Religion and Gang Stalking: what are clergy killers, and biting sheep?

ROGS, the blog you are reading, is 100% Anti-insanity, and as such, the author openly despises organized religion. I “believe in facts and evidence, and the evidence says that nearly 100% of all gang stalking involves current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working with others in the community, like pastors.

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But, I also have sympathy for those who are trapped in irrational belief systems, that in fact, all organized religion is. I mean-I pity you. And I pity the fact that you are here because crackpots are stalking you.

Maybe, get some science in your mental diet, and film, photograph, and track and trace your stalkers. Prove that you are being stalked, by following the scientific method.

Then, sue them into “hell.” Here are some useful, free tools you can use to do just that.