Heres what the cyber-stalkers are Googling today(and,I get weird letters, part 2202): frances wilkes stone mountain targeted

They are also Googling the following [this is a rough draft post]:

ibm gangstalking
organized stalkers informant
sueing police an community for gang stalking harrassment
como se comunican los gang stalkers
ibm gang stalking
new mexico gangstalking
frances wilkes stone mountain targeted

Is gang stalking online and offline real? Who finances gang stalking? What happens to gang stalking targets?
DO NOT ASK FRANCES WILKES, formerly of Stone Mountain Georgia~ hes dead.
But, like many in the online/offline world of gangstalking, he encountered actual poison, which is one of the online threats that gang stalkers make to their victims, using para-language, and auto-antonymal language, and language cues, aka NLP.
Here are a few examples where discussions of poison take place associated with OGS,and often associated with one or another military/IC/police/domestic law enforcement hoax, or other “hidden,privileged law enforcement”function, and sometimes actual deaths:
1-the recent Texas hoax,that took place right in front of a police precints door, and is a proven hoax/lie/deliberate disinformation.
And,in another demonstration of how ridiculous gang stalking is, the number 13, Catholics, and Baptists are mentioned, and occultism is involved at the institutional level, as Americas religious fanatics are every bit as terroristic as any others.
2- Julia Davis, a DHS whistle blower who was targeted,literally, with dozens of investigations, and ACTUAL Blackhawk helicopters hoveringin front of her house (no shit-gang stalking is THAT bizarre)and a link to poison. Snd, the net result of those fraudulent investigations is that they discovered NOTHING except a whistle blower, at home, terrified BY state institutions.
3-the Mossad (who work in the US alongside US task farces, as well as feeding information derived from NSA switched networks that monitor US citizens to Fusion Centers; And also in SWAT teams at protests targeting dissidents),and their world-wide networks of “sayanim” use poison to assassinate people,in contravention of international law, and treaties, but so does everyone else in the IC,such as the CIA, Mi5, and Russia(it is equally likely that Russia poisoned its dissenters as it is any other IC agency, or banksters, for that matter.)
So, I did cursory research and found these things, which you too can research:
Wilkes and his family-line live in and around major KuKluxKlan associated areas like Florida,Alabama, Georgia, and even in interesting areas full of American jingoism laden lore,like Wilkes-Barre, PA.
And, there is also a link between people who collect Nazi memorabilia, and gang stalking by publicly financed police and fire persons, as I have demonstrated here, in this piece where we see military elements,police, fireman, and actual gangs WORKING TOGETHER in California.
And they have many mugshots,forpetty crimes,or self-abusive behaviors, and so on- exactly the types of targets that the One Percent holds up in effigy, to hide their own sickness, and degeneracy~ I mean whoever “they” are,this One Percent.
These areas also host other hate and propaganda groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which hides Jewish racism behind “causes,”while exploiting black people with impunity.
The SPLC also sits like a WASP on a carcass of political PAC styled donations,and hosts a site where they monitor every form of “hate,” except their own,disguised as wealthy donors, and this form.of racism hides behind a huge money pot which is used for political influence operations, and media placements, while seldom,if ever, taking any serious court cases thatget to the SCOTUS.
I also discovered links to inter-generational poverty in the American south being exploited by all races, but primarily, that wealthy Jews and whites have had “dominion” over blacks there since slavery times.
So,in that light, and in the spiritof expising cockroaches and other verminon all sides.of Americas diseased rats in the social closets, and after the hacking of thisblog last month, I have newer, even more weird email “Pals”
Here, from today alone, someone who claims they will use my entire blog, sans copyright, without my permission (actually two.personas, one of whichsends alink to Criptex email, whichhas a laughable internet presence):

This morning at the outside 7AM meeting.. Amxxxxx’s name was mentioned. Account has only been up for 2 days. The two speaking were using the word Ambyr to describe something that could only be the color pink… With the “tone” of we have exposed “her” alias already. She’s been attending meetings just outside of the Bohemian Network and speaking sharing the stories of various 12_step related deaths and suicides as if they were still alive. She’s attempting to awaken sleeper’s inside of the circle.This has made the elder’s in the respond by gas-lighting and using mob-mentality and CIA/ICE/MS-13 counter-parts to stalk, threaten and bully her out of the rooms.

And here is persona number two which is actually the first that wrote,and whose name I have obscured above; and.note that these writers are connected to my criticism.of Americas totally corrupt polucing schema directly associated with various sheriffs departments using OGS to garnertheir shitty communities some federal funds via the bloated DVIC/PIC pipeline.
also directly related to how police abuse people who are attempting to “get clean,” in cultish 12-Step AA,NA, EtcA, none.of which are actually anonymous at all: