Inside eBay’s cockroach cult: The ghastly story of a stalking scandal, and another ROGS Analysis 100% Bingo

Inside the eBay Global Security and Resiliency intelligence cult, a gang of sociopaths and other stalkers, from

The arrest and prosecution of a “gang” of stalkers who worked at the eBay® “threat assessment” department is a huge win for ROGS Analysis, a 100% ROGS Bingo on every material fact, including an actual conspiracy, a crackpot cop who claims to be CIA, a high percentage of female stalkers, outrageous surveillance, mail tampering, weaponized pornography and more shenanigans than you can shake a stick at, now prosecuted by the feds.

It’s the kind of stuff that only cops can get away with, unless the DoJ takes these cases more seriously.

In the various online gang stalking forums and blogs, a consistent and frequent question arises: but who are the gang stalkers?

And, Rogs, the blog you are reading now consistenly answers: gang satlkers are always police, retired police, military and ex military members, and their gangs of associates, frequently working under cover of “community policing,” and from within the security industry.

So, lets meet a few stalkers from an actual security gang aka “gang stalkers” face to face, starting with this one, who will soon plead guilty to stalking, cyberstalking, and more.

Meet Veronica Zea, who will likely soon find a new job with Amazon, lol.

Veronica Zea


grew up in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, she cared little for the dazzlements of technology. In college, she studied criminology. After graduating, and a year spent recovering from knee surgery, she surprised herself by answering a classified ad and ending up at the e-commerce pioneer. Zea’s first job at eBay was intelligence operator.

In a windowless room at corporate headquarters in San Jose, she watched closed-circuit cameras and helped people who were locked out of their offices. Zea (pronounced ZAY) was 23, with no special skills, but she worked hard.

Soon she was promoted to intelligence analyst, charged with staying ahead of geopolitical and individual threats.

She sounds like a complete moron, true to form in an industry awash with Paul Blarts and other low IQ types, right? And, a perfect patsy for the executives and their security staff to use in a plot as stupid as this.

These really are the people phoning in anonymous tips to Homeland Security, and other cowardly anonymous tip lines that proliferate in the US surveillance state.

As all gang stalkings go, this story is bizarre beyond rational belief, and strikes the heart of the isdue of organized gang stalking, so stay with me, and maybe take a look at this other case of gang stalking where CIA contractor CyCorp waged a similar campaign of terror against an individual who was critical of the pre-NSA worldwide wiretap, then called Total Information Awareness, run by the Bush Whitehouse.

Heres the piece of shit sociopath who started the gang stalking, eBays former CEO, Devin Norse Wenig, who left that company (with a 57 million dollar severance) as soon as the indictments came out:

I would love to see that guy get indicted, and hopefully it will be soon.

And, as we watch the “eBay Gang Stalking Scandal©” roll out in the press, we see that this case hits every single point on the ROGS Bingo card, including “electronic weapons” that included cyber crimes, digital crimes, and planned breakins to their homes, to install (illegal) GPS tracking on their targets car.

Related Story: how police and intelligence agents and other bad actors wage internet smear campaigns, and post gibberish about “electronic directed energy weapons, satellite mind zappers, and mind reading locusts”to discredit victims, and hide these massive surveillance state crimes in psychobabble to discredit complaintants. Here is another example of how these same security gangs use the term “electronic implants” to refer to computer and phone wiretaps.

But we also see a case where the federal government has now prosecuted a case of highly organized, coordinated stalking, by a gang of security contractors that includes retired police working with active police everywhere you look.

As for ROGS Analysis, it even predicts that gang stalkers are affilliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, which you can read about here, or use my search feature, KW Boys and Girls Clubs.

So, heres eBay’s then second in command, public relations chief Steve Wymer, who “retired” from the company as soon as the charges were laid, and guess what?

Yup, Wymer, the son of two Baptist proselytes, is now the head of Silicon Valleys Boys and Girls Clubs!

Because “Gang stalking: its “for the children!©” Go get em’ team John 3:16!

ROGS Analysis also predicts crisis PR agents and agencies just like him involved in these things too. Use my search feature to find posts about that, KW “crisis PR”.

“Gang Stalking” and Critical Race Theory

Interesting comparison between right wing and left wing gang stalking. The guy closed the comments as soon as I pointed out that its actually “communitarian” stalking, done across the political spectrum.

But insightful nonetheless:

Four years ago, The New York Times published a fascinating but harrowing news story highlighting a newly found conspiracy theory genre called gang stalking.

People who subscribe to it tend to consider every act on the part of
people other than them symbolic of systemic hatred in which it can
develop into a kind of psychosis. People who subscribe to critical race theory can develop a similar mindset.

