Gang stalking, DHS, and law enforcement

It is widely documented in nearly every blog that discusses organized gang stalking that there is or has been police, FBI, DHS, or other agency involvement (much of it mis-attributed, as we see in the case of LEIU’s that they work in “darkness” and complicity with bad actors, across disciplines, and from within the hidey-holes of the “see something say soomething, even if you make it up” framework; and they do this with total impunity-even the FBI does not have access to the LEIU files*- and as such, like a gang or criminal enterprise itself), and all gang stalking is deeply rooted in deep state tools and database abuse where a targeted individuals data was gleaned illegally and without a warrant, and then used to “spook” them in a variety of ways, that any researcher of organized stalking is already likely familiar with.
Why the NSA database abuse is far worse than anyone could ever imagine.
But others note that surveillance role players and contractors with the Department of Homeland Security are also clearly involved in these activities. So in my research, I use this as one measure of the veracity of writings and video’s that document it. Gavin Seim has many video’s where we can watch the process in action as chubby government workers hide behind “rules and reguations” that they pulled out of a hat, rather than laws and due process, which are written in our Constitutions.
In security and especially covert operations, those who deploy these tactics do not want them widely known. And articles that chronicle the stalking of Rose McGowan by an army of spies provides a template of the horrific potential to coerce and frame individuals when we allow a surveillance state to go unchecked, and unaccountable. The cases of James McClynas of Florida and Rick Krlich of Ohio are also notable cases that document the abuses of local syndicates and city councils that were covered by MSM.
So, to a researcher of organized gang stalking, you will note that blogs that discuss this, but also provide documentation of this are valuable allies to falsifiable evidence that it exists, as opposed to bloggers who write about aliens, the devil, and talking to dead people.

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The trick for the researcher is to uncover which is which, and then, to weed out the blogs and videos that are classic misinformation and disinformation, as well those that are purely deep state mind control operations, as we see here . For example, most blogs and video’s that reference Directed Energy Weapons, and electronic’s that are bizarre; or websites that dabble in the absurdly paranormal, although some are just odd accounts of unique worldviews, sprinkled with paranoia. And-most of the accounts are written by these same DHS/private contractor/NGO’s/foreign spies, unregistered foreign agents, and other scumbags working under the “community policing” and CVE schemes.
But any cursory search of the how-to and the who-to-target of propaganda and influence operations can be found online, and compared to these many blogs and accounts of OGS. Here is just one of the many declassified Psychological Operations manuals of the CIA. And here is the famous Simple Sabotage manual as well. PsyOps is a major feature of these operations.
Other clues that blogs and videos of gang stalking are psychological operations is that they give patently bad advice, such as ( a site that borders on psychological sadism), which once advised TI’s to put a jar of water next to an electrical outlet; or sites that are very well funded, as is the case with OSI informers and others. Interestingly, several of the commenters at NE1 are Lions Club members, and others who fit certain profiles, as I have described herein, and many of them have now deleted or closed their blogs since I wrote about them. Others have gone on to work in OSI-type disinformation honey net operations.
In my experience, my rough estimate is that some 5-25% of all blogs are actually people who are indeed targeted individuals (TI’s) and the rest are useful idiots (some 45-50%) who work in and around LE communities, or subsidiary to them; some 20% are actually agency or agency affiliated. And small number of them are mentally ill, elderly, or just lonely people trying to fit in (these also show up in many blogs, like the neverending1 blog). is one apparently decent site that seems to steer clear of honey-netting or “DEW” misinformation, as of 2/28/2017 (so far-many of these sites start out well, and then get taken over, or manipulated by agencies, as many of them are just entrapment schemes.) So,, is notable among the many blogs because the writer only documents verifiable news sources and stories that any researcher of organized gang stalking can refer to as an official source. And, the writer is a former security industry worker.
Related: Here is a suite of free and pay-for investigative tools from that you can use to study your stalkers.
Also, and perhaps most importantly, the blog author gives credible background information about themselves, is open to dialogue ( we have exchanged emails), and does NOT allow a comments section. This last point is important because the great majority of blogs are a sort of free for all of madness, manipulation, mind control/influence operations, or honeypots whereby investigators entrap those who comment, or like Dr. Mike Wood’s blog on Conspiracy Theory Psychology, the comments eventually become disinformation outlets due to the well oiled crisis PR industry that I describe elsewhere.
The author of FGS is also familiar with the fact that much of gang stalking is perpetrated by security contractors and surveillance role players, and disreputable blackmaailers who work in any of themay “spy rings” that permeate the west today, likely funded by black budget’s and grants from the Department of Homeland Security and others. These quasi-investigations take on Orwellian proportions, and are highly reminiscent of the brutal psychological operations and blackmailing population control East German Stasi tactics of the 1960’s. But also, exactly like the case of Rose McGowan, who was followed, monitored, harassed, and manipulated across the globe for decades by an army of spies hired by Harvey Weinstein.
Surveillance role players and gang stalking
In the same way that members of the organized stalking community raised awareness that the NSA and other agencies were breaking the letter and the spirit of the law by wiretapping them, all American’s now know tat TI’s were right-the NSA is tapping all of our phones. And worse, continuing the harassment of TI’s by distributing that data to 15 other agencies long before that was made public. As some of us predicted in 2003-4, it will NOT get any more Constitutional around here, any time soon. Police states simply don’t go away-because they work in secret, and against due process at every step, building traps over periods of decades in some cases, as we see with Rose McGowan, who was followed for three decades by private spies.
TI’s are now warning that the Department of Homeland Security is using surveillance role players and cowardly, subversive, hidden armies of rats and snitches to target and harass them, and implicating the LEIU’s and others. This is not insignificant, because the DHS is actually said to be based on the model of the Stasi, and many today forget that it was a former Stasi agent, Markus Wolf,  that was consulted to set up the DHS in its early years.
From 2005:

Why would Homeland Security hire former Stasi chief Markus Wolfe and former head of the KGB General Yevgeni Primakov?
Is this part of the Bush anti-terror strategy? After all, Wolfe is the man who is credited with building up the feared East German secret police that was responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands of citizens. And, Primakov’s record is not any better. As skipper of the KGB he was driving force behind the machinery of state terror; a legacy that still has a chilling affect on many Russians.
Now, apparently, they’ve found a new place to hang their hats at Homeland Security. Or have they? Perhaps, the numerous stories on the internet are just fabrications intended to mislead independent research. That’s certainly one possibility. But, consider this; for those who have followed the activities of the current administration (the torture, the deception, the death squads, the destruction of Falluja) stories like this are difficult to discount. As a matter of fact, the hiring of Primakov and Wolfe seems fairly consistent with the long-term goals of the Bush team.

Organized stalking, cults, and organized religion

As noted, many dialogues online about gang stalking and organized stalking are actually cases of religious stalking.
Cult’s, sect’s and most Abrahamic religions have some form of crowd control that ensures their narrative is perpetuated, and that their special version of the Gray Bearded One is glorified through incestuous, bizarre,  and often violent actions. Also, the Gray Bearded One ensures that the kids are too scared to report sexual abuse, or chronic acts of isolation and violence (directed especially at the boys.) In the case below he insists that bad boys be locked in shipping crate sized isolation rooms.
Law enforcement, and especially the retired branches of the various intelligence community such as the Law Enforcement Inteligence Units across the country are heavily invested in “saving the children” in these cult and sect situations. Except maybe just that one time. Just that one.
The gang stalking dialectic is used to infiltrate, or otherwise interrupt/disrupt cult activity. It can be successful, or not, as we see below the Word of Faith Fellowship, which is an Americana sect of Christianity, has been investigated for decades by law enforcement with little to no results.
A U.S. Navy veteran who spent more than 20 years as a congregant and raised nine children in the church noted that the methods used there were cult-like, and targeted boys. Any astute researcher will find high correlations of religiosity, cults, sects, child abuse and child sexual abuse,  and the United States Air Force, Navy, and other military branches, and notably one of the most famous child daycare abuse scandals of the 1980’s as well, happened under the watch of the U.S. Army at the Presidio in CA.
This link here points to another military tentacle of this cult activity- a retired Air Force OSID investigator who claims she was part of a special think tank/cut within the intelligence community in the 1960’s that included 13 members.
Today, she claims she can talk to dead people extending back to the founding of the Abrahamic line, and as recent as colleagues who died a few years ago, and that bubbles float in the air which are really messengers from heaven.The rational researcher can make of those claims what they will.
Here, below, is one an excerpt of one version of the work of the lord:

AP Exclusive: Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse
By MITCH WEISS, Associated Press
Feb 27, 2017 12:27 AM CST

“I saw so many people beaten over the years. Little kids punched in the face, called Satanists,” said Katherine Fetachu, 27, who spent nearly 17 years in the church.
Word of Faith also subjected members to a practice called “blasting” — an ear-piercing verbal onslaught often conducted in hours-long sessions meant to cast out devils.
As part of its investigation, the AP reviewed hundreds of pages of law enforcement, court and child welfare documents, along with hours of conversations with Jane Whaley, the evangelical church’s controlling leader, secretly recorded by followers.
The AP also spent more than a year tracking down dozens of former disciples who scattered after leaving the church.
Those interviewed — most of them raised in the church — say Word of Faith leaders waged a decades-long cover-up to thwart investigations by law enforcement and social services officials, including strong-arming young victims and their parents to lie.
They said members were forbidden to seek outside medical attention for their injuries, which included cuts, sprains and cracked ribs.
Several former followers said some congregants were sexually abused, including minors.
The former members said they were speaking out now due to guilt for not doing more to stop the abuse and because they fear for the safety of the children still in the church, believed to number about 100.
In the past, Whaley has strongly denied that she or other church leaders have ever abused Word of Faith members and contended that any discipline would be protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of religion tenets. She and church attorney Josh Farmer turned down repeated AP requests for interviews to discuss the fresh allegations from the dozens of former congregants.
The ex-members said the violence was ever-present: Minors were taken from their parents and placed in ministers’ homes, where they were beaten and blasted and sometimes completely cut off from their families for up to a decade.
For several years, males perceived as the worst sinners were kept in a four-room former storage facility in the compound called the Lower Building. They were cut off from their families for up to a year, never knew when they would be released, and endured especially violent, prolonged beatings and blastings, according to more than a dozen of those interviewed.
Teachers in the church’s K-12 school encouraged students to beat their classmates for daydreaming, smiling and other behavior that leaders said proved they were possessed by devils, the former followers said.
“It wasn’t enough to yell and scream at the devils. You literally had to beat the devils out of people,” said Rick Cooper, 61, a U.S. Navy veteran who spent more than 20 years as a congregant and raised nine children in the church.
Word of Faith Fellowship has been scrutinized on numerous occasions by law enforcement, social services agencies and the news media since the early 1990s— all without significant impact, mostly because followers refused to cooperate.

Organized stalking and cell phone surveillance

For nearly a decade before I knew about it, various government agencies were using fake cell phone towers to locate cellphones. In order for these devices, called StingRay, and Hailstorm, and  Triggerfish, and a bunch of other brands, to locate a phone, there was just one little glitch: they swept up entire neighborhoods of cell phone numbers, and frequently jammed the network so badly that no one in the vicinity could call out.

Few people, for example, are aware that a NSA program known as TREASUREMAP is being developed to continuously map every Internet connection — cellphones, laptops, tablets — of everyone on the planet, including Americans.

I won’t waste time imagining how many old ladies had heart attacks and died, or how many kids were kidnapped by crazed pedophiles (these guys are EVERYWHERE! along with SATANISTS!), or who drowned in a bathtub and couldn’t be saved in these neighborhood jam sessions, but suffice it to say there’s probably a few.
Related Story: a leaked catalogue of secret surveillance gear.
These cell phone tower simulators were being used without a warrant, and without the public’s knowledge for over a decade and a half before the rest of people knew about them. As  journalist, that made me mad, because the public has a right to know. But how can the public know unless someone tells them the name of these devices? Or how they are used?
Then, four years after I knew about it ( as they were jamming my phone, and a little yellow airplane flew above my head), I told someone else, who told someone else, and after some fifteen plus years of Stingray’s and other hidden spy gear being used to spy on American’s without a warrant, we see that judges have caught on a little bit, and cops are being told to get a warrant. Apparently, democracy is still bubbling up once in awhile here in the land of the free. And that, very very cautiously, because they are popping bubble’s before we can even begin make them.

