Why was I targeted with organized gang stalking? My own story, developing. A post for psychologists, criminal defense attorneys, and sociologists

When the DHS agents, blonde, fat, and with Cheshire cat smiles started infiltrating my life, it was in classrooms at a major college, circa 2004. The caravans of other agents and agent recruits-the mixed bag of modern FBI/DHS/State/other agencies revamping the police state with “other” ethnic profiles came shortly thereafter.

You can read through ROGS Blog for posts about that. There are many. Keyword,search: Asian FBI, county coroner, greasy bearded blackmailers, Ethiopian, etc.

I had recently published the nations first story about how agencies ranging from the FBI to the DHS, and the CIA were manufacturing terrorists on the domestic front, and in the city where I once resided. Or, as you knew it then, “America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

Todays America is neither, and this is documented in each and every mainstream news source everywhere and anywhere you find “news ” of western governments spying on their own citizens.

This photo above is from published work of that era, late 2003, documenting several “predictions ” that ROGS, the author of this blog that you are reading now, made as an editor, and author, in the pre -Edward Snowden era, and as we see today, ROGS Analysis is 1000% correct.

The headline story, published in the nations “largest monthly college newspaper ” at that time won a multi- campus“Free Speech Award” and were counter to the false, manufactured narrative that police state agents were spinning then, and still even today, we see my writing as the canary in the coalmine, long before Trevor Aaronson, James Bamford,; William Binney and Kirk Weibe, or even Edward Snowden came forwards about anti democracy initiatives involving internet wiretaps that have ensued since then.

The photos of the manufactured terrorist are gone, lcal major affilliate investigative journalist Tom Lyden having been instrumental in running fake narratives at that time, and the (fake, FBI manufactured) terrorist himself allegedly deported back to Canada, but the scars of the due process free, civil rights violating harassment of the agents and agencies of that era live on.

I learned counter intelligence from having been a target from that era forwards, which you can see in.my writing, and naming names amongst thosecwho “staljed” me, and I hope my work herein can help others defeat these anti democracy initiatives, and the cowards who participate in them. I write ROGS from that perspective, and these are my bonafides.

The rest of ROGS is part legend, part PsyOp, part Gonzo journalism, and 100% useful in analyzing, researching, or defending in these cases.

In that light, a primer in how the enemies of true freedom are listening in: silence on the wire is often the best conversation you will ever have.