Where gang stalkers see operatives or agents everywhere, critical race theorists see white supremacists….

The limitation of harm principle in journalism, and shady journalists: Jody Murray aka Steven Murray of the Fresno Bee, caused activist John Lang’s suicide

Whats wrong with journalism? Well, for starters, journalists like Steven Murray, aka Jody Murray, aka “Jazz Mine” Murray, aka “Murray Murray” of the Fresno Bee are shady bastards.

Please, write him hate mail, or any other creative thing you can think of:

Jody, is no Gary Webb, thats for sure, as he sits in a sea of police corruption, and refuses to report on it, or investigate it. Here is just a glimpse of police and sherrifs department corruption in that area, and not a peep out of this coward about it; and what a shame on journalism.

Murrays works at the Fresno Bee include publishing police cock munching shit like this, and he was single handedly the precipitator to the police gang stalking related suicide of Fresno activist John Lang, who crusaded against ticketing scams that targeted the working poor by doing drive-by license plate reading in parking lots.

And, Jody Murray tossed journalism ethics right out the window when he fed John Langs IP address to dirty cops, who then targeted Lang with a years long gang stalking operation.

John Lang claims his story began in 2009 in the Fresno Bee regarding some comments he made from 2009 to 2013 about the use of FPD’s and Fresno’s Fire Department’s budget.

I am being targeted by multiple City of Fresno departments and the Fresno Sheriff’s Office for comments I made on the Fresno Bee from 2009 to 2013. Comments that were critical of the way Fresno PD and Fresno Fire utilized their budgets. My Disqus handle
during that time was “John21”. Posters on the Fresno Bee, using the then Disqus comment system were suppose to be anonymous. However, Fresno Bee employee Jody Murray shared Fresno Bee log data and ip address information with Jared L McCormick, a Fresno Sheriff Sergeant, who then used the Fresno Bee provided information to retrieve name and address information in order to maliciously track-down, stalk, and harass Fresno Bee comment posters, including myself.

McCormick’s Disqus handle on the
Bee was “Hikerdude1967”. I notified Jim Boren, the then Fresno Bee Editor via email on two occasions in 2013 regarding an employee at the Bee who was sharing website ip and log data of Fresno Bee commenters
with Fresno PD and Fresno Sheriff personnel.

I explained in these emails that as a result of Jody Murray’s nefarious efforts Fresno Bee commenters were subsequently stalked and harassed by Fresno Law Enforcement. I never received a reply from from Mr. Boren on either occasion. However, consequently, I have been made a constant target of
harassment, intimidation, and worse by multiple City of Fresno
Departments and the Fresno Sheriff’s office.

You can read the whole story here.

Below is more of Murrays contact info, from Radaris, and I publish this in the publics interest, but also, in the hope that actual harm comes to Murray’s life, and career, because this guy is the kind of writer who would write an Amazon blurb for “beautiful lampshades, made out of gorgeous leather! Look at the lovely butterfly tattoo pattern, each comes boxed with its own serial number emblazoned on it in tasteful blue ink.”

You know where to find me Jody/Steven/Murray Murray/Jazzmine Murray if you want to sue me for something or other, you pissant coward. But as we see time and again, ROGS never gets sued for defamation, libel, or slander, because what I publish is factually accurate, and legally defensible speech.

So, instead of court cases and lawsuits which call for discovery of these police tactics, otherwise known as “high policing” tactics and ideology, what we see is that police and FBI/DHS gang stalking has replaced contests of law with police stalking instead, a never ending assault on civil liberty and due process.

Gang stalking is the ultimate form of unconstitutional, but difficult to document “third party punishment” aka “stalking by proxy” which some Intercept journalists, and sociologist Alex Vitale have directly called police stalking, and also noted “the stalker state,” and it is what has replaced the rule of law in the west.

Lang did an excellent job filming and photographing his police affilliated stalkers, perhaps too good, so they stashed child pornography on his computer instead of charging him with anything after his years long stalking. The illicit porn deluge is indeed a new/old police state tactic, and was famously satirized in the novel Confederacy of Dunces, whose author, John Kennedy Toole also committed suicide.

With that in mind, anyone who is reading this post, I urge you to look into this journalist who goes by many names, and whose actions against John Lang directly caused Langs suicide. This is what is discussed online in the gang stalking dialectic as,“forced suicide.”