Federal Bill Introduced To Add A Warrant Requirement To Stingray Deployment

from the reclaiming-the-Fourth,-bit-by-bit dept

House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, along with his Senatorial counterpart Ron Wyden, is tackling something he promised to act on after he was finished excoriating the leaky Office of Personnel Management for ruining the lives of millions of Americans: Stingray devices.

A bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday requiring police agencies to get a search warrant before they can deploy powerful cellphone surveillance technology known as “stingrays” that sweep up information about the movements of innocent Americans while tracking suspected criminals.
“Owning a smartphone or fitness tracker shouldn’t give the government a blank check to track your movements,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee who introduced the bill with Reps. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and John Conyers, D-Mich. “Law enforcement should be able to use GPS data, but they need to get a warrant. This bill sets out clear rules to make sure our laws keep up with the times.”

When one examines how lawlessly and un-Constitutionally these agents and agencies have been acting-and for so long- one wonders f the private prison industrial complex isn’t giving them kickbacks. That would be a good story to research.

NSA general Keith Alexander
NSA head Keith Alexander as he hears the news that one-just that one bad apple at the NSA- spied on nine (only nine, I promise) women. Also, hoping his dirty laundry won’t get hacked, like he has been doing to others.


NSA employee spied on (only) nine women without detection, internal file shows-

A National Security Agency employee was able to secretly intercept the phone calls of nine foreign women for six years without ever being detected by his managers, the agency’s internal watchdog has revealed.
The unauthorised abuse of the NSA’s surveillance tools only came to light after one of the women, who happened to be a US government employee, told a colleague that she suspected the man – with whom she was having a sexual relationship – was listening to her calls.

From James Bamford at Reuters:

Why NSA surveillance worse than you’ve ever imagined.
Few people, for example, are aware that a NSA program known as TREASUREMAP is being developed to continuously map every Internet connection — cellphones, laptops, tablets — of everyone on the planet, including Americans.
“Map the entire Internet,” says the top secret NSA slide. “Any device, anywhere, all the time.” It adds that the program will allow “Computer Attack/Exploit Planning” as well as “Network Reconnaissance.”
One reason for the public’s lukewarm concern is what might be called NSA fatigue. There is now a sort of acceptance of highly intrusive surveillance as the new normal, the result of a bombardment of news stories on the topic.
I asked Snowden about this. “It does become the problem of one death is a tragedy and a million is a statistic,” he replied, “where today we have the violation of one person’s rights is a tragedy and the violation of a million is a statistic. The NSA is violating the rights of every American citizen every day on a comprehensive and ongoing basis. And that can numb us. That can leave us feeling disempowered, disenfranchised.”

NSA fatigue or learned helplessness and operant conditioning?

Organized gang stalking and confidential informants

One of the common themes in the OS community is the idea of recruitment. While most if not all domestic intelligence agencies and even police departments today fancy themselves as “intelligence agencies,” and disregard the Constitution accordingly, less is known about how they ‘recruit’  informants. The general dialogue round OS is loaded with references to this, and once a researcher recognizes the language, it is readily apparent that this is true.
In my experience, in the organized gang stalking dialectic, I have been approached many times and asked directly ” do you want to become an informant??” And this often on Twitter in a DM that disappeared shortly thereafter! Any researcher could set up their own honeypot and replicate my results, but for me it was a learning experience.
Then,upon confirmation that this was so, I re-read a few blogs of note, and confirmed the theory. There is a website that attracted a ton of negative attention from law enforcement back in the early 2000’s call Who’, which was eventually forced offline-ironically- in a well organized stalking of their links and content. It was not only a foreshadowing of the oppressive total spectrum dominance that we see today, but also a canary in the free speech coalmine.
Here’s one post about how this program is intended to cause what is called in sociology a “social death,” for an individual, and control them to the point where they have learned helplessness:

It is not like I am using this medium to express myself in anonymity. Every single Organized Informant “GangStalker” and colluded Bad Cop knows my identity. I am the one who wants to end this. I WANT TO TURN MYSELF IN! Please tell me what precinct you want me to go and I will show up. NO JUDGE will accept a guilty plea once they learn that every piece of this case -my case- is tainted and biased because of personal HATE against me. So when and where is gonna be? Please tell me!
I want Due Process,
I want a Fair Trial,
I want the Best Defense,
Isn’t that the way is supposed to be?

This fabulous site was one of the early predictors of our current “if you see something say something” culture where every American is being asked to become a rat, the lowest form of life in any culture except the communist bloc nations where being a rat means being a good citizen. East Germany under the Stasi was a great example of a culture where each intelligence agent had some 30  or so citizens reporting to them (I will check that stat later).
Pretty soon, East Germany was crawling with rats, but had no free citizens, as the master plan of all communists and fascist communists is total control of citizens.
From Spiegel Online:

Web of Surveillance East German Snitching Went Far Beyond the Stasi

Everyone knows about the Stasi and the extent to which it spied on the East German populace. But that was only a small part of the informing that went on. New research shows that snitching was vastly more common than previously thought.

DPA/ akg-images
July 10, 2015  05:05 PM

One day in September 1987, the phone rang at the headquarters of the Volkspolizei, East Germany’s police force, in the town of Döbeln, not far from Dresden. On the other end of the line was the voice of an unknown man.

“Good evening. I have some information for you. Grab a pen!”
“I’m listening.”
“Ms. Marianne Schneider is traveling on Wednesday, Sept. 14, to West Berlin for a visit. She doesn’t intend to return.”
“And who are you?”
“You would like to remain anonymous?”
“What is the basis for your information?”
“She said so, to her closest friends.”
Then, the mysterious caller hung up. And Marianne Schneider* had a problem. Officials immediately revoked her travel permit and began monitoring her phone and mail in addition to questioning her neighbors and friends.

These rats reported also important stuff like:
“My neighbor uses too much water.”
“The guy downstairs looks at me funny (but not because I am a rat).”
“The woman across the street has two lovers,” and so on.


Organized gang stalking, psychological and influence operations.

A large part of what the organized gang stalking dialectic seems to be is the result of psychological operations, and influence by suggestion. And some 70% of the blogs I have read talk about something called “electronic no touch torture,” which in my mind at least, is an accurate description of how one feels after their privacy is invaded, and or they are subjected to contact with agency level psychological operations. Every agency has a dirty tricks section, and they use them covertly, and judges and juries much less the average citizen are never aware they were there.
Even the world reknowned authorities, and pro -prosecution OGS denialists David V. James and Lorraine Sheridan on OGS agree that the mysterious and nebulous “the internet” creates an “ideological echo chamber,” i.e. that for some, the targeted advertisements, the targeted switches and targeted routers in targeted American communities who have ISP’s that target words, and CEO’s that target speakers, and hidden FBI Infragard agents feeding community policing that trickles in from the internet switch- and for targeted individualsThe internet creates a sort of ‘closed ideology echo chamber’ wherein people who share unusual beliefs reinforce each other’s thinking”
Which is, or course, by systemic design as we see the redirection method being used by “mystery money” funded startups to influence “jihadists” and the equally nebulous “right wing” alike via linguistic analyses, which is known as “persuasion,” and also “soft force mind control, and more. Then there is the direct access to any given targets mind via hacked cell phones, and then, hacked relationships-because that is EXACTLY what the Panopticon via products like Palantir, Moonshot CVE, and “captology” was designed to do.
Most sites and discussions about no touch torture are loaded at the front end and are themselves psychological operations. Butt of the few sites that are not, we see that it is a real concept, and practice.

Psychotherapist Otto Doerr-Zegers, who has treated Chilean victims tortured under General Augusto Pinochet stated; “The psychological component of torture becomes a kind of total theater, a constructed unreality of lies and inversion, in a plot that ends inexorably with the victim’s self-betrayal and destruction. …”
This is similar to the technique of “street theater” that mind control victims described in the Washington Post Magazine article. As torture victims are not mentally ill, mind control victims would not be mentally ill but rather have undergone and are undergoing a traumatic situation comparable to torture, such as the alleged illegal targeting with government mind control weapons.

Here below, is one of the ways it is deployed in the real world, from NBC news, is Britain’s JTRIG dirty tricks division:

“British spies have developed “dirty tricks” for use against nations, hackers, terror groups, suspected criminals and arms dealers that include releasing computer viruses, spying on journalists and diplomats, jamming phones and computers, and using sex to lure targets into “honey traps.”

Imagine yourself sitting down to write an email, and all of a sudden your connection is cut. Then, you look in the body of your email and that masterpiece that you spent some 10 minutes writing to your aunt Alice has also and without explanation, disappeared-and NO COPY EXISTS in you drafts folder.
The first time this happens to you, you would be pissed-but if it happened dozens of times as you write critical stuff-emails to your doctor, a hot tip to your bookie(*jk*), or an even hotter tip to a journalist who believes in Constitutional liberty, you would begin to see patterns in your own mind-that your data is being messed with inside you.And, in fact, the internet has literally come into your home, and changed your behavior even before your fingers hit the keyboard-and altered your actions inside you.
This is what no touch electronic torture really is in real world deployment. And while it may seem insignificant, it has the cumulative effect over time of wearing a person down, letting them know that they are being watched, and that crucial and critical communications are being stopped at one’s fingertips. Important friends and associations are being destroyed each time you bring up these “odd happenings.”
And this, combined with other electronic no touch torture: your computer is hacked repeatedly, or flashing white screens; your cell phone apps turning your phone on and off seemingly at will, or the coincidental amplification of your conversation in your ear. here are literally hundreds of ways that a persons phone can be messed with, and TI’s talk about that too. Taken as a broader picture, it is the cumulative effect that does the damage.
Torture in any form is abhorrent, and never necessary, despite the claims of those who torture, who also happen to be the same people who have collected all of our internet data and are now culling through it  with 17 other agencies for blackmail purposes. If I had told you this is what is happening even five years ago, you would have called me a nutter. And now, I bet, even you are afraid to say it out loud much less do anything about it. First they came for the crazy guy on the internet….
Using neuro-linguistic programming techniques as simple as Google auto search”suggestion,” and subtle verbal intimidation, as well as the deployment of various internet tricks, such as cutting off a persons ability to write blogs, or the interception of emails, much of what we see can be said to have the hallmarks of classic operant conditioning, combined with learned helplessness.
This last link is important because many in the dialectic feel as though they will never be able to overcome their situation. And, the one venue they have, the internet, is subverted at every point as heir blogs get hacked, and their emails intercepted, and so on. Some 50% or more of the hundreds of blogs I have read indicate that these things happen. So it could be an indicator that there is something afoot, as other online communities of bloggers do not report these things, dwell on them, or even infer that they happen.
So, even a casual investigator of this community will readily recognize this feature. And, there appear to be some blogs that use learned helplessness language, and others that d not. Simple phrases like oh, targets, just get used to it, Wherever we go, there will always be gang stalkers,” and so on. A great example of that is the blog, where the writer never loses the chance to use negative language that reinforces the hopelessness of those who go here for advice.( I refuse to provide a link it is that negative.)
Extra Bonus: Here is the CIA page for psychological operations to control populations.
Sigmund Freud, in “Civilization and its Discontents,” notoriously classified modern men as “men of action,” and the intelligence agencies are really into that.

“The man who is predominantly erotic will give first preference to his emotional relationships to other people; the narcissistic man, who inclines to be self-sufficient, will seek his main satisfactions in his internal mental processes; the man of action will never give up the external world on which he can try out his strength….”
-Sigmund Freud

And, in the targeted individual community, there is no small irony that they begin to refer to themselves as “TI’s” when in fact the PsyWar equivalent is the “TA” meaning targeted audience.
Here from the CIA link above:

The intelligence officer is not inspired by the purpose of merely collecting and evaluating information or making analytic studies. His mission is not an end in itself, but a means to an end — a contribution to the defense and foreign policy objectives of his country. His work is therefore meaningful only to the extent that the information he provides is utilized through appropriate action. The individual operator’s performance, to be sure, does not lose merit if significant information which he acquired in due time and reported to proper authority is not acted upon; but the intelligence organization as a whole has failed to function effectively if the information it produces does not lead to some kind of policy determination or action.

I must at this juncture make note that in classic schizophrenia, there has always been the element that these claim that they are being followed or harassed by the CIA or the FBI. While organized gang stalking DOES have these claims within it, sometimes, even the paranoids are right, as we se now with the Palantir database which is equipped with artificial intelligence an predictive software, as well as a host of other means by which to ‘read a person’s mind’ and control or manipulate their online behaviors.
But it’s simply not fair to blame the CIA for everything, although it is convenient, and the idea is within the vernacular of most people.Since Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA is sweeping up the data of everyone, and all Americans as well, we are now able to track the basic flow of this data in news stories that document the reach of this grand psychological operation we see that the picture is much bigger, in much more horrible ways than the CIA could imagine all by its lonesome.
Here in this link are the tactics and techniques of guiding, misguiding, or poisoning the dialectic entirely, and then, disguising victims in the cloak of mental illness.Any researcher of organized gang stalking will find correlations between the phhrase “electronic harassment” and discrediting tactics outlined in the CIA manual. In the targeted individual community, the psy-war elements are everywhere.
The Five Eyes nations are all in on it, and Great Britain is one of the worst offenders, using the dirty tricks division JTRIG to compromise, blackmail, and discredit targeted individuals.

A slide from the JTRIG dirty tricks and mind control presentation. Note the emphasis of “making something happen in the real world.” Mass shooters anyone? What else are these guys “making to happen?”via The Intercept

Israel has been getting ALL Americans data since forever, and waging hasbara and other psyops across the globe to enforce, reinforce, or otherwise promote Jewish religion and culture (the apartheid, mind control, old lady killing zionist version  of it.)
From the Washington Post:

“The relationship was described in a “Memorandum of Understanding” between the NSA and the Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU)”

So- if those are “our friends”-our enemies must be real shitbags right?  But even China has yet to catch up with us as comes to waging active psy-war on it’s citizens. We can read  CNN as they try to downplay the fact that China is doing EXACTLY what the Five Eyes alliance is doing to suppress, control, discredit and destroy the free speech rights of western nations.Meet the CNN  version of “the Great Cannon of China.”
But-does it hold up well against the Free Speech Steamroller that we use? Only time will tell-or, maybe someone can  get standing to sue our agencies and see what they are really up to. I bet the Chinese are rolling in laughter as they watch how the agencies and law enforcement in general are using our Constitution as toilet paper.
Lastly, it cannot be understated that “the CIA tortured some folks.” And that the American Psychiatry Association provided advice as to how to do this. Meanwhile, their guys always get the help they need when they are done torturing others. I don’t mean to imply that the CIA and other’s are using the internet as a form of torture for some, but YES THAT IS WHAT I AM IMPLYING. But clearly, they aren’t the only ones doing it.
Stalin, Hitler, and their go-to guys in Psychological Operations, Edward Bernays (whose books lined the shelves of all Nazi propaganda officed)and Sigmund Freud, both of them Jewish, had nothing on our guys when it comes to propaganda, and mind control techniques; and China last I checked had no Manchurian Candidates, because as we see time and time again, only western nations and Israel are literally manufacturing terrorists.

Organized stalking, the Martha Mitchell effect, and disinformation.

While many people are currently being persecuted in ways that are seldom discussed in the news, when they write about it online, they are targeted for extra harassment by paid agents of the state-many states- who are seeking to create a class of citizens for whom justice is denied.
While the actual cases of actual cases of actual people who are stalked are not always the best written accounts, nor do those so targeted possess the best writing skills, sadly, they are mocked for their attempts to bring attention to this topic.
As is well known today, the CIA and other intelligence agencies have long been influential in media, steering stories and content. Today, there is-for some reason- a huge media push to discredit those who claim they are gang stalked. Why is that?
Internet culture is infused with this thing called the Streisand effect which states that the harder one tries to stop, or censor an idea, a meme, or a story that has truth in it, the bigger the story becomes. And, there is the Martha Mitchell effect which is a common ploy by psychologists to label all people who  have been harmed byillegal government activity as schizophrenics:

The Martha Mitchell effect is a process by which a belief is mistakenly diagnosed as a delusion by a psychiatrist. This is named after Martha Beall Mitchell (the wife of John Mitchell, the United States Attorney General in the Nixon administration), who alleged that illegal activity was taking place in the White House. At the time her claims were thought to be signs of mental illness, and only after the Watergate scandal broke was she proved right (and hence sane).

DISCLAIMER: this post will now take on a “satirical tone” as regards the seriously flawed work of Dr, Lorraine Sheridan, who interviewed “the internet” in order to formulate an opinion about OGS that is “New Yarwk Times” worthy (the many pieces of orve CIA propaganda that have run in the Times are themselves wrthy of derision and satire.)
Starting in about June of 2016, major media began a discrediting narrative, and attempted to smear and defame those who claim they have been gang stalked. They quoted a highly un-scientific study by a likely transhumanist intelligence cult type psychologist, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, (it was little more than an online poll, really) of people who claimed to be stalked. Unsurprisingly, she did not interview a single person in person, and relied upon anonymous internet results.
And, she attempts to relegate the entire community into a single category of nutters-likely schizophrenics. Hmmm. Where have we seen that before?

Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, who is co-author of perhaps the only study of gang-stalking, said the community poses a danger that sets it apart from other groups promoting troubling ideas, such as anorexia or suicide. On those topics, the internet abounds with medical information and treatment options.
An internet search for “gang-stalking,” however, turns up page after page of results that regard it as fact. “What’s scary for me is that there are no counter sites that try and convince targeted individuals that they are delusional,” Dr. Sheridan said.
“They end up in a closed ideology echo chamber,” she said.

Speaking of “closed echo chambers”-Dr. Sheridan and her comrade David V. James make a living running with DVIC narratives, and authoring work that panders to the ability to gain the feelz crowd and its associated crybullies by draining the tax payer, while pandering primarily to the middle class, and it’s poice mechanisms.
And here, “Boingboing media” runs with that, and discredits those who expose organized gang stalking (and really-who the hell is “Boingboing” media anyways? The intel agencies start as many news stories today as they stop, and literally use media to wage “influence operations,” aka “mind control-how weird is THAT? Thaaat? Thaaaaat? T-h-aaaaaat….?)
Here is doctor Lorraine Sheridan, speech pathologist:
Dr Lorraine Sheridan
Here is all of her contact information. This information is posted in other publicly available outlets, and is posted in the public’s interests, directing researchers and TI’s to the NYT’s primary contact person and undisputed internet “authority” on OGS.

Position Senior Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
School School of Psychology and Speech Pathology
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 401
Email [email protected]

Here’s Curtin University’s phone number-call them, they look like one of those online colleges that could use some attention-any attention:
Telephone: +61 8 9266 9266
Fax: +61 8 9266 3131
I suggest you call and write Ms. Sheridan anonymous letters-letters, and emails, emails, anonymous, anonymous, frequently, very anonymously, and very frequently, from several different anonymous email services. Because based on her online poll/survey/study that was so prominently featured in the NYT, she’s a big fan and devoted believer in the power and truth of anonymity, and the internet to tell the truthto tell the truth.
And call Ms. Sheridan at her office a lot. A LOT. A looooot.
Call her every day, and give her a piece of your mind-or not. She’d probably dissect it with a child’s scissors, and eat it, if my read on her type of psychological approach to silencing victims of OGS is any indicator. After all-wasn’t Hannibal Lecter a big fan of talking around his victims, even as he talked to them?

Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, gang stalking, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan gang stalking study, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan contact information, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan email address, anonymous internet poll, David V. James, handmaidens of international finance, neo-con toilet slaves and other academics.
Here is the guy that the New York Times chose to pass off as the poster child for the online gang stalking community. His name is Timothy Trespas:

Timothy Trespas, the New York Times poster child for gang stalking (Dude-why did you let them USE YOU this way?-Oh, never mind. It’s what they do!)

From the NYT article

A growing tribe of troubled minds

Mental health professionals say the narrative has taken hold among a group of people experiencing psychotic symptoms that have troubled the human mind since time immemorial. Except now victims are connecting on the internet, organizing and defying medical explanations for what’s happening to them.

The community, conservatively estimated to exceed 10,000 members, has proliferated since 9/11, cradled by the internet and fed by genuine concerns over government surveillance. A large number appear to have delusional disorder or schizophrenia, psychiatrists say.

And history has shown on nearly every available opportunity that the pseudo-science of psychology, combined with propaganda, which is itself a sort of echo chamber of citations, and accreditation that bounces references after references of other pseudo-science and theoretical hypotheticals off of each other, works hand in hand with EVERY abuse by any government EVER on unsuspecting citizens, and that, backed by a powerful Bernaysian theoretical base of influence operations.


Organized stalking, CIA mind control, and the Palantir database: mass population control is no longer science fiction-or a conspiracy theory.

Mind control and the CIA: how the CIA started Palantir database, which can read your mind-and influence your choices. Now, 17 spy agencies know what you did last night-and ten years ago.

“collected communications not only include emails, chats, and web-browsing traffic, but also pictures, documents, voice calls, webcam photos, web searches, advertising analytics traffic, social media traffic, botnet traffic, logged keystrokes, computer network exploitation targeting, intercepted username and password pairs, file uploads to online services, Skype sessions, and more.” For the NSA and its global partners, XKEYSCORE makes all of this as searchable as a hotel reservation site.”

How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World

From The Intercept- the news journal that published Edward Snowden’s reveals:

“Palantir” is generally used interchangeably to refer to both Thiel and Karp’s company and the software that company creates. Its two main products are Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis, more geeky winks from a company whose Tolkien namesake is a type of magical sphere used by the evil lord Sauron to surveil, trick, and threaten his enemies across Middle Earth. While Palantir Metropolis is pegged to quantitative analysis for Wall Street banks and hedge funds, Gotham (formerly Palantir Government) is designed for the needs of intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security customers. Gotham works by importing large reams of “structured” data (like spreadsheets) and “unstructured” data (like images) into one centralized database, where all of the information can be visualized and analyzed in one workspace. For example, a 2010 demo showed how Palantir Government could be used to chart the flow of weapons throughout the Middle East by importing disparate data sources like equipment lot numbers, manufacturer data, and the locations of Hezbollah training camps. Palantir’s chief appeal is that it’s not designed to do any single thing in particular, but is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate the requirements of any organization that needs to process large amounts of both personal and abstract data….
documents provided by Edward Snowden, that Palantir has helped expand and accelerate the NSA’s global spy network, which is jointly administered with allied foreign agencies around the world. Notably, the partnership has included building software specifically to facilitate, augment, and accelerate the use of XKEYSCORE, one of the most expansive and potentially intrusive tools in the NSA’s arsenal. According to Snowden documents published by The Guardian in 2013, XKEYSCORE is by the NSA’s own admission its “widest reaching” program, capturing “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet.” A subsequent report by The Intercept showed that XKEYSCORE’s “collected communications not only include emails, chats, and web-browsing traffic, but also pictures, documents, voice calls, webcam photos, web searches, advertising analytics traffic, social media traffic, botnet traffic, logged keystrokes, computer network exploitation targeting, intercepted username and password pairs, file uploads to online services, Skype sessions, and more.” For the NSA and its global partners, XKEYSCORE makes all of this as searchable as a hotel reservation site.

In the online and offline communities of those who claim they are being gang stalked, it is common that mind control is mentioned. Whereas once it was in the realm of conspiracy theory, today we see that the CIA has in fact financed, and co-created Palantir, which can influence your mind, your choices, your relationships and more-much much more. And all of that, from behind the curtains.
Mind control is real Dorothy!And we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.We are now in the old USSR, or East Germany in the 60’s. Or, San Francisco. Yeah, San Francisco! The tech capital of the new world order and the Panopticon.

Organized stalking and cults

Cults are known to use gang stalking tactics to enforce doctrine, and to persecute those who try to escape the grasp of false religion. Notoriously, the Church of Scientology is frequently cited in gang stalking articles and dialogues , and the movie “Going Clear” is based on this but many cults, sects, and other religions do it, because they have secrets to keep, and their version of social order to preserve and perpetuate.
Meet the bizarre Scientology stalking squad from Gawker media
Other cult, sect, and religious organized stalking:
Free Mason’s Silent Dagger, Fair Gaming, and organized stalking
Mormon’s in the FBI
Mormon’s and Whistling and Whittling Club of Nauvoo.
Jewish organized gang stalking
Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci code”and Catholic Opus Dei sect-was the book stolen from another author?
Gang stalking in cliquish suburban communities
Keep in mind that most gang stalking, organized stalking, and other forms of group stalking are government agents and agencies. But also, that these sects and cults WORK in these agencies, and are heavily recruited by them as well. That is enough to scare any rational person.
Then, keep in mind that these cultists are using huge databases to cull the world-and American herd of those who do not follow false religion. Here, we see that the IRS directly mines the databases tat the NSA and the FBI give them access to.
In the study of the ‘what is organized stalking’ category, any researcher will find that there are frequent references to making people homeless, and also, sometimes actual conversations where asset forfeiture is threatened. One blog, which has since been take down, talked directly about having an entire store full of merchandise seized.
A common occurrence in all of t gang stalking dialectic is that those who write about their experience with this hidden form of “law enforcement privileged” narrative is that the government takes these blogs offline after they make an arrest, which is against the interests of the public’s right to know, and against the interests of judges, and others who should be made aware of this practice.

