Gang stalking, slander and whisper campaigns. Revisiting the Palestinian Exodus of 1948

As we see every day in the MSM, a new bimbo eruption is taking place as women who manipulated the casting couch to the tune of hundreds of billions in profits are now crying wolf by hashtagging #MeToo about pats on their butts, drunken sloppy sex, or “unwanted attention” from men, and those men whom they sought to gain status, power, and billions of dollars from the same people they once lounged around like lizards, and got paid substantial sums.

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A helpful reminder is that these same types of women were, and still are instrumental in  black genocide and ethnic cleansing of African Americans, Hispanics, and low income white males in America for the last decades as well. It is these women who built what some scholars call the “new plantations,” and the DVIC. And, we can see another period of history where the exact same group of financiers did the exact same things in Russia 1917, and Germany in 1923-33.
In order to understand tis, one would have to study the Geman Weimar republic, and how some manipulated women’s minds and votes, buildig an ideal womanhood, wich would be a different essay entirely. But the tactics are the same-and this is the whisper campaign in action- as these women are merely swapping one group of banster’s and perverts for another. It’s what these types do- the sheeple are restless in the pen.
Surely, some of them earned their money, and others are certainly actual victims-but the fact is that our culture is enmeshed in something worse than a forced kiss with Al Franken. so this whispering is how zionist and British dominionists waged genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine in 1948.
And, these same elements have managed to ensnare, entrap, circulate and leverage; compromise and blackmail each and every American at the internet switch via the NSA-Israel data theft pipeline, and schemes like the SOD database that preceded our knowledge of how “they” are using the nation-wide wiretap.
So- a look at psychological operations is in order, and then, how those psychological operations affect the dialectic of organized gang stalking. Here below is from Wikipedia. Especially note point number 5:

A document produced by the Israeli Defence Forces Intelligence Service entitled “The Emigration of the Arabs of Palestine in the Period 1/12/1947 – 1/6/1948” was dated 30 June 1948 and became widely known around 1985.
The document details 11 factors which caused the exodus, and lists them “in order of importance”:

  1. Direct, hostile Jewish [ Haganah/IDF ] operations against Arab settlements.

  2. The effect of our [Haganah/IDF] hostile operations against nearby [Arab] settlements… (… especially the fall of large neighbouring centers).

  3. Operation of [Jewish] dissidents [ Irgun Tzvai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Yisrael]

  4. Orders and decrees by Arab institutions and gangs [irregulars].

  5. Jewish whispering operations [psychological warfare], aimed at frightening away Arab inhabitants.

  6. Ultimate expulsion orders [by Jewish forces]

  7. Fear of Jewish [retaliatory] response [following] major Arab attack on Jews.

  8. The appearance of gangs [irregular Arab forces] and non-local fighters in the vicinity of a village.

  9. Fear of Arab invasion and its consequences [mainly near the borders].

  10. Isolated Arab villages in purely [predominantly] Jewish areas.

  11. Various local factors and general fear of the future.[7]

Then, have a talk with Tanya, and the girls:

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Half of Washington State was shut down as residents were terrified by a huge sky penis. Children fled across the Canadian border into the waiting arms of the RCMP in Toronto, where internet profilers worked frantically to seed the internet with talk of chemtrails, and whispered frantically into their phones ” I think Hashem is angry with us-or maybe Tanya! While others compared the sky penis to the “rise of the Golem.” Whisper amongst yourselves…..

Meanwhile- Senator Al Franken can’t get his hands off the situation quite yet. Because he’s good enough and gosh darnit, people like him, no matter what a boob he’s been lately.