The principle of “limitation of harm” used to be taught in journalism classes, but since 2001, police and other intel agencies have been infiltrating college journalism classes and harming students in a sort of extreme vetting process, who are skeptical of official narratives, or do not take a pro-police stance in reporting. And they do that via non governmental organizations like the ultra-right ADL, Opus Dei, Campus Christian alliances, and the fraternal/sororal systems, but also the left wing K4 organizations have now matched these other citizen spy orgs, and perhaps surpassed them in recruitment, and police affilliated spying.

I was one such student who encountered these mechanisms nearly twenty years ago, and I encountered DHS and other agency stalkers just after I reported on the nations first manufactured terrorist in 2003. My colleagues, including notable award winning journalists who taught at my college called it a “Dick Cheney” problem then, as my computer redirected to unknown servers, as other students typed out their work with ease.

So, yeah, we know what it looks like when we see it. In that light, here’s more on coward and surveillance state collaborator Jody Murray of the Fresno Bee:

Steven Murray appears to live at the addresses listed below, and then, there are his relatives listed too (according to Radaris, it looks like his mother was an early breeder, having shit him out at the prime, ripe old age of sixteen or so.)Jody Murray is probably a mother fucker too.

Gee, I hope I dont get gang stalked by police, or get sued for this.

Steven “Jody”Murray Doxx:

8859 5Th, Fresno, CA 93720(559) 435-56393910 Beechwood, Fresno, CA 93711(559) 435-5639

3910 Beechwood, Fresno, CA 93711(559) 435-5639

Known as: Jody Murray, Murray Murray, S J Murray …

Related to: Joy Murray, 77 Teresa Murray, 75Thomas Murray, 74 …

Has lived in: Fresno, CA, El Paso, TX, Madera, CA

Partner of Nova Scotia mass shooter sues his estate for trauma, injuries

As ROGS predicted, the mysterious, unnamed, money seeking wifey of Portapique Nova Scotia “mass killer ” Gabriel Wortman is after some bucks.

The Domestic Violence Industrial Complex is a great system, that hides Canadas notorious,Bronfman family crime network behind “save thecwimmins from domestic violences! ”

Who wants to bet that shes an alky single mother, whose useless, parasitic existence was supplemented by Wortmans alleged drug dealing profits?

But: not at all useless to the DVIC, and its narratives of saving drug addicted wimmins and parasites from wealthy men.

What is human trafficking anyways? A Bronfman-Global Israel© operation by any other name.

Susie Zhao murder Part One: Convicted Sex Offender Charged in Susie Zhao’s Death. Detective Lt. Christopher Hild might want to take note

Susie Zhao, poker player, murdered, Jeffrey Bernard Morris charged, latest news update

Jeffrey Bernard Morris, a convicted sex offender, has been charged in the gruesome death of professional poker player Susie Zhao.

The details of her death, obtained during a joint investigation by the
FBI and the White Lake Township police department, were shared by WXYZ on August 11.

Police have previously said that there is no evidence that Zhao, who was a professional poker player known as “Susie Q,” was killed in connection with poker or gambling. Detectives are still looking for a motive, the New York Post reported.

As most of my readers know, ROGS, the blog you are now reading, seldom puts forth any actual conspiracy theory, dealing largely with the various right to left spectrum of police /military /intelligence “gangs in policing ” instead.

But in the case of Susie Zhao, aka Susie Q, professional poker player, I will go on record espousing a new, and unique theory about her murder:

Based upon evidence in my possession, some of which is outlined herecat this blog, I think Susie Q. was affilliated with Asian FBI, local Los Angeles police gangs, and that her death was possibly preceded by “organized gang stalking.”

And, I have evidence that this is the case, thats neither theory, or conspiracy, its just part of the facts of her life in Los Angeles, and as an Asian American with ties to gambling, and a media profile in that area.

But here is where I will overstep –for the first time ever into a “theory ” that has no hard evidence other than my word for it: I think Susie Zhao also had possible ties to the Israeli mafia and its assets in LA and beyond (one of many variants of Israeli based mafias that vary from Jewish to Muslim and Russian to Armenian, etc. ) that might have ended badly for her, based in alliances with others who I personally associated with.

Let me explain:

I was introduced to Susie Zhao at a strange period of my life, where an actual “gang of police affilliated stalkers” was following me around Los Angeles, CA. Use my search feature to see posts about that.

Keywords: Los Angeles, gangs of police, San Gabriel, Temple City, lost my GPS, Asian FBI, Trevor Aaronson, Lost and Found, Mossad, etc.

Well, anyways, in those days, out of the blue (literally, because ALL gang stalking IS factions of police and other agencies doing it, in coordination with other elements if “communitarian policing” ranging from drug addicts and snitches, to the NGOs I have outlined elsewhere, aka “blue ” for its police-intel leadership) I would meet strange people, and have strange, unasked for encounters which defied description, and that could only have happened if I was being tracked across the city (Los Angeles uses Fusion Centers and license plate tracking via Automated License Plate Readers-ALPRs – to do that ) by state -federal level data point collection, or at times “something else”like GPS etc.

You can fill in the blanks for yourself about what or who else was following me if you like, but psychobabbling loons, crackpots, and oddly, lots of forensic cold case investigators and gang stalking denialists usually “suggest ” that idunno, maybe reptilians, UFOs, satellites or mind reading locusts might be the culprits.

For instance, operatives from within the “save the single mothers and other sex traders and child sellers and buyers” organizations (CASA, UN boilerplate orgs., like various DV orgs, etc. ) would pop up at a coffee shop in Hollywood, and then, a day later across town in San Gabriel Valley too.

A coincidence, of course.

Of course!

The EXACT same, named individuals, some of whom I photographed, popping up, some of whom have nebulous entries in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), others just mouthpieces for the DVIC, and its related industries working like trained organ grinding monkeys for food stamps, cash cards, and other state benefit programs.


Yup. OGS is really that organized, by those people, whoever, “they” are in the various multi-billion dollar intel agencies and NGOs that have replaced industry, agriculture, and other actual work with communitarian* product placements in the USA; these NGOs and their tactics quite well documented by author and UMass Amherst documentarian Nikki Raapana of the Anti Communitarian League and many others.

Then there was this “hive ” of Asian police, retired police, and their webs of relatives and associates ( two of whom worked in the LA County Coroners office, and one of whom later became an FBI agent ) who I traced using simple SOCMINT in their online dialogues to one single location in Temple City, CA, too.

I mean, there are many features of that particular police gang that I could describe, but I think that the evidence above is plenty enough, and you can judge it for yourself. But without a doubt, it was a K4 police gang at that time, based on the plentiful evidence that I present all over this blog.

So, with that in mind, I note that more evidence points to Susie Zhao as caught up in one of the many thousands of police gang related homicides that occur every year due to how the FBI, and DHS are utilizing “high policing” to target people, and whole networks of people, based solely upon he said she said scenarios, and “intelligence ” gained from illegal wiretaps via the Fusion Centers. This really is how these due process free spy centers,are being used.

Well, for the avid researcher of OGS, and others,who might be seeking leads into Susie Zhaos murder, start with the cannabis industry and its proponents.

Yup. Follow the leads with that Bronshtein. Like the Bronfman klan before alcohol was legal, that guys family is preparing thecway for a marijuana empire.

And, follow that lead all the way to Charleston, S.C., and Atlanta, GA.

Yup. Its all connected.

Wanna know how? Ask me about J.J., the ex con,  and the solar paneled weed farm just north of the Sierra Madres sometime.

Poor Susie. Its all true, what they say about her online. She was beautiful, with a smile that could light up a roomful, or an entire tv audience.

And, like all classic heroines, she had that inner turmoil, churning just beneath her designer clothes, and her lively smile, that nervous manner that many Chinese women have when they have outlived the expected age of marriage, with no hero on her horizon, and bills to pay too.

I only met her one time, in 2017, and she was looking to invest money in a legitimate, stable project. I had that project in a large silver briefcase. The deal did not cut, because this happened, and then this too.

Sadly, we didn’t cut any contracts, because I was being gang stalked by the exact people I describe in this blog, and you know what?

They introduced me to her.

More on that later, in part two of this report.

If you, or anyone else has any leads in the murder of Susie Zhao, please contact Detective Lt. Christopher Hild with the White Lake Township Police Department at 248-698-4404 ext. 2381.

Trigger warning: Russian journalist Irina Slavina sets herself on fire outside Russian secret service building

Research organized gang stalking, the blog you are now reading, received an unusual amount of new hits from Russia in the last several weeks.

Then, this, from The Russian Reader blog:

Click the link below at your own risk.  There, you will see a woman journalist set herself on fire and burn to death in front of Russian Federation CCTV cameras, directly in front of FSB offices.

Yesterday, Slavina’s home was searched as part of the Open Russia case. According to the journalist, all of her electronic devices confiscated.

“Today, at 6:00 a.m., 12 people entered my apartment using a blowtorch and a crowbar: Russian Investigative Committee officers, police, SWAT
officers, [official] witnesses. My husband opened the door. I, being
naked, got dressed under the supervision of a woman I didn’t know. A search was carried out. We were not allowed to call a lawyer. They were looking for pamphlets, leaflets, Open Russia accounts, perhaps an icon with the face of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. I don’t have any of these things.

But they took what they found—all the flash drives, my laptop, my
daughter’s laptop, the computer, phones (not only mine, but also my
husband’s) a bunch of notebooks that I had scribbled on during press conferences. I was left without the means of production. I’m completely okay. But May [a dog?] suffered a lot. They didn’t let him go outside
until 10:30.”

Passersby and Interior Ministry tried to extinguish Slavina. According to eyewitnesses, the flame blazed up very quickly and they were unable to save [her].

Her friends and associates noted that she had been persecuted in various bizarre ways by the FSB, Russias secret police who can be directly compared to the USAs FBI, the secret police function, and the modern day tactic of endless persecution of dissidents called “organized gang stalking. ”

So, in this story, we see that while many will wrongly claim that her suicide is the result of bullying enabled by a communist system, nothing could be further from the truth, as western democracy is itself a delusion, in the era of the total surveillance police state,  and that many western dissidents are dying in similar strange suicides, as we continue to see with black Ferguson MO activists, and  most recently one mens rights advocate murdering human rights advocate Marc Angelucci, and then killing himself.

So, yeah, ROGS blog gets spikes in readership from localities where homicides and suicides occur shortly thereafter like the case of a murdered Los Angeles security guard who was shot in the back five times by cowardly cops.

Just before the murder of Andres Guardado, my blog got highly specific search language directed here via the term “gang stalking in Koreatown ” just a couple weeks before Guardado was murdered by gang members who work within the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department .

And likewise, in the case of Andy Ostrowski in Pennsylvania, and during the George Floyd protests, ROGS saw locality specific spikes in search language directed here too.

So, RIP Irina, you fought a good fight, but sadly, put your hopes into the illusion of democracy. The truth is that my democracy died long ago in the west, replaced by Oligarchy, and FBI secret policing. But your idealism -if in fact you had dreams of democracy – were unfounded. The USA is a police state by definition.

police state
[pəˈlēs ˈstāt]


  1. a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

You, the reader there, can search my blog for posts where my own homes were broken into, and my reporters notes and other things were targeted by “mystery ” people and US agencies and agents for decades. Or posts about cops and gang stalkers trying to run me off the roads in the “democratic USA. ”

Use KW: reporters notes, Lynne Stewart, secret police, Gavin de Becker, run my car off the road, gang stalking case study

Related Story:  The FBI actively disrupted the American election process in 2016. Regardless of your personal politics, its an indisputable, and accepted fact that this agency meddled in an election asserting its place as exactly what defines an actual police state: it secretly supervised demo cracies most “sacred ” moment.

The VIPER spy unit of “Fucksister Georgia ” spied on city council members. What is, “organized gang stalking” and police surveillance of political figures? Yup. You guessed it: One big, bad pig, and his gang of coyotes with a “pole camera. ”

Axed Georgia police chief claims he was fired because he’s white

See if you can spot the signs of organized gang stalking in the following *slice* of the news article above:

“In October 2019, city leaders said members of the police department’s VIPER Squad followed, monitored and photographed council members Akins-Wells and Antoine, who are Black.

“My heart is hurting so bad right now and I feel so violated! I found
out just now by our new chief and our city attorney that for three years Chief Hobbs had someone following me around, had cameras placed on a pole to watch my house, had my trash stolen so that they could go
through it,” [LaTresa ]Akins-Wells said in a Facebook post last October”


Use the “fentanyl free” ROGS Bingo card (link at the top of this blog ) if you need help analyzing police stalking (stalking BY the police ) and its signs and signifiers.

– A local “top -cop,” taking orders from unkown mystery money players targets some city council members.

Double douchebag lower tier spy, Police Chief Dwayne “Douchebag ”Hobbs, below, couldnt spy his way out of a brown paper bag full of receipts for bad weaves and gin*

– mystery photographers taking pictures of “targets ”

– “electronic harassment that includes Fusion Center involved wireless camera surveillance

– Gang stalkers obsessions with.our personal garbage, placed on “our ” curb for collection.

I mean, go over to that story, just to watch how police gang stalking works, and how racialized it is.

Who wants that the fired cop also trained in Israel, or receives support from the racist Anti Defamation League of spies?

My miney is in Bitcoin, if you care to place a bet.

(gee, I hope I dont get FBI/Infragard gang stalked for online gambling now…. )

* ROGS adores stereotypes and ethnic profiling almost as much as this bad cops targets love R. Kelly.

An actual conspiracy prosecuted by the feds, a gang of stalkers with high percentages of female stalkers, an “ex -cop*” Phillip Cooke, eBay ® and gang stalking are another ROGS Bingo

In my research, I estimate that nearly 100% of gang stalking complaints and associated harassment campaigns involve police, ex -police*, military, and ex -military, intelligence agents and their assets in the, “community.”