Organized gang stalking and Mormons

UPDATE: 10-16-2017: This is the lost popular post today, just after i posted this one yesterday, and this one a few days ago.
Mormons make ideal recruits for the FBI, DHS, and the CIA as well as any of the other intelligence agencies. Why is that?
Some speculate it is because they are inherently deluded-that “they know how to keep a sacred” i.e. they cover each others asses when they perpetrate horrific abuses of human rights; blind allegiance to myth and Biblical contortionism and their own specific variants of self righteous racism or moral equivocation that we see all over the map with LEO’s and other public servants of “god” we see all over the map with LEO’s and other public servants of “god” trumps their reason, and intellects, and their “critical thinking skills,”; or, like Catholics and Jews, adherence to Biblical contortionism and its accompanying superstitions about “the devil” make them ideal black and white thinkers whose entire analysis is religious, and unified by this zeal for mythology.
Why Mormons? From

“While this comes as a surprise to most people, in Washington and particularly among people who work with or report on intelligence and law enforcement, it’s common knowledge. And occasionally it leaks into popular culture: In his 2009 memoir Agent Bishop, Mike McPheters describes his years doubling as a FBI agent and Mormon bishop—a community leadership position he inherited from another FBI agent. More recently, a (controversial) subplot on ABC’s Quantico featured a Mormon recruit whose upstanding reputation hid a dark secret.

 But, in reality, Mormons end up in these agencies for perfectly logical reasons. The disproportionate number of Mormons is usually chalked up to three factors: Mormon people often have strong foreign language skills, from missions overseas; a relatively easy time getting security clearances, given their abstention from drugs and alcohol; and a willingness to serve.”
 In the memoir by McPheetr’s, we see many of  the elements of “what makes a good gang stalking recruit,” ranging from cult beliefs to black and white thnking and us-v-them constructs; to sycophantic worship of power embodied by the FBI, to  one tribal interpretation and co-option of the Jesus myth, and especially noteworthy is a “fight against Satan!”
Those evil trough slurping Sataniss’s are everywhere, dontchaknow!:
When Mike got his dream job as an FBI agent, he never thought he would also be called as an LDS bishop four times! Follow Mike as he recalls his adventures as an FBI agent and inspiration as a bishop. As Mike fought crime and Satan with a pistol in one hand and scriptures in the other, he learned the importance of obedience in both jobs. Filled with surprises and unexpected thrills, and told with humor and ease, Agent Bishop: True Stories from an FBI Agent Moonlighting as a Mormon Bishop is the perfect memoir for the FBI agent in all of us!

Read more here

Some even say that there is a “Mormon mafia” in the FBI. So, when reading the blogs and online narratives, keep this phrase in mind, because often, the writers will allude to being pursued by the mafia.

Mormon Mafia cited in FBI discrimination case
FBI discriminates against Latino recruits in case that cites Mormon Mafia
Lou Dobbs rant about Mormon Mafia becomes Twitter favorite
Former FBI agent testifies about Mormon Mafia
Link to and recovery from the Mormon Mafia

Gang Stalking and the Panopticon

This, below, is a picture of a dead man who looks like he is still alive. In order to fully understand the nature of the deviant minds of organized gang stalkers, keep this guy in mind. His name was Jeremy Bentham, and his gift to the world was designing the concept of one big prison, where prisoners would be under 24/7/365 surveillance.Oh, and he was an advocate for freedom of expression-his own.
These people are truly sick individuals, and very very dangerous too.This guy wanted to live forever, and in his mind, the corpse in the glass box picture above is “forever.” He got his Panopticon alright.It’s called the surveillance state.

The Panopticon is a type of institutional building designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The concept of the design is to allow all (pan-) inmates of an institution to be observed (-opticon) by a single watchman without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. Although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that all inmates must act as though they are watched at all times, effectively controlling their own behaviour constantly. The name is also a reference to Panoptes from Greek mythology; he was a giant with a hundred eyes and thus was known to be a very effective watchman.

The Panopticon

To understand the contradictions in the minds of these people is a long and unrewarding task, and so I advise you to study how to make a spear from common wood, or metal, and then, jam it firmly in the center of the eye of this monstrosity. Then, run like hell.
Bentham was on one hand an advocate for individual liberty, and on the other, recommending this monstrosity. Such is the contrast between people who live in bubbles, and those of us down here in the real world.Freedom of expression anyone?
From the Guardian UK:
“Bentham was regarded as the founder of utilitarianism and a leading advocate of the separation of church and state, freedom of expression and individual legal rights. And now, from beyond the grave, his cadaver contains a webcam that records the movements of its spectators and broadcasts them live online, part of UCL’s PanoptiCam project which tests, amonst other things, surveillance algorithms.”

The Panopticon legacy

As a work of architecture, the panopticon allows a watchman to observe occupants without the occupants knowing whether or not they are being watched. As a metaphor, the panopticon was commandeered in the latter half of the 20th century as a way to trace the surveillance tendencies of disciplinarian societies. Is it still a useful way to think about surveillance in an age of NSA and GCHQ?
The basic setup of Bentham’s panopticon is this: there is a central tower surrounded by cells. In the central tower is the watchman. In the cells are prisoners – or workers, or children, depending on the use of the building. The tower shines bright light so that the watchman is able to see everyone in the cells. The people in the cells, however, aren’t able to see the watchman, and therefore have to assume that they are always under observation.

Organized Stalking Overview

The organized gang stalking dialectic online: academic research shows that it is a real phenomenon, based in modern policing techniques, and modern technology.
Bob Deis was the City manager of Stockton, California, which was, and still is, a city in financial trouble. So when he began to do his job, and get to the bottom of a city financial crisis, and budget resources to alleviate the burden on the city of excess waste, he cut some money here and there, trying to save costs. One of the places he suggested that the city could nip a little bit was the police pension fund. As can be expected, and like many cities across America, the police union was having none of that.
So, they took action against Bob Deis-personally,maliciously, and vindictively, in a years long campaign of harassment. As reported on NBC news channel KCRA3, the police union bought the house right next to Bob’s house, and began construction. Here’s that video:
At all hours of the day and night, the house next to Bob’s became a circus of construction-hammering, pounding, banging; cars coming and going, revving engines, idling for long periods of time. Loud conversations, and strange noises at all hours. Finally, Bob couldn’t take it anymore, and after 20 months of service, he stepped down as city manager.
Many other odd occurrences happened in and around Bob Deis’s life, some of which was purely Orwellian. While he himself did not write a blog about his experience, nor did he “go postal,”what he did do, eventually was that he stopped his source of income-he imploded upon his own ability to earn a living from the City of Stockton; and he got the message loud and clear: if he didn’t do what the police union wanted, his privacy, his peace, his life was over.
In the online narratives of organized gang stalking, many frequently cite the fact that gang stalkers will move in next door to you, and wage noise campaigns. Some 75% of every blog I have read about gang stalking make this exact point, which I will demonstrate later.
So, one thing is obvious: noise campaigns as a form of harassment have been documented, by people like Bob Deis, the former city manager of Stockton, CA. And, they were also documented at the height f the civil rights era, when the Ku Klux Klan waged similar campaigns; and when real estate agents red-lined neighborhoods.
Why don’t you call the cops then?
While little of what these victims report sounds rational to the casual reader, and little of it seems plausible at first glance, and even less of it seems to be a legitimate narrative of reasonable persons, these stories often appear disjointed and indicate that the authors are under high levels of stress, and possibly suffering from mental illness.
In many if not all of the narratives, the reader is forced to ask themselves” well, why doesn’t this person get help? Why doesn’t that person call the cops?”
And the answer to those questions is plain in the case of Bob Deis and several other of the well known cases online: the answer is when the cops, working with other city functionaries, under the veil of impunity and the color of authority- when the cops are the ones doing it, who do you call? This, by definition, is intimidation, harassment, and corruption. And on a wider scale, this is by any definition, is how a police state operates. When these cases show up online or in the courts, it is frequently said that these are isolated incidents, and that their are a few bad apples here and there.
Sure, that’s true. But as we see all across America today, the bad apples are talking to each other, and logging into and out of social media, and cataloguing interactions with citizens in massive databases that are interlinked. Now, some of the stories about bad apples are going viral, and indicate that policing itself has changed, and I will suggest, that it is not changing for the better.
Organized gang stalking is primarily a model of community control, that likely had it’s origins in the Reagan era of drugs, guns, and gangs. Communities were under siege, and gangs were out of control; new models of policing had t be created to deal with the threat, and broken windows policing was the tool of the day. Congress poured money into local state and federal police packages to fight the scourge, and police departments grew and grew. Communities created community groups, neighborhood watches, and alliances with government programs and agencies.
Funding poured in, even if we had to take loans, and grow the deficit to fight the war on drugs, as bad guys were pouring in at America’s seams, and slipping across the border in armies of drug addled madness.
Keeping an eye on bad guys costs money-lot’s of it, and because bad guys are crafty and clever, sometimes we have to bend the law a bit to do what the community asks-that in order to put ’em away, we must sometimes “do whatever we have to do on that day,” to get’em.
As the real criminals and gang members were locked up, killed or deported, in part due to the illegal spying of the DEA on millions of phone calls, and the storing of dossiers’ and data in a massive database called the SOD, it was merely coincidental that this was also a massive breach of Constitutional due process, because American citizens asked, and law enforcement answered. The bad guys were losing, and who could complain about that? And besides, a new endless war was afoot, with no end in sight, as the war on terror had begun.
In all of that, a vast and unaccountable, police infrastructure was militarized, and communities were mobilized against the bad guys. If you see something, say something, because databases have a tendency to get hungry and hungrier. And spy agencies to this day have not actually caught a single domestic terrorist using these databases, by most official accounts.  In fact, the FBI, using access to the NSA databases has caught some 92 domestic terrorists, and the vast majority of those were targeted with extensive, years long began to move the goalposts from spying on bad guys, to spying on the associates and friends of those who were deemed bad guys.
Then, in the case of Bob Deis above, they moved in next door, and spied on him when he attempted to trim some fat from the budget. And when it comes to tightening the belt, we’re all in  this together-right?
The parallel universe of fraud upon the courts, unconstitutional searches, and massive coverup’s.
Fast forward to the point today where marijuana is legal in many states, and methamphetamine has replaced Colombian cocaine, foreign gangs are not nearly as visible, or capable as they once were. Those tasked with stemming the tide of gangs and drugs had done a good job- but then were faced with an even more horrifying specter: that the vast bureaucracy that was built on drug money, and the militarized police mechanism might lose funding.
The problem with building big fabulous tools like the DEA and the NSA is that there is never a reverse gear, never a draw down mechanism, and certainly never a tighten the belt reflex. Police bureaucracies only and forever expand.The Drug Enforcement Agency, which was tasked with controlling the flow of drugs began t turn inward, targeting ordinary Americans for petty crimes, and when the drug flow was tapping out, they needed to keep tabs on something-anything, in the Special Operations Division database, which while sharing similarities to the NSA databases, were more focused on American’s than foreigners now.
When the news picked up the story that the DEA was spying on Americans without warrants, and keeping a massive database full of dossier’s, the agency went into damage control mode, and fast and furiously, within months of it being reported in main stream media that this was happening, and just as the news was breaking that the NSA was wiretapping the world, they claimed that they had destroyed the database. Which didn’t matter because in fact, all of the top level agencies had been using illegally obtained data for years, using backdoor deals with the NSA, and covering it up, because in fact, many cases of the pre-Snowden era were based upon fraud upon the court! Or, in legal speak “parallel construction,” a process whereby American’s and others are spied upon, and then, the information stolen from them unconstitutionally was used to ‘reverse engineer’ crimes, and then, the agencies withheld even that fact from the courts-meaning that this massive fraud on the court was not discovered until people had been convicted.
Burn database,  burn.
But not so fast, perhaps, would have been more prudent approach to simply lying and saying that the database had been destroyed(which denied untold numbers of citizens the chance for legal redress), as the SOD database contained recordings of calls, and recordings of associations of American citizens who were not even suspects in any crime, nor involved in the drug trade. Evidence, in fact, of state level crimes against the Constitution.That database abuse was the precursor to other news stories, about other databases that were being used to compile dossier’s on bad guys. And the good guys, remember, were doing all of this for the children, and to fight foreign threats to domestic American’s-right?
So if that was the case, why did the DEA ‘burn it’ before the rest of the citizens even knew it existed? And what, exactly was in that data?  If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, and all that-right?
In all of this, a new picture of America emerged, one where the official story started showing cracks, and where the official sources themselves were committing criminal acts, outside of a legal framework overseen by any judge, anywhere that could never pass a Constitutional balancing test.  And the stories online of odd occurrences, and strange stalkers also grew.
And bloggers were arrested, and put on lists, and journalists were tailed and surveilled. The new enemy, it emerged, was anyone and everyone who knew about, or talked about these covert activities online. The DHS threat assessment tests replaced due process, and those who spoke about individual liberty became targets of investigations. People who use cameras to photograph police brutality became suspects, and the use of camera’s became a nearly criminal act itself.
The growth of the organized gang stalking online community followed the use of hidden, secret and massive databases, that are combined with the use of ‘predictive’ software.’
It is in this climate where the online community of organized gang stalking, and its targeted individuals also added new tools to their repertoire, tools like the users manuals that describe the hundreds of devices that the government uses to track and trace and database ever growing lists of bad guys. And tools like new news sources and media outlets that reveal government to be spying on it’s citizens, while main stream media insists it’s all on our heads, that the official story is in fact, facts, because some anonymous source said so; and carries story after story where one official after another lies to the peope about the domestic spy plots they have hatched upon us.
And as journalists exposed these databases that follow our every move, and track our every purchase; and that monitor our online conversations in real time, and create mind maps of individual speakers and whole conversations, across platforms, and across the globe, new patterns emerged in the data available to ordinary citizens too, chief of which were privacy tools, like encryption.
So, OGS, which is also called multi stalking, cause stalking, community mobbing, workplace mobbing, and several other names is not an absurd or irrational set of beliefs, nor is it a mental illness related phenomenon, though complaints of being spied on has long been associated with mental illness,  paranoia and schizophrenia.* What organized gang stalking is in fact, is most often a collaborated effort by state and federal and sometimes international actors, working with local police departments across America and under the umbrella of “community policing” to eradicate crime, and create safer communities. That sounds like a good idea indeed-who can argue with that?
But we now see that in fact and practice, their version of safer communities includes eradicating our rights of privacy, and every singe right that was birthed from that alone, because without privacy, no one is actually acting under anything resembling free will, and cannot exercise free speech, nor communicate in any meaningful capacity to form free association, or even-and especially during the war on ‘terror’-to practice free religion.
I can, and I will. I will make the argument that the organized stalking schema is also infused with religious motivation on many levels, and actually a concerted effort by certain groups working within certain institutions to enforce their version of morality upon individuals who range from activists and political dissidents to whistle blowers and others who challenge social order. That those who engage in organized stalking are in fact and practice little better than mob rule, and that from within the hidden and cowardly bastions of database abuse, and the infiltration and manipulation of electronic communication channels; that these are no longer invested in making communities safe, but rather,some elements within our law enforcement and investigatory agencies have in fact moved on to the next level of theoretical maintenance of public safety-protecting themselves from being seen as subverters of democracy and democratic due process, far beyond the mission of serving and protecting citizens, they are now attempting to form, and conform them, and destroy them if they cannot be ‘reformed.’
These individuals from within certain elements of law enforcement culture and practice are using these databases and selecting targeted speakers, waging a hidden war on ideas, and the individuals who hold influence, and who promulgate new ideas; that these hidden actors are also in fact waging a hidden campaign of conformity through intimidation, and they are working behind the scenes to create not merely safe communities, but compliant and conformed communities, outside of the view of the majority of citizens, the courts and judges, and well outside the parameters of established law. The net effect is that these campaigns are political soft force attacks on due process itself.
I am writing this paper primarily for the use of the victims of organized gang stalking, so they can begin to understand the scope of their problem, but also, as a reference for psychologists, social workers, and journalists who work in the free, alternative, and independent media, who are the most likely to encounter this dialectic.
But also, and with extreme prejudice, I write this so that  criminal defense lawyers, civil rights lawyers, human rights advocates, and  especially, Constitutional law scholars who will eventually come into contact with the idea of organized stalking, are urged to examine this phenomenon, and use this paper as a resource to combat a growing disease in western societies, and developing nations- the disease of apathy and malaise regarding the laws of civilized society.
In the organized gang stalking dialogues, you will find exact, articulable, and actionable legal claims, and the dialogues themselves indicate other legal arguments that the checks and balances of a free and democratic society have been broken at the individual level and broken by hidden law enforcement “investigatory privileges,” which are being abused at a rate exceeding the era of civil rights legislation- and that by allowing agencies to utilize gang stalking on “targeted individuals” as  a “privileged law enforcement investigatory technique and practice”- our whole society has become threatened by something far worse than gang-bangers, petty criminals, and even hypothetical terrorists and pedophiles (which are, statistically, very rare, and then, are most often found in positions of trust and authority)- and even organized crime: we are becoming two tiered, two position thinkers, devoid of reason or self-will; fascists, who only respect power and authority, and that, because of this hidden practice.
While no one in any civilized space would object to safer communities, and few would resist law enforcement agents doing “whatever they have to do” to put bad actors behind bars, we must ask ourselves, post Edward Snowden, and at the juncture of sacrificing liberty for the sake of security, if indeed gang stalking and its partner in the subversion of democracy-community policing- is in fact and especially in practice, the way to ‘get the job done.’
This point is an essential ingredient in the arguments against endless war, at any cost, and with the mantra “the ends justify the means.” As such, I offer a discussion point for any future dialogues about the ‘what is’ of organized gang stalking, but also the ‘ how does this affect us all’ question that is implied when we overlook the rights of the individual who is experiencing this. And even the casual observer of the dialectic of gang stalking will readily observe that due process, and simple Constitutional practice in principle is not being respected, or preserved in these cases. This is the pivotal crux of all of the gang stalking arguments-at what point in an organized society do we allow the rights of the individual to be ‘sacrificed’ for ‘the greater good?’
MY answer is and always has been, that any organized society MUST follow the law-there simply is NO GRAY AREA.
However, Congress, the courts, and judges-whose opinions are influenced, controlled, and purchased-blackmailed and compromised by international finance- these cannot be our arbiters of freedom any longer, after they themselves have turned the blind eye on the scales of justice. Justice-the dragon that she is- has scales, and those scales are rudely torn off of her body when we allow hidden practices to rule the courts, and subvert the laws of democratic  institutions.
This paper will attempt to address these questions, Constitutional crisis,  and legal gray areas, in layman’s terms. I will point academic researchers to the appropriate resources and also, identifiable human sources who can be interviewed, or otherwise studied; but I will forego the standard academic citation format to do so, because the majority of the population that seeks information about this topic are often marginalized individuals with few resources, and even less comprehensive scholarship to understand what they are experiencing. These are often in desperate and despicable circumstances, and sometimes under pressures of life, health, and death- these seldom read academic citation’s.
Organized gang stalking is, primarily, a human rights issue of our times. As such This paper is written for them- those who have been selected, or culled, marginalized and blamed for their activism, their obstinate dissent, their counter-culture or otherwise non-mainstream views. It is for these that this is written, and i ask those of you n the legal professions, the media, and the human rights advocacy professions to take notes. Organized gang staking is one piece of the puzzle that we as members f free societies are trying to put together, in order to make our nations whole again, after this takeover by the military industrial complex, it’s banking bosses, and it’s armies of paid disinformation agents and crisis PR professionals.
In this spirit, I ask you, the reader, to read on, and dispose of the “conspiracy theorists,”and the “mind controllers,” and the “electronic weapons and DEW’s” crowd-and read the facts for yourself. Electronic surveillance and electronic “implants”on our phones and computers are very real, and well documented in the free .press; as are the literal murders of activists who were “stalked and harrassed” on Facebook, Twitter, and other social .media.
And, I will tell you about myself, and those I have encountered in this community, and eventually, my own experience with “community policing” where LEO’s work with institutions of power to destroy individual lives, stifle dissent, destroy activists and distort democraatic processes through bulying, blackmail, and hidden manipulation.
What is organized gang stalking?
As we know it today, organized gang stalking is an ancient practice, though it’s names have changed through time. Political movements, organized religion, law enforcement, corporations, and institutions have all been documented using nefarious bullying tactics that involve investigation, intimidation, and surveillance. Many have commented that it is the work of the intelligence agencies, the FBI and COINTELPRO, or colloquially,  the devil, or satanists, or masonic orders and secret societies that work beyond the reach of the law, and beyond the insight of the ordinary person to uphold, maintain, enforce, or alter the social order.But in reality, it is those who are so deluded with religious toxins and then, vested with some form of authority or another banding together to re-inforce their beliefs and force them onto others. It is mob rule by biblical narrative.
As such, a classic example from pop culture that references the practices of this “devil” is the well known song by the Rolling Stones, where Mick Jagger croons ” Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and tastes.” He then goes on to sing about places in history where the hidden work of the devil has left a mark, ranging from the crucifixion of Jesus, to St. Petersburg and the atrocities of the bolshevik revolution, ending the stanza’s with the phrase “Pleased to meet you–hope you guessed my name.”
The instances cited by Jagger of course implies that the name of this entity is hidden and unspeakable, that it is forbidden, and subtly implies that the mere speaking of it can bring the aforementioned trouble upon the speaker.These same can be described as perverse incarnations of the Pharisee’s, and the devil itself. But they can also be described as Jews, and the associated Abrahamic religious affiliated or derived cults and sects. Jews, Catholics and Protestants all have their own occultists and their own hidden social distortions that have infiltrated secular society and activate for things like “Christ in Culture,” and more.

Sympathy For The Devil

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul and faithAnd I was ’round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that Pilate
Washed his hands and sealed his fate

In American communities of Jewish-Christian dominated, zionist and dominionist indoctrinated culture, most people so indoctrinated can identify with the heretic challenging prophet Jesus, aka “Yeshua Ha Nozri,”, the half Jewish, half Roman son of his mother, Mary. Whether you believe in the Jewish telling-that he was a child born in the condition of being a bastard, and that, likely conceived during his mother’s period, or whether you believe that he was born as a prophet to a woman who was a pure and sacred Virgin the facts agree that Jesus was gang stalked.
The evidence for the gang stalking of Jesus is as simple, and as factual as the quasi-historical narratives about his life- Jesus had big problems with the Pharisees, a sect of Jewish culture and religion that was petty, trifling, sneaky, cowardly, and ready at any moment to defame you. Any person can read these ‘facts’ in the Bible. In fact, much of what Jesus experienced before he was murdered by niggling legalistic fanatics is also experienced by those who claim they are gang stalked, slandered, and being stalked to death:
Matt 23:31-33 “Therefore you are witnesses against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers’ guilt. Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?”
John 18:2-3 “Then Judas, having received a detachment of troops, and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, came there with lanterns, torches, and weapons”
In context to modern times, some of the troubles of Jesus can be directly related to Biblical times, and also, cultural practice: Jesus was stalked, and maligned behind his back by groups of individuals who sought to entrap him in speech crimes- in Jewish culture, the law that governs speech, and attempts to govern or destroy people based on words alone is the laws hat surround”lashon ha-ra,”or “bad words.”
I will not waste time indulging in that useless subject other tan to say that it applies today, as such as it did in the time of Jesus, because there are as many bullying cowards and back stabbers today as there were then, if not more. And speech crimes and he regulation of words and ideas is every bit as profitable to networks of cowards as it was then. You can look it up, in a dusty bible.
The word is indeed mightier than the sword- and those who practice organized stalking will kill you for words alone. Which is why peaceful non-violent resistance is the answer-and raising awareness.
Speech prohibitions in general have a long and sordid history in all “modern” cultures. From the trials of heretics under the Jewish-Christian Inquisition, to the Salem witches, words to some are scary, devilish things that indict and often challenge powerful and wealthy benefactors of oppression. (Intercept article-this week) As such, free speech and the resistance by some to adopt oppressive constrictions has led to harassment of all kinds, bu particularly, hidden means and methods of controlling individuals who value the one freedom that exists in all f us regardless of wealth status or social position- we all have the ability to speak, and use words.
However, for those who have a stake in oppressing speakers- and those who profit fom stifling dialogues- speech is the chief and largest threat t their version of a “social order.” Hence, the term “organized stalking,” because those who perpetrate this diabolical form of social control believe that they are doing it for the preservation of society- their version of society. And that version, “organized” according to their version of “order.”
So, organized stalking simply means in this case, that those who have power use it to intimidate or threaten, manipulate an oppress those who challenge their version of order.
Organized stalking is neither a new phenomenon, nor is it a phenomena in and of itself. It is in fact and practice, a diabolical way that societies throughout history have been influenced, from hidden practices.
The examples of organized stalking are so numerous throughout history that these examples would require an entirely separate novel. In that light, most people of our times are aware in some way about the bad practices of some forms of Communists, and ALL fascists, or  others who used human rights violating tactics and practices of social control. It was even a feature of the Rwandan Genocide, and the Armenian genocide too.
The Nazi’s are frequently cited as having used “brownshirts,” who were bullies from many levels of society who oppressed selected groups an persons.
And the Russia, East German Stasi, and even Israel today used Jewish “atheists,” “bolsheviks,”and “zionists” working with police powers to violate every due process and  human rights law from the cowardly cover of hidden investigative practice, and database dossiers’ to manipulate key individuals, and subvert social movement and progress across many societies. Others work to maintain the status quo. These cases and facts are by now well documented in many forms of literature, and academic scholarship.
So, what gang stalking is, in the modern context, is entirely related to this collusion of Jewish-Christian narrative to hide presence and achieve it’s goals in secular society, which I will demonstrate later in this treatise. It is undeniable that gang stalking is a primary tool of Jewish-Christian social and narrative control, that control being a mechanism of not only the rudimentary gatekeepers of storytelling and mythological guidance, but also, a “deep state” mechanism of subversion of free speech, and more.
Organized stalking is, in fact and practice, an unethical, and often illegal practice and set of practices whereby Jewish-Christian factions wage domestic war on individuals, communities,ideas, and implementation of ideological challenges cross each and every western, and westernizing society. As such, one can view them as many biblical legalists do- as a necessary poison with which to sheep dip individuals and debilitate  alternative thought; or, as a handy tool whereby those who have power can gain more of it, because they operate from within power structures with impunity.
What are the different types of stalking?
All organized stalking shares certain features that appear at first glance to put them under one umbrella, but this has only served until now to marginalize both the community, and the individuals within that community, because it negates their personal narrative and fails to validate their individual experience, or urge the researcher to examine these cases deeper. And because this dialectic is one where those with power are actively abusing it, many who seek information on this topic are discouraged from seeking the heart of the matter, and also, intimidated from asking the right questions.
In the rare instances where mainstream media report gang stalking. Across disciplines, ranging from psychology to journalism, to law enforcement, when
So, here below, are the many forms of stalking that are mentioned online, and frequently appear together in the research:
Law Enforcement Stalking: Most, if not all organized stalking involves actions and inactions on the part of law enforcement agents and agencies. Most notoriously are the cases of so-called “mass shooters,” “active shooters,” and many of the cases that major media describes as “domestic terrorism,” but these labels and these cases are nt so easily relegated to such a simplistic narratives because they all indicate involvement on many levels, and over periods of time spanning years, of involvement with law enforcement agents, agencies, and agents provocateurs.
The most famous case of a “school shooter” for example, was the Columbine massacre,” where Dylan Kliebold and (..) shot up a high school in Colorado. On closer examination, we see a very odd-extremely odd- set of circumstances arise: the shooters were not only involved with the son of the FBI agent who took the lead on the investigation, but aso, that agents son filmed a dry run of the shooting a year in advance of the actual event.
For most people-rational, average, reasonable people, this fact would be a red flag. But for the majority of Americans, in the modern climate of constant fear of terrorists both foreign and domestic- they are unaware of this connection. Why?
The answer is very simple, and sadly, very un-American: everyone is afraid of the power of law enforcement agencies to destroy their lives. This, by definition, is the key element that defines the answer to the question :what is a police state?”
In the case of Columbine, which has been memorialized as a textbook case of bad kids hurting good kids, and law enforcement dong a “great job” after the fact of multiple homicides, we see something else emerge from the data: an unquestioning “faith” in law enforcement narratives a near blind obedience to semi-mythological telling’s of tales, told by “official sources” who bought time, and padded their pensions based on half truths and the creation- the actual creation by manipulation and actual bullying of real people who ended up dog really bad stuff. This has became the new normal for some in America who derive their sustenance from the crisis creation industry. And, that crisis creation industry is at full health today, socially engineering constant fear of unknown enemies.
Fred Hampton was a member () The FBI snitch who set it up as a (..). David Koresh was a (…). The FBI agent who sold him the sawed off was a (..).Randy Weaver did (…). His dead child was a (.)Jared Loughner did (.). The Newton boy was a (..)Tamerlan was found in a boat, scawling words in blood many years after the FB was ade aware that e was a targeted individual, Aaron Alexis was a (..), Myron May did (…) just after he tried and tried to tell LEO’s about “his” problem. Sayed Farook did )..) as he endured workplace harassment form a zionist Supremacist. Omar Mateen did that (..), after encountering people who were blackmailing him about his sexuality, and his connections t the gay community; Christopher Dorner, Gavin Long, and so many more-and whose up to bat today?
What all of these share in common is this: while some claimed gang stalking as an exacerbating r precipitating factor (Loughner, May, Long, Alexis, Dorner) these were the few who articulated this “phenomenon.” but in fact there is more- so much more. One who has the funding or the initiative and endless amounts f time can validate this thesis, and be richly rewarded But the basic facts speak loudly for themselves, and indicate that in the worst cases of organized stalking, it is readily evident that these victims share the commonality of police involvement for long periods of time before their events, And, that of those who tried to report to law enforcement, they were rebuffed as ‘mentally unsound.” in the least, or “clinically symptomatic.”
Another corollary is that one of them specifically espoused a right or left wing agenda, but the so-called left win which is actually neo-cons, benefited in the analyses after the fact. Jared Loughner claimed he was phrased at a liberal college. May, a Cristian wih ties to Christian foster care operations, claimed no clear political affiliation, though the foster care operation he was tied to is a known Christian hub.
Aaron Alexis had no known political affiliation, or political ax to grind, but he did have a security clearance, and a shot gun inscribed . Gavin Log was clearly motivated by African American issues, but specifically denied adherence at black supremacy, while also touting black independence, which has always been a threat to he FBI and it’s zionist sponsorship, via the ADL.
Christopher Dorner represents a case of the worst possible outcomes of workplace mobbing, and clearly was challenged by the diversity initiatives of the political spectrum. The LAPD bullied, stalked, harassed, defamed, and then, burned him to death after his rampage, rather than give his claims a hearing in a court room.
All of these and more remind a researcher of the case of Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, who was hunted and ten murdered before he could tell his side of the story- that in fact, he had no weapons of mass destruction, and, in fact, he also has many secrets about how the  game is played.
It is very interesting how uninterested psychologists and psychology is in examining hese cases. even more telling that psychologists, and psychology as a profession allowed those in their communities t participate in and oversee CIA torture, black site interrogations, as well as Guantanamo Bay abuses that continue to this day. Not only is organized stalking low on the list of things for psychologists to examine in depth, but it s also, conveniently. and easily relegated to mental illness, rather than beleaguered messengers seeking willing recipients of horrible messages. It’s a broken loop communication.
Religious-many churches and many if not all religions practice some form of stalking, and these of hidden practices and allusions to superstitious events to enforce conformity to doctrine and community. An easy example for most people is the butt of all gang stalking jokes and analogies, the Church of Scientology. Many online stories detail the nature of this type of stalking, and books have been written that detail it as well(..).
However, lesser known is that Christian churches, and especially Jewish cultural organizations are heavily invested in controlling individuals who dissent from their religious regime, or who challenge their ideological controls.In fact, Jewish groups received 97% of DHS funding in calendar year (..) to use for whatever they want to see it for, in whatever black budget operation they see fit to use it in.
But Catholic’s notoriously have their Opus Dei, and quasi religious organizations have teir Skull and Bones, or their Klu Klux Klans. Lutherans and Methodists; atheists and secular humanists generally do not show up on the radar of organized stalking complaints, although recently, atheists have had some instances of organized stalking.
Mormons have historical records of the Whistling and Whittling clubs of Nauvoo, where gangs of organized youth would stalk and harass outsiders, using large Bowie knives to intimidate them, and drive them away from the often incestuous and perverse world they inhabited.Not surprisingly, today, the FBI, CIA and NSA actively recruit Mormons.
Today, we can see online echoes of these events, as the FBI actively recruits Mormons, and some online accounts implicate both state and federal agencies, as well as the FBI and Mormons in child trafficking, and stalking. (cite the whacko in San Bernardino)
Organized– most likely, organized stalking is the umbrella under which all stalking complaints can be filed, and this term most likely had its origins in the RICO era where off the books methods, and quasi legal tactics were deployed against organized crime.
. Because international  intelligence agencies send data down the chain of command and control of individuals who are targeted, the data makes its way eventually to local law enforcement who then develop custody and control plan for those targeted.
So, because these operations are by definition “black operations” their may or may not be a record of how well they are organized, or the who what when where and why of the organized disruption of targeted persons, but generally it can be shown and indeed is indicated that all complaints of organized stalking are in fact, organized.
gang-this is the most common term on the internet, and it has the longest history of use going back into the 1980’s, when drug money was flowing through America, and gangs were prolific. Also, this term shares with it databases that catalogue individual who are gang members, and even family members and school playground associates of gang members, and these databases can destroy a persons life by association alone.
Cal gang database is one for the most cited but there are many others, and some of them remain hidden from journalists, lawyers and the courts. (cite OC case, and Calgang, but also the intercepts recent case.)
multi– often, police work with community organizations, and institutions, as well as psychologists and social workers to surround certain targeted individuals with the hidden presence of organized stalking. The FBI uses the Countering Violent Extremism program to do just that, and these cases involve multiple institutional contacts, and multiple events and interactions, hence he term “multi-stalking.”
cause- Cause stalking can easily be identified based on the complainants particular case. Many cases that involve domestic violence, elder or child abuse fall into this category, but so too does religious stalking, and political cause stalking. In the last election cycle, many noted the underhanded tactics of the Democratic Party leadership, and much of these complaints fall into this category.
The best documented cause stalking example is that of the 3rd wave feminist Nikki Craft, who advocated that men who are rapists, or could be rapists, regardless of innocence or guilt, should be stalked and harassed, and publicly humiliated. Interestingly, Ms. Craft was arrested some 17 times, and barely did a day in jail, whereas men who are arrested are most often ruined for life.
Other notorious cases of cause stalking are the modern sex panic hysteria industry, whereby the dialogue of saving prstitutes and saving children is implemented in the narrative. Actual sex workers who happily ply their professions and write their blogs online are often harassed by multi-million dollar cause based crisis PR firms that derive their income from provably false claims tat women are forced into prostitution, as opposed to choosing it. This ’cause’ has it’s roots in the era of 1920’s eastern European secular Jews exploiting impoverished girls and women, but also crops up in the modern era as Muslim’s are integrating into western societies.
community– The great majority of cases of organized stalking instances involve whisper campaigns and behind the scenes manipulation by police powers who interact with community groups, institutions,  and organizations to control or inhibit, or otherwise influence and manipulate individuals who they deem a threat to their version of ‘society.’
So, these campaigns involve the agents of law enforcement acting under color of law, and the pretext of moral, civic, and often, religious authority. The classic and best documented cases are the fire chief in Ohio and the case of city manager in Stockton Califonia, but also the case John Lang of Fresno, CA. Many bloggers have experienced tis form of harassment as well.
workplace– this has long ben a problem in the American workplace. In the 1960’s and 70’s the common phrase was “going Postal” meaning that pst office workers went n rampage shootings due to workplace harassment. Today, these are common as well, and they take place in the isolation of individuals who do not fit in to the environment they work in.
Best case is Sayed Farook, and Omar Mateen, and then Lester the newsman, but there are many more.
flash mobs– A Google search will of the term flash mob will indicate the potential use of social media and app’s that can help groups organize events where mobs of followers show up. Social media like Twitter also reveals the power of this medium to organize for or against issues, and the individuals who espouse them. But also, these reveal the power of the internet, and the ability for it to be misused to harass, isolate or otherwise intimidate individuals. The alt-right, zionists, and Christian dominionists use this medium effectively to stalk and harm individuals, as shown in the presidential election of 2016.
While social media has this capacity, it must be noted that police and other intelligence agents and agencies use these tools to monitor activists in real time, using massive databases loaded with “predictive” software, and horrifically powerful tools of marginalization, such as Palantir, and Media Sonar, as well as many unknown programs that use algorithms to target individual online speakers.
Then, as we see with the DHS schema, and its collusion with law enforcement to wage behind the scenes, long term, and chronic investigations, these types of software have the capability to track, locate, target, and influence any individual speaker who uses them. Particularly noteworthy in the online community of organized stalking victims, we see the complaint that they are “monitored 24/7” and that large groups of non-specific, hard to identify individuals stalk them, and seem to know where they are at at any given time. This is the power of cell phone surveillance, combined with social media monitoring, and private contractors who work with the DHS and other LEO’s to target speakers online, and off.
I use the phrase organized gang stalking for two reasons: one is that it incorporates the two most common terms used in the dialectic into one phrase that triggers Google search results. So, while “gang stalking” is the current most popular search phrase, organized stalking is closing in on it, due to wider awareness of what this is.
The second reason I use the phrase as I do is that the term gang stalking is a loaded phrase, and it has been used by law enforcement to signal to each other online. And due to the relationship between ‘official sources’ and journalists, psychologists and so on, the term is used to sheep dip those whom it targets in order to discredit their stories, or more importantly-their side of the story.
Because the nature of and methods used in organized  stalking border on the illegal or illicit, and frequently cross ethical and moral boundaries, when a person first becomes aware of this term, it is often under the duress of an investigation, or while they are enduring harassment by unknown entities, agencies, and individuals during a stressful period in their life.
I first became aware of the term after I had incurred he disfavor of several powerful persons and organizations in a community. While I have never sought to be political, I was forced by certain injustices to become involved in activism for many causes aand against other causes. In my personal case, I was aware from an early age that social movements are subverted from outside entities who work with police and communities to stifle grassroots ideas and while political movements. These have massive budgets, and they use those budgets to subvert democracy.
To give an example of current political situations where the elements of OGS can be viewed, I point to the recent election of President Donald Trump.
The nexus of the eradication of Constitutional liberty, and the erasure of due process and Constitutional rights: Fusion Centers, general warrants, and database abuse.
When protesters practiced their first amendment rights in Boston, airplanes piloted by the FBI swept up each and every electronic signal from every computer, cell phone, and smart tablet-every single signal of every single wireless device of every single person within a (..) radius of the protests. This wasn’t just protesters whose data was swept up- it was grandmothers sending SMS messages with pictures of their grandkids; business executives calling Wall Street, and anyone else in the vicinity(..).
All of this data, obtained without a warrant, was then sent through what is called “Fusion Centers” which are the de facto aggregators and distributors of illegally obtained data in each and every jurisdiction across America(….). No one knows what these centers “do” and few records are kept of what types of activities they monitor, who monitors them, or how they select individuals for extra monitoring, outside of the purview of any court, and outside the view of any non-government citizen. What is known is that these centers then act as the chief due process violators of whoever they choose to target, for whatever reason people are targeted.
What IS known, however, is that these centers act as clearing houses of data, and that they have the ability to onitor each and every citizen in their jurisdiction n real time, and collect data into dossiers. They also have the ability to target each and every commubication of any targeted citizen, and to also interact directly, indirectly, covertly and overtly with those targeted. Fusion centers are the nexus of communication between federal, state and local law enforcement that target individuals.
As revealed by Edward Snowden, the NSA has wiretapped all Americans-each and every one. And along with that, this agency deployed software programs and databases using shell corporations that were given startup capital by the Central Intelligence Agency.
Then, when American’s failed en masse’ to be shocked or even rallied to outrage, the NSA then opened those databases to 17 other intelligence agencies, who are currently using this data to mine each and every American citizens privacy, associations, and more.
But that’s not the worst of it, as some have long known or suspected that this was the case.
When examining claims of organized stalking then, we can add
and psychologists, social workers, homeless shelter volunteers; and each and every organization that receives funding from federal agencies had been using this data for years before the NSA scandal was revealed. The FBI particularly has shown a propensity to use the backdoors built into the NSA databases to create cases that target American citizens, as does the DEA, who notoriously wiretapped tens of millions of phone calls without warrants fr decades, and when their misconduct was discovered, they destroyed their database (SOD). Some have drawn a parallel between these acts, and the actions of the CIA when it was discovered that they had been practicing mind control and human experimentation on American subjects, against the law(…).
Today, the head of the FBI, James Comey who once notoriously took a stand for liberty,as he charged into the hospital where the head of the DOJ (Ashcroft, Comey, Rumsfeld) is now patently against it. Recently, he has led the charge for not only the erasure of privacy, but also to re-institute the general warrant provisions of King George in the 18th century.  Comey has himself taken a stand that general warrants-one of the main reasons the American Colonies revolted against the King of England-are now  necessary and very American(..). And that, with a straight face.(…)
In light of the above, it is not irrational, nor is it entirely outside of the jurisdiction and scope of inquiry of any court on any matter civil, criminal or otherwise; from the downtown court to the district courts and appellate courts to dig deeper into any events stated in any suit, and examine what else might be happening behind the cloistered doors of these centers. And certainly, what I describe above indicates that the narratives of those in the online community of organized gang stalking who claim they are specifically and absurdly targeted are within the realm of probability, and the details of their narratives must be examined in that light.
On the origins of hidden social control mechanisms and practices becoming the de facto rule of “law”: Rico, to family courts, to today’s NSA surveillance
One might ask about how such a hidden practice with such dire consequences as those described by victims of organized staking describe could take root in America, the land of the “free.” I will discuss this later, in context to the founding fathers and the difference between “freedom” and “liberty,” which is a crucial distinction under the Constitution, and the intent of the founders of America, the men who wrote the declaration of Independence, and those who financed the American revolution.
From Thomas Jefferson, to Thomas Paine; from Haym Solomon to Sacajawea, the intent of the founders clearly indicated that liberty was their goal, despite the obvious hypocrisy of their era as regarded the native population, servants and slaves, women and minority religions.
The phrase “What is hidden shall be brought to light” is a common phrase found in many blogs about organized stalking. The origins of the phrase are biblical, and stem from Babylonian times through Torah teachings. Masonic orders, and mystics often use this quote, as do secular people who are aware that what is hidden-occult by definition- shall be revealed. A common derivative f this is the propaganda meme used by the German Nazi Joseph Goebbels, who famously used the secular Jewish Edward Bernay’s teachings to say that ‘ a lie will travel the world a thousand times before the  truth wakes up.’
These two teachings are inseparably related, and integral to the organized gang staking dialectic, for several reasons that deserve a detour.
The FBI today, working behind the scenes with illegally and unethically obtained dat from te NSA or Israel,  is seeking to become an intelligence agency, modeled after the Stasi of East Germany during the cold war, which was essentially an organized blackmail scheme on a national level. The Stasi community control program which the DHS is modeled after (,,)was based in dossiers filed with truth, lies, speculation and defamation of those that the East German rulers considered threats to the official dogmas and protocols of an oppressive regime. There is little to no doubt that organized stalking today is operating in similar ways, and that the what is hidden component of this regime here in America is an implied blackmail of every American citizen-that databases full of information have ben carefully compiled, stored, and now as we see it coming to fruition-these databases have been given to 17 agencies to cull  the American population of its secretes and lies, its business and shenanigans.
so, again- the complaints of those relatively few who were bold enough to ty t describe their afflictions of being stalked and harassed by unknown agents who sought or still seek control over them are not unfounded in the least, and in fact, are magnified in light of this(….) recent revelation.
The basis of my complaint: I will not under any circumstances sacrifice liberty for security-yours, or my own.
To understand the basic element of the deprivation of rights under color of law from which organized stalking denies citizens due process, and every right stemming thereafter from it, we must distinguish between freedom and liberty, as the founders held it:
“Of LIBERTY then I would say that, in the whole plenitude of it’s extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will: but rightful LIBERTY is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”
–Thomas Jefferson
“Give me LIBERTY or give me death.”
–Patrick Henry
“He that would make his own LIBERTY secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”
–Thomas Paine
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness.”
–Declaration of Independence
These statements above are widely believed to be essential to the American democratic foundation, and that freedom as we speak of today is measurably different than the slavery of it’s day, and the slavery that is impending upon us today as I write this. And notably, liberty is spoken of as something distinctly different than freedom-in fact, freedom is not mentioned as a concept in these early writings at all. That concept came many years after the founding fathers, and only then in reference to the opposite of freedom, which is slavery. These are binary and opposed paradigms of the state of man. Liberty, on the other hand, is not binary, and the constitution recognizes that elemental difference, in the 9th amendment, which preserves rights not yet enumerated (9th??).
The 14th amendment(??) is the one wherein freedom was incorporated as a Constitutional right, and equal protection under the law. It is important to note that the equal protection clause was put in place only after the many and several other clauses and amendments to the constitution, and that, a hard fought and hard won right that had previously not been specifically enumerated….
When discussing organized stalking then, in context to the Constitution, it is most evident that it shares a similarity with the dialectic of the era of emancipation: runaway slaves were pursued mercilessly by official agents of both states and private interests for recapture. The means and methods of pursuit, the treatment these slaves received by their captors, and the community involvement in their recapture varied across narratives, and across counties, and state lines.
Organized stalkings little friend: the Five Eyes nations, Israel, influence operations, and the collection of ALL data to target specific vulnerable populations.
When the average American citizen was caught up in the “war on terror,” some of us were caught up in the war against the Constitution. Myself, I was a young journalist who wrote a story about a terrorist, and I indicated tat this man was likely unstable, possibly mentally ill, and whose arrest and detainment echoed McCarthyite era hysteria. As we see time and time again, my narrative has been vindicated repeatedly in mainstream media, and in alternative circles-it is a widely confirmed fact that the FBI essentially creates terrorist plots, and uses unstable individuals to foment them.
But that isn’t the worst part- the worst arpt is that then, after they create the plot, manipulate the terrorist, and then make the arrest, major media runs the story that an “al Qaeda/ISIS/boogieman du jour” has been disrupted, which is far from the case. It is almost as f the FBI itself is embarrassed to be part of these events, but well aware that they will receive more finding from next years Congressional appropriation based on the statistic alone, regardless of the veracity of their version of hand-crafted reality.
One wonders “exactly how do they pick the [terrorist/rapist/pedophile/black marketeer/petty criminal/whistle blower/journalist/activist]needles from the haystacks?”
Or how do these hero’s of liberty, from 17 intelligence agencies ranging from the CIA to the DIA to the NSA to the WTF working with some 1 million LEO’s, security guards, rent-a-cops, brown nosers, community rats and snitches; augmented by Fusion Centers and the FIVE EYES subversion of due process, privacy rights, and every other thing that America once stood for-just HOW DO THESE GUYS DO IT?!
How do they hone in on a “suspect,” and discover a plot, and then disrupt it to save the children and old ladies-and then create a narrative to cover the tracks; Who can save the the cute puppies stuck in trees, and the kitties with poopy paws? The short bus answer is influence operations, under color of internet, and color of authority to do so, but only after they have gang stalked them at the local level, sometimes for years- in the case of the Boston bombers, it was A DECADE-and all of that by covering up a pile of needles with a bunch of hay, and then, covering their tracks years before, in a database abuse of unimaginable breadth and scope, and that, which needs to “see the light of day” in the Supreme Court.
In a side note, a mosque was just bombed in Bloomington, Minnesota. That mosque was literally blocks away from that area’s Fusion Center. In the name and the spirit of peace, and non-violent dissent, I ask any law abiding citizens that are left in our newly emerged and full blown police and surveillance state- did the $72 billion dollars that these agencies collect every year prevent that? Or anything else for that matter?
In the age of constant crisis manufacture, and terrorist plot manufacture by those entrusted to uphold the law, not subvert it one must wonder if in fact all of this privacy rape and all this shatting on the Constitution and due process has done anything at all for anyone but the….foxes, guarding the hen house, and that hen house, sitting curiously above a huge and bottomless trough, that is filling rapidly with your children’s children’s debt, two generations before they are born.
copyright 2017 J. Edgar Whohere, with thanks to my research assistants George G. Poorji,  Darren Seals and the mysteriously dead Ferguson MO activists, some of whom foreshadowed their demise;  Philando Castile, a man who was database stalked and traffic stopped some 50 times in ten years, until finally arrangements were made for an excuse to murder him; Jean-Nicolas Desurmont whose work on OGS has curiously disappeared from the web; “Dark Alliance” journalist Gary Webbjournalist Gary Webb, who killed himself with two bullets to the head, and special thanks to MKULTRA, Cathy O’Brien (who appeared in the narrative at exactly the point where the MKULTRA of the 1950’s was updated to include the eradication of fathers in the home so that the state could take their place; and today’s eradication of hetero-normative behavior in general); and special thanks to COINTELPRO, without which the need for examination of the “modern phenomenon” of organized gang stalking would not be necessary- and without which most American’s would never know that when FBI agents retire, they go over to “the Dark Side.”
This work would not have been possible without the toothless and unenforceable USC 18 Section 241, or the Constitutional toilet paper that fills the void where due process, civil liberty, and democracy once resided; or the apathy that pervades totalitarian states devoid of ethics, morality, or conscience.
But most of all I would like to thank the journalists of America who are little more than cowardly, narcissistic mockingbirds who live to see their name in print, or their face on TV somewhere in Oklahoma, or the exceptionally bird-caged CNN.
Oh-and mom, of course, who wrapped herself around a tree going 77 mph, in the spirit of James Dean; and my father, who shook MLK’s hands when he organized the Chicago garbage strikes, only so that some can sag their pants, apparently; and who was an FBI rat, and a victim of 1960’s electro-shock therapy, without which I would not have been possible either. Do you see any patterns yet? No? Look a little harder- but like they like to say when they are assaulting you online “this thing is inter-generational.”
This is a literary work in progress.

Organized stalking and the occult

Editors Caution: In the language, “jargon, ” and parlance of military and police occultists, the following post “talks to the dead.” Yeah, I know thats weird, so follow along, ok?
To the targeted individual, (you, perhaps ) that means that retired military and police work with active agents use hidden police and investigative notebooks, databases and files to target you; and police-state “dossiers ” which were once said to be how “communists and Nazis control the public, ” now target you with hidden (occulted ) harassment, profiling, and manipulation (police states are hidden, and police despise democracy ).
See this post for a reference.

Among the many online blogs about organized gang stalking the occult is mentioned, or featured as the main thesis. Because many of those who practice organized stalking are themselves cultists, or involved with religion based stalking, the occult is a recurrent theme.
Here is one example of a former military intelligence officer who claims to have been part of an Air Force think tank/cult experiment from the early 1960’s. This particular writer claims to be a criminal profiler, and part of a group of 13 people who can talk to each other across life and death, and into the afterlife.
Make of that what you will….and I might also add that that person has claimed-in written communication- to be raising kids who “choose” their gender. And, make of THAT what you will as well, but retired military, retired police, and their “gangs of associates” are who gang stalkers,“are,” most of the time, and they work in capacities ranging from the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), to the well known FBI anti-democracy operation called Infragard, to the Society of Cold Case Investigators (you can search this blog for posts that document this).
In the .gif below, the purpose of this ordinary van has been “occulted” to the ordinary observer. (Image courtesy of TargetedOne in Texas)
So, when the average targeted individual meets a gang stalker, it is most often a police informant, or some crackpot religionist, a conspiracy theorist, or other occulted person on the internet, or in their real lives, whose “role” is not clear to the target, just like the image of the surveillance van above, whose interior is a rats nest of hidden electronics.
Occult has several meanings, beyond superstition, and religiously delusional purposes. It is used as a noun, a verb, and an adjective. My focus is on its most simple use as a verb: the act of “occluding” insight into something, by people and organizations that are hiding something.
So, because gang stalkers use a sort of euphimistic, military and police jargon related “para-language” (I borrowed that term from linguistics, to apply to this sociological phenomenon) which is part euphimism, part double entendre’, and 100% a sadistic abuse of its targets vulberable status, lets look at the definition, and, as a noun, note superstition, but used as a verb, note that the victim of occulted practices can now take direct action to reveal what is hidden, and who is hiding it.
The same can be said of how other terms and phrases that are used in the OGS dialectic, most notoriously “directed energy weapons” exposed by Edward Snowden and the Intercept as many illegal forms of surveillance, ranging from the full capture NSA-FVEYs-Israel wiretap of western communications, to the swamp of Department of Homeland Security and FBI, and other publicly and privately funded “private surveillance and security contractors” who are draining the western taxpayers “security” slush funds every year.
(the occult)
supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.
“a secret society to study alchemy and the occult”
the supernatural · [more]
cut off from view by interposing something.
“a wooden screen designed to occult the competitors”

UPDATE 08-02-2020 In recent news, we see a religious crackpot, Dr. Stella Immanuel, using language, and descriptions of things that many so-called targeted individuals also describe, ranging from out of body experiences, to forced homosexual liasons, to mysterious orgasms caused by unknown “demons” and so on.

And speaking of old crows-remember this guy? Living forever seems high on the list of those who built the Panopticon, and who today, deploy hidden mind control and influence operations on unsuspecting people all over the world, every day.
And it is at the juncture where artificial intelligence meets the internet, and any of it’s many illicit hidden InfraGard, or other agents, along with any of tens of thousands of other “good guys and gals” where we see what a monstrosity “predictive software” like Peter Thiel’s Palantir databases and their manipulative features that can be programmed to form situations of influence and custodial control operations; and DataMinr technology which is programmed to monitor “thought’s” and infer “actions” in real time, like Media Sonar-which was and is used by Fusion Center operatives to control, contain, monitor and influence activists until Twitter cut them off, and Moonshot CVE that is used by advertisers and corporate interests AS WELL AS the many LEO’s around the world that have foregone the “protect and serve” model of policing in favor of a “seize it all, exploit it all, capitalize on it all ” model of policing, to LITERALLY target SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS and their “ideologies.”
And psychology is truly in on it at every level, thick as thieves and fat as rats, and we know this based on the cases of Jessen and Mitchell, the angel of death Joseph Mengele, MKULTRA’s Scottish knight in academic armor DE Cameron, and now Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James and Elizabeth Dietrich that seek to overlay the pseudo-science of psychology over the suffering of targeted individuals of organized gang stalking.
This political abuse of psychology begins when we look at the key component of “schizophrenic narrative,” which has historically been a trouble zone for psychologists, especially in the heyday of CIA psychiatry where D.E. Cameron, first in Europe, and later at the notorious McGill University human torture and experimentation facility in Canada.  So, Cameron and others like the CIA’s official poisoner, the LSD doctor Sidney Gottlieb first diagnosed an entire nation (Germany) with mental illness, and that illness was, apparently, “the patriarchy,” aka “the warrior class,” and then, used children in experiments of all kinds-because in lieu of father’s now decapitated, the children of “the future” were then and are now in their sights.
As transhumanist types like Sheridan and James; and their progenitors Mengele and Gottlieb and especially Cameron, an heir kindred Mitchell and Jessen, for whom removing the “human” from the “experience” is a main goal, as they seek to replace, alter, medicate or otherwise mediate around the lived, human experience that exists in an individual mind; or to create it as a “hive” to be exploited by artificial intelligence in the case of Thiel and his intelligence cult, we see the field of robotics struggling with a unique problem: the problem that psychiatry has always managed to side step, which is the “human soul,” which is based in longevity of memory, and human experience that is sorted out and mediated through human filters within the brain that are stilll entirely unknown, and under-explored-precisely because psychiatry has been medicating AROUND this unknown.
And in the OGS dialectic, we see occultists from within law enforcement, and from within many of the other military and private security industry operating as well. I myself have had death threats and more for years for talking about this.
But the linked blog above uses occult symbols and the language of the paranormal. And, that person also claims to be a former USAF OSI investigator. Interestingly, one of the best financed online organized stalking operations is called OSI informers, and they are widely thought to be actual stalkers themselves, and the paranormal is used in these narratives to discredit those who they are targeting, and also, to drive away those rational people who know that the occult is always a huge waste of time.
The heavy saturation of the internet by OSI informers and then the involvement of a group linked to several mass shooters and suicides, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS),  indicates that they are well financed, much like other operations of population control, and these two groups are the only organized stalking related blogs and outlets where actual contact with mass shooters occurred BEFORE they went on rampage killings.So, because governments and law enforcement are often involved investigating, manipulating, or creating cults and interacting within religious communities, there is overlap in the dialectic.
Superstition is a powerful tool of control, and those who report being gang stalked often report things that could be attributed too the supernatural, which could have a powerful effect on those prone to religion. Gas lighting is one classic example, but also hearing voices and so on could easily influence those who are targeted with OS.
I cannot understate this last point, because previous too the internet, and the wide availability of small cameras a person who is gang stalked had only their word and their experience to draw on, and could easily be relegated into the schizophrenic dustbin.But we see today that the internet is a powerful tool of social control, and intelligence agencies are waging world wide psychological operations. Another term for PsyOps is mind control as we see today that the CIA and others are using Peter Thiel’s Palantir database to influence and even alter our decision making process-to alter our minds. This is what influence operations are.
The internet is full of video’s and stories-narrative’s and counter narratives- that document, in real time, the experiences of those who are stalked, and any researcher can easily determine the facts based on the evidence.
In my research, I have roughly estimated some 5-25% of all narratives to be documenting actual events. And, when we weed out the obvious chatter of video’s like those of OSI and others, we see that many who report OS are indeed struck with stress and emotional pain, even what looks lie psychosis, but also, many of them document real events, and often feel they are being influenced from outside themselves. This is not mental illness in the organic sense, although sometimes that is the case.
In the 1980’s both law enforcement and cults were a hot topic especially because America was then under the power of a fundamentalist Christian narrative. Here is a blast from the past when the term gang stalking hadn’t yet become as popular as it is today. Then, the word of the day was “satanists’ and organized stalking was attributed to the work of the devil.
Today, many in law enforcement are involved much as they were then in mind control and influence operations, but with much bigger budgets. And as we have seen before, many of them signal to each other across the internet using the language of organized gang stalking to identify each other, but also to persecute and prosecute those who they draw into their dialectic.
This, below, is from an issue of Police Chief magazine, when cops derived income from “chasing the devil” and Sataniss’s in the form of the now widely and resoundingly debunked Satanic Child Abuse scandals, and today, we see uncouth members of the law enforcement community acting in dual capacity on one hand to “protect” children” and on the other, fully exploting them down to the bone marrow via various foster care and parental destruction plans, so that their version of reality and religious/narrational control persists into perpetuity (see what I did there? PERPsPERPsPERPs):

By:     Kenneth V. Lanning
                                           Supervisory  Special  Agent
                                           Behavioral Science
                                           Instruction and Research Unit
                                           FBI Academy
                                           Quantico, VA 22135
                                           June, 1989
                            Published by:
                      CultWatch Response, Inc.
                            P.O. Box 1842
                  Colorado Springs, CO  80901-1842
PUBLISHER'S NOTE:  This report is  published under the  Public Domain.
The  author  knows  of  this  publication,  and  neither  approves nor
disapproves. The initial appearance of this report was in the October,
1989 issue of Police Chief Magazine.
In books,  lectures, handout material,  and conversations, the  author
has heard all of the following referred to as satanism:
Church of Satan         Stoner Gangs            New Age
Ordo Templi Orientis    Heavy Metal Music       Astrology
Temple of Set           Rock Music              Channeling
Demonology              KKK                     Transcendental Meditation
Witchcraft              Nazis                   Holistic Medicine
Paganism                Scientology             Buddhism
Santeria                Unification Church      Hinduism
Voodoo                  The Way                 Mormonism
Rosicrucians            Hare Krishna            Islam
Freemasonry             Rajneesh                Orthodox Church
Knights Templar         Religious Cults         Roman Catholicism