriously wrote the New York Times black propaganda called United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers. With little irony, McPhate, an ADL affilliated political operative from Canada, now writes about bizarre, murderous “mysterious gangs of police ” working in the Los Angeles police department.
Also, in my case, I encountered many cyber stalkers andd real stalkers from the racialized, ADLified Asian American community, some of them quite highly placed, ranging from federal public defenders who have close friends in the FBI, to their Rotary Club affiliated offline and actual stalkers. Also, see the related story above, where I utiluzed “contact tracing ” and “SOCMINT Analysis” and  traced my stalkers and their webs of relations all the way to the Los Angeles police department, and eventually to an actual FBI agent who is affilliated with them.
I suspect that pseudo -journalist Laura Yan, another discredited black propagandist from Brooklyn is one of those, and now we see stories about poor, victimized Asian Americans in the media. I cant imagine who would want to victimize those ADL affilliated Asian -American  gang stalkers who victimized others though, lol.
Then, have a look at an actual gang stalker from Los Angeles, CA, who I personally encountered while I was stalked in the USA: a former LA County coroner with an extensive web of connections in LA County, and the San Fernando Valley, with ties to the DVIC dialectical narrative.
Lastly, let me point you to examples of media coverage of organized gang stalking that nearly qualify for this award:
Here is how a few Intercept reporters organized an event that called OGS by its proper name, police stalking.
And here is a nod to Tim Cushing of, who consistently covers the bizarre antics of cops, secret gangs of cops and their associates, and uses nearly proper terminology for OGS. Unfortunately, Mr. Cushing is also loyal to the racist ADL, and his reportage stops at their unkempt lawn perimeter, and its partisan dialectical biases.
And then, theres this piece in Wired magazine online that covers the strange story of a man who worked in a shipping yard at the height of the CIA drug running operations in the US.
It was written by that mans daughter, who, for better or worse, could never know what her father actually experienced, nor make the links between his alleged mental illness, and CIA level black operations on US soil that are carried out by domestic cadres of exactly the types,of police,and military operatives I have documented in case,after case.
So: to win this award, there are three major criterion:
1-the author must use the phrase “organized gang stalking ” which is the proper term for this form of community policing and police stalking.
2-the writer must avoid all of the discrediting, false tropes about this topic, such as all the military psychobabble and gibberish dispensed by retired cops and other black propagandists like this one here who Twitter stalked me, personally, with links to face orbs, and other gibberish about aliens, flat earth, directed energy weapons, etc.
3-the author must avoid using racialized tropes and sectarian or partisan virtue signalling in the article, such as most ADLified and Israelified media is prone to.
Tim Cushings piece, for example, trots out the well known trope that white cops target and defame, and harass blacks, and while this is true, and a valid criticism of corrupt and bizarre policing, it toxifies the writing space by denying the scope and breadth of OGS, and minimalizes the negative effects of racialization in important dialogues; as well as minimizing the testimony of non -blacks who are targeted this way .
Then, theres the issue that, like most major media, is stained by association to the racist, tribalist Anti-Defamation League, which guides the content, and the comments section there, via “deplatforming ” of both speakers, and ideas.
This is important, not just because this organization, the ADL,  proudly proclaims that it profits “from the business of hate, ” but also because other Jewish authors, and critics have covered OGS too, without racializing the topic.
And it cannot be forgotten how this toxic group of ideologues spied on, harrassed, and leveraged over 12000 activists in 1993, setting the stage for our current police state and surveillance capitalism.
SO: Submit your article, directly to me, via my contacy page. This award has no expiration date.