But as we see over and over in ROGS Analysis, an unusually hight percentage of these gang stalkers are women, as police and intel find womens propensity for violence, revenge seeking, passive aggressiveness and “third party punishment ” tactics, (as seen in the film Mean Girls ) quite useful. This is sugnifucant, because in studies of violence and predation, womens roles are overlooked by the selective and at times convenient gender biases of people from Jewish -christian societies.

And it is in that #safespace where gangs of women, like the notorious bombers and bank robbers of M19 hid out and waged murderous campaigns for decades, right under the nose of the FBI and many other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Read About:  The gang of “quiet, white, college educated lesbians ” of the murderous M 19 in “The night they bombed the capitol ”

In this specific police, security and intelligence gang, three out of seven of those charged with a conspiracy are women, four out of seven are ex -military or ex -police, and four out of seven will now enter guilty pleas to cyber-stalking and offline stalking an unnamed couple who wrote a newsletter critical of eBay®

Ex-Cop* Phillip Cooke To Plead Guilty In Natick eBay Cyberstalking Case

Federal prosecutors announced another impending guilty plea the case of a Natick couple harassed by former eBay employees.

And this, from

They are all charged with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with a witness. Their lawyers either declined to comment or didn’t immediately return emails seeking comment Wednesday.

The employees also sent pornographic magazines with the husband’s name on them to their neighbor’s house, planned to break into the couple’s garage to install a GPS device on their car, and posted the couple’s names and address online, advertising things like yard sales and encouraging strangers to knock on the door if the pair wasn’t outside, officials said.

So, whether its the FBI and their Infragard agents or eBay®, the tactics and methods of organized gangstalking are relatively stable features, across cases, resulting in the ability of OGS researchers to utilize quantitative and qualitative metrics to document it.

ROGS Analysis also predicts an extremely high percentage of the guilty pleas in the “eBay Gang©**” stalking case are women, once prosecutors and others are aware of these facts (just take a look at the buzarre claims of Dr.s Tomo Shibata (who ROGS suspects is tied to a “Japan porn ” blackmail and compromise operation, based upon her politics, and the many hits that come to my blog about that exact search language ), and many other women who natter on incessantly about mind zappers, DEWs and mind reading satellites, who never once mention cases of actual gangs of cops, retired cops, and their gangs of associated anti -democracy scum murdering men like Ahmaud Arbery, who they stalked incessantly, and actually attempted to “zap ” with a Taser two years before they killed him;  and other men in similar cases dicumented here at my blog, and elsewhere all over the country.

In this case at hand, 75% of the guilty pleas are female sociopaths who stalked a couple writers “electronically” online and  sending them pornography, cockroaches and more offline:

The four [that are] expected to plead guilty are Brian Gilbert, 51; Stephanie Popp, 32; Stephanie Stockwell, 26; and Veronica Zea, 26, according to The Boston Globe.

All live in San Jose, California, except for Stockwell, who lives in Redwood City, California.

* the asterisk denotes that the inside joke is that the term “ex -cop ” and, “ex -military intelligence ” implies that they no longer act as police, or interact in a, “high policing ” capacity with police.  So, these people never actually separate from their ties to current police, and police institutions like the nefarious LEIUs, and other fraternal and sororal organizations related to policing, and the cloak and dagger official -unofficial cronyism associated with policing.

The most recent case of gang stalking where this was evident was the murder of a jogger, Ahmaud Arbery by a “retired cop, ” and nothing could be further than the truth, as that cop was actively working with local prosecutors to stalk and target Arbery for many years-he was retired in name only, having been forced into retirement for non -compliance with use of force training policies.

But there are many other cases, everywhere you look, once you recognize the tactics, jargon, argot language, and ohysical configurations of “who are the gang stalkers. ”

** ROGS is claiming copyright on the phrase eBayGang© effective as of the date of this post

The Night We Failed Christina: the un-naming of a man, and ritualistic slander of Kevin James Loibl, who murdered “The Voice” singer Christina Grimmie

The loss of a child, a sister, a loved one is tragic to any and all involved. But religion toned ritual slander after the fact of a loss doesnt help anyone.

What does help, however, is brining causal factors into the light.

It doesn’t matter what his name is, and it will not be written in this essay. He is not allowed to be a Jim anymore, nor a Lyleor a David or a Gregory. He is as replaceable as the photograph in a picture frame. Really, any monster can stand where he stood, be practically mirror-like in his repulsiveness. He is just another of cruelty’s limbs. They are all the same.

It doesn’t matter what his name is. How many syllables. Which letters of the alphabet were ruthlessly hooked into speech. He does not earn the right to exist apart from Christina, because he is the reason why, after four years and an eternity to come, she still has not returned home. He is the reason why she never will.

And someone who wishes to play God with a thing as fragile and vivid as a person’s life, someone who reckons with all of its kaleidoscopic complexities—its trodden past, its winding journeys towards (something like) a finish line, its daunting dead-end streets, its emerald meadows of success, the many futures it could have costumed and became—someone who can witness the grandiosity of a thing like a life, and assign himself the dire privilege of bringing it to an end, wherever rested its final footprints, then he is no longer owed the dignity of being a person.

It doesn’t matter what his name is. He may only be identified through the memory of the life that he decided didn’t get to be a life any further. Without Christina, he is nobody, forever.

ROGS has pointed to a disturbing trend in mass shooting cases, and other bizarre homicides: the ritual un-naming of the men involved as perpetrators.

Beyond the simple fact that many who advocate this practice are by default occluding insight into the motives of these men, and social factors that contribute to our insight into these cases are further complicated as media,unflinchingly follows police.narrative laden dogma, they are also practicing a “belief” that has religious and cultic symbolic meaning. And, all of that defies critical thinking and is a traceable assault on reason.

Here from NPR, we glimpse the manufactured “controversy”of reporters “using the names of mass shooters” which is simply doing what reporters are trained to do, and report facts, as simple as the names of people.

This is a spinoff campaign of organizations that trace directly to ultra-conservative organizations and neocon think tanks, racist groups like the ADL who are deeply involved in ongoing and actual “psychological operations online” as,I have repeatedly documented in examples like Moonshot CVE, which classifies atheists and atheist speech as “extremist.”

Heres another example from “” which is an example of “exigent religion” and cultic practice expressed through media campaigns that are short on evidence, and long on hiding the investigative ball:

Don’t sensationalize the names of the shooters in briefings – or in reporting about active attack events.

It is journalistically routine to name the killer. It’s public record and
it is important to use their names and likenesses to apprehend them and
bring them to justice. However, once they are captured, it’s really no
longer a part of the story, other than to create a call to action for a
like-minded killer to take their plans and thoughts and make them into

Sociologists and criminologists should study the criminal – but let’s not glorify the attacker by giving them valuable airtime. Don’t share their
manifestos, their letters, their Facebook posts. Be above the
sensationalism. Tell the real stories – the stories of the victims, the
heroes and the communities who come together to help the families heal.

So, follow the link above, and note one authors quest to un-name a man, who the evidence indicates:

1- according to multiple sources, including his father, he exhibited well known signs being gang stalked, i.e. he kept his windows covered in tinfoil, and “had an aversion to light” and loud noises.

2- he was bullied in his workplace prior to the shooting, acvording to coworkers and according to the final police report

3- according to reports from friends,and family, he was a lifelong victim of a physically and psychologically abusive, alcoholic Catholic mother who overdosed on aspirin as he told her ‘go ahead,’

4- later, the pattern of abusive and violent females in his life was replicated as he was assaulted by his fathers abusive girlfriend, and police were called to his residence after an incident where she had attempted to strike him, and he closed his bedroom door on her wrist, yet the media (TMZ and others) attempted to frame that event as “he had a record of violence.”

5- he was an atheist, and his alleged “only friend” had claimed he,was on the verge of an epiphanie, possibly surrounded by christian types

6- most tellingly, he is alleged to have destroyed or removed his computer hard drive, without evidence that he was actually the person who did so

Gang stalking, psychology, criminal defense, psychometrics: a snapshot of what “we, the people,” search online about FBI-etalphabet gang stalking

These two screenshots document how internet search language directs traffic to my blog. And, these results indicate a growing awareness of FBI gang stalking.

Especially note how many are “catching on” to how psychologists are “complicit” and those, often reporting to the FBI in a complete subversion of privacy rights, and due process.

Yup. Mundane FBI spying on.individuals produces these search results, which you can use to document what for online, in cases of gang stalking.

Newspapers: Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program

Follow the link to read more of this article from Aletho News, and the Intercepts coverage of the Blue Leaks data dump which validates many targeted individuals claims:

The Feds have done a great job of keeping the public from finding out what DHS Fusion/Intelligence Centers are really doing.

In a country founded on freedom, we find federal and local law enforcement scrambling to keep the true function of Fusion Centers hidden from the public. By piecing together news articles from Maine and Texas papers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.The first proof that Fusion Centers were being used to spy on everyday citizens and activists can be found in a Maine Press Herald article from mid-July.

