Gang stalking and police accountability

Alright, so a few guys go out and buy some guns, and go on a rampage or two. Well, actually, under Obama, there were dozens, and some of them were whoppers. And they all shared a common feature: most of the shooters had been “on law enforcement radar” for weeks, months, years and decades before they went on their lil’ rampages (but according to MSM, that’s just a conspiracy theory!).
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And who ya’ gonna call when it’s the cops who look the other way when their brethren and sisterns are doing nefarious shit? Call the police union! Oh, wait, that’s a really BAAAAd idea-just ask Bob Deis, former Stockton California city manager who was gang stalked BY the police union for an entire year, as they bought the house next to his, and pounded hammers all day and night.
Hey! Call the police chief- let’s see how ineffective those guys are against systemic corruption endemic in police unions: From*

California Law Enforcement Union Sues To Block Police Accountability

from the we’ll-take-the-power…-hold-the-responsibility dept

Because there’s just not enough opacity shrouding police misconduct and not enough slanting of the criminal justice system against defendants, California police unions have decided to get involved in a judicial dispute over lists of law enforcement officers whose half of “our word against yours” isn’t quite as bulletproof as is normally assumed.
A Los Angeles sheriff is trying to do the right thing, but he’s running into opposition from his own supposed “representatives.”
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has collected the names of about 300 deputies who have a history of past misconduct — such as domestic violence, theft, bribery and brutality — that could damage their credibility if they testify in court.
Sheriff Jim McDonnell wants to send the names to prosecutors, who can decide whether to add them to an internal database that tracks problem officers in case the information needs to be disclosed to defendants in criminal trials.

*, one of the most well written, insightful tech sites on the web-which explains why some douchebag transhumanist type who claims he invented email is suing the paper for slander


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