“A cache of internal police documents stolen from a secretive Maine State Police intelligence unit has provided the first substantial glimpse into how it collects and shares information about crime suspects and political activists and, in rare cases, keep tabs on domestic extremists, gang members and anti-government groups.”

The article goes into greater detail describing how local police use Fusion Centers to track down low-level offenders and ID people from social media or video footage.

By piecing together news articles from Maine and Texas papers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.The first proof that Fusion Centers were being used to spy on everyday citizens and activists can be found in a Maine Press Herald article from mid-July.

“A cache of internal police documents stolen from a secretive Maine State Police intelligence unit has provided the first substantial glimpse into how it collects and shares information about crime suspects and political activists and, in rare cases, keep tabs on domestic extremists, gang members and anti-government groups.”

The article goes into greater detail describing how local police use Fusion Centers to track down low-level offenders and ID people from social media or video footage.

Gang stalking, and the scientific evidence for the claim “24/7 harassment” has valid connections in the extant literature of “Fusion Center stalking.”

“Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center is the type of facility that has
become the model for high-tech policing nationwide. Similar centers have opened in New York, Houston and Seattle over the past decade.

Fresno’s futuristic control room, which operates around the clock, sits deep in its headquarters and brings together a handful of technologies that allow the department to see, analyze and respond to incidents as they
unfold across this city of more than 500,000 in the San Joaquin Valley.”

Spies, schmies. The USA cannot be taken seriously anymore in any spying related matters. US “Freedom” via FVEYs spying dropped the ball in 2001, ongoing

First, the lurid headline:

NYPD officer arrested for helping China spy on city’s Tibetan community

An NYPD cop was arrested for spying on local Tibetan communities for
the Chinese government, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Officer Baimadajie Angwang, 33, a community affairs cop with the 111th
Precinct in Queens of Tibetan origin, reported to two Chinese consulate
officials in the city since 2014, according to a criminal complaint
filed Monday.

ROGS, as an American citizen whose bonafides include having watched how the US intelligence apparatus threw our own constitution under the bus, 2001-ongoing, as well as watched how the FBI-et Aphabet soup agencies, work with local police, and particularly how these sloppy bullies with badges target Asians and other foreigners (see my Who is the Author of Researchorganizedgangstalking page), its impossible to see the case above as anything other than a racist hit job.

Start with the comments from the NYPD police commisioner, Dermot Shea, a likely Irish Catholic, and himself the child of immigrants, and work your way out from there:

“Baimadajie Angwang violated every oath he took in this country. One to the United States, another to the U.S. Army, and a third to this Police Department,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a statement.

Heres Sheas bio from Wikipedia, which includes his status as a police misconduct coverup artist.

I mean, this fucker reports to the Pope, which is no different than what the officer above is alleged to have done.

And you dont have to take,ROGS word for it either, because this guy is,all over the news with support from the Roman Catholics.

Heres his pal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, defending unconstitutional NYPD stop and frisks, FBI airplanes collecting the cell phone data of American citizens without a warrant, and the unconstitutional profiling of Muslims, and brown people in general, and the use of sound weapons on peaceful protesters, and more.

And, like his “secret society” affilliated colleague, the defrocked former head of FBI child porn distribution and manufactured terrorism, James Comey putting “christ in culture” these guys do not believe in the constitution one bit, and now, take the Catholic churches war on China to a new level with this arrest.

A buncha malarkey and shenanigans if you ask me.

Warning: the tragic consequences of religious (and other) cult fair game tactics and covert methods of secret societies

My readers know that I primarily cover police and intelligence cults, and that their methods are exactly the same as most cults, with the main difference being that police and intel gang stalking frequently causes suicides, homicides, strange “car crashings,” and bizarre butter knife wielding events-but also mass homicides in the case of the extreme outliers,on a Bell curve of strange events.

My readers also know that I generally steer clear of any and all religion oriented blogs, except to occasionally castigate those cults or sects who use gang stalking to harass people.

That said, please check out this excellent post by Ralph Christian about “fair game” and gang stalking psyops by path-narcs, sociopaths, freemasons, kabbalists, and others:

Whether it’s scientology making BBC presenters explode,
subtle stalking, de-fellowshipping by Jehovahs Witnesses or abusive
methods Crypto-Judaism Christians, Cults are marked out by the way they
don’t take kindly to a number of things. Leaving and/or revealing that
they are not quite as friendly as the lovebombing they hook people in
with suggests. We look at some of the tragic results of the subtle and
expertly crafted ambient abuse from ex-cult members and victims who lent
their voice to research and study groups of Cult